The View

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I'm sorry if you don't like my stories, this place seems to be the only way i can ease my mind. this piece is just a memory and expressing myself once more.

Submitted: October 09, 2013

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Submitted: October 09, 2013



If i look back on days past, i can only remember the most beautiful moments...but it's the most
beautiful of memories that cause me so much pain.
She brought me to a Hill many months ago, she said there's a beautiful view at the top.
it was all out of randomness "Why not, let's go for it"
But when we got there i already knew the beautiful view wasn't the city lights below.
The View was standing right next to me.
She took me to her home afterwards. and it was there i lived again.
days before i felt hollow and alone. an empty feeling nothing was feeling. i'd cut myself
just to feel real and alive.
but that night, she filled the void. with her big brown eyes, she looked into mine and told me
it'll be okay. and i promised never to cut again.

Do you believe that if a man repents enough for what he done wrong, than he'll get to go
Back to the time that was happiest for him and live there forever? Could that be what heaven's

That day i could live again and again forever.
But like i said at the begining it's the most beautiful memories that cause me so much pain.
sometimes i find myself wishing she never existed, so i'd be spared my pain. but like a fool
i carry on..hoping i'll find her again.
Somewhere in this hollow shell of a boy lies reservoir of feeling. i pray i find my elysium.
The void is empty once more, i wear the mask that is a smile so know one knows how i really feel
and needless to say i broke my promise.

Living has never been such a burden
Underneath the mask is broken boy
Can anybody help me move on or forget
You don't know how much i miss her

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