love vs free will

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this is a short story about the struggle of a young boy to win his love . when he failed he tried to reach the girl by using the supernatural powers .

Submitted: March 22, 2014

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Submitted: March 22, 2014




love vs free will 



Believe that life is worth living and your believe will help create the fact

After writing this story I may be ending my whole life my past life and all the persons , things , places I ever know . I am going to travel abroad to complete  my life with people I never knew and never met and I am forced to adapt with them to survive in this world :D or to be more specified  I was sent away to be far enough from the world I am in , to get rid of my thoughts and what I am doing ( Evocation , Black Magic , Summoning  , .. Etc ) things that risks my life .I never thought that this is going to happen to me and  that my life will end and I am going to lose everything in a second because of a girl :p a simple feeling  turned my life upside down from positive to negative  one girl turned my life and put me in the darkness for the rest of my life . this is not a thing I am proud of  . I will write a short brief of what I knew in my life about magic and this supernatural world . I cant write all what I knew because each title needs a separate book .

( The Biggest mistake I have made in my life is letting a girl stay in my mind for a long time ) . I should listen to the advice that was given to me .

Befor :  I was always saying that " I GOT ONE LIFE TO LIVE " I can't keep anything  I desire or I want for tomorrow  because when the day come and I am between the hand  of GOD  I don’t want to regret for something I haven't done . then I started living my day as it was the last day in my life laughing at anything also if it's not funny. And  joking a lot with anyone and doing everything  in my mind . then after a couple of years I was surrounded with a lot of friends then WTF they are my brothers  then WTF we are one soul in different bodies . I live with them for a couple of years  it was the best years in my life , I made everything i want in my life with them . then I said  "Only DEATH WILL SEPARATE US " I didn’t knew what is waiting for me

Then one day I recognized that I am love , I remembered an advice telling me that  to treat girls like sisters no more and no less and not to have a  feeling towards a girl . I dealed  with it for a 2 years  then for the third year I recognized that I can't forget that girl . whatever I have done or said to myself I couldn’t forget this girl then I stopped for a while  think that this is weird is this what I was hearing about is this the true love that stays forever and never vanish . I didn’t know I searched a lot I found that it’s a normal thing the first love is hard to be forgotten . then I persuaded myself saying that time will help me to forget. Another year passed  and I am still in love with her . this time I recognized that my situation is weird  . its 3 years and I am in love with the same girl no matter what I have done ,I still can't get rid of her from my mind . Then once I read an article about MAGIC and about the different  spells  including the  Love Spells . at first I didn’t believe it , as my religion thought us that  most of this things aren't real  and they were against my religion  . The next  day i was still thinking of the things I have read  yesterday  .  Then I was attracted to it and I wanted to know more about this title I started reading a lot of articles and a testimony from people saying about their experience  and how there life changed after believing in Magic and starting using Magic in their daily life . I read a great things about how people had a lot of money  , about a person got his dream life having his wife that he always dream to marry .Then I read  about the negative thing about using magic in our real life and how most of the people was hurt due to a BACK FIRE of a spell they cast . I read about horrible things happened in the past and a lot of people warning about using magic . Then I read about the SPIRIT WORLD that contains all the other creatures  DEMONS , SPIRITS,….etc . and I read how to summon them  , how to control them or ask them to help you in different ways , and there amazing power they got that they could change a person life from upside down and I also read a testimony of people summoned demons and asked them for help . then I read about the negative things about dealing with Demons , I read that few people died  after summoning a Demon  and Those who regularly contact demons are believed to go mad through overdosing on power, or being possessed unless if they are well protected from them . at the end of the day I didn’t Believe what I have read .

The next day I went to an Old man asking his advice . he was too close enough to me to ask him and believe every word he says. I told him what I have been with for the last 3 years  , and what I have read . He wasn’t shocked at all when he heard from me I thought he will  gone crazy and advice me to keep away from Magic and to tell me it's against our religion and to tell me that what I am dealing with that girl is a normal thing for someone in my age to love and to be loved . But instead he said nothing he started saying stories about people I knew in my life or people I barley know . Then i gathered all the things happened to me in  the past  year , it’s a normal thing actually its nothing according to the things that happened to the people  he told me about . Actually my problem seems to be nothing compared to them . Then after a while he starting talking , he seems to be unhappy by telling me those things . and he told me a lot of things for ex. He told me that " The most  greatest  secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places . Those who don't believe in MAGIC will never find it ." and that "Life is the game that everyone plays , And the winner is that who finds  his True Love"

After 4 hours of a long talk  I WAS SHOCKED of what I heard . Everything I didn’t believe  in seems to be real , Everything I believed in is fake . Then I recognized that there is a great world most of the people don’t know about . That there is a lot of creatures are leaving between us  we can't see them or feel them but they can .

They are more powerful than any human on this Earth and if we united all the Armies around the world we can't defeat them .  no matter what we have done we will be the weakest creature in this WORLD .  I was lost in my thoughts ,  I couldn’t stop it whatever I am doing I can't stop thinking . My thoughts was loud that I couldn't hear my Mouth , the things that I always believed that it wasn’t real appeared to be in me . And I started to ask myself a lot of QUESTION . How this thing could happen and why ? Then I made up my mind to read about this things  to get answers for myself  .

The next day I started reading on the internet all sort of articles I could get , about this title I opened thousands of website and after a couple of days I knew that MAGIC is an attempt to understand, experience and influence the world using (rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language ) , and I realized that we live in a world of duality where light and darkness are two sides of the same coin and Humans have been given the choice to dwell into darkness or move toward the light and its hard for someone to compete with the Darkness and you can only fight magic with magic . And I read about different  Kind of magic (Black magic ; ceremonial magic / candle magic .. ) and a lot of them , every day I explore a new type of magic .I  was attracted to the Black Magic as it was the Darkest and the powerful type . I knew that Black Magic is an ancient science to access the Spirit world and use the dark powers to inflict harm on individuals . and also that  Black magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes and it is associated with all and every kind of evil practices . And I read that Magic is mainly used to work with the free will of a person and manipulate it to your advantage. And to gain love, instant money, revenge and hex . And the World of magic  is the world where you can achieve all your Dreams and with MAGIC  you can make the impossible to be possible .

 Then I read about the two different  worlds that most of the people don’t know that they exist the world of light and the world of darkness  and the fight that is between this two worlds , I knew that The world of Light is hosted by Angels and higher beings . The world of Darkness is ruled by the Spirit world and hosted by Demons ,  Evil spirits and Jinn . and then I specified y reading  about the :

Spirit World : The Spirit World is of a multi-layered structure. It is divided into many different levels (dimensions) according to the state of mind of the spirits who live there. There are levels in the Spirit World ranging from the fourth to the ninth dimension. The higher dimensions are inhabited by spirits and another creatures  . and it is regarded as an external environment for spirits

SPIRITS : The spirits move further away  from the worldly or human attributes , becoming spiritually free and limitless free


Demons : A DEMON is a supernatural, often malevolent being , A demon is a spiritual being of an angelic nature . As pure spirits, demons are not made up of matter. Because they do not have bodies, demons are not inclined to any “sins of the flesh” and they are thought to be short-tempered beings, and given the opportunity might  overpower and enslave the one who summoned them . Those who regularly contact demons are believed to go mad through overdosing on power, or being possessed

JINN : (in Arabian and Muslim mythology) an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels, able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans . The Jinn are beings created with free will, living on earth in a world parallel to mankind.  The Arabic word Jinn is from the verb ‘Janna’ which means to hide or conceal.  Thus, they are physically invisible from man as their description suggests. And in ISLAM it is said that “the Jinn is created from smokeless fire.”


And there are more and more creatures  but these three are the powerful ones between all of them . Then I realized that which clearly distinguishes these creatures from mankind  are their powers and abilities . By knowing  their powers, we can make sense of much of the mysteries which go on around us. Some of their powers is that :

*They  are able to take on any physical form they like , they can appear as humans, animals trees and anything else .

*The ability to possess and take over the minds and bodies of other creatures is also a power which this creatures  have utilized greatly over the centuries . and this is something which has been prohibited to them as it is a great oppression to possess another being . Like Humans .

* They have the ability to be invisible from man . This invisibility is one of the reasons why some people have denied their existence .


And after reading more and more about  the power of Magic and the abilities of this supernatural  creatures  I knew that I can only cure myself from this curse by using MAGIC and Only magic . I started reading about how to use Magic in my daily life and get use of its power . then after a while I knew that to use the power of Magic there are different rituals should be made . ( Spells , prayer , Evocation , sigils ,… ) and a lot of another things  . And then I started reading books I was like a crazy person I don’t know what to read first and what is important , in my opinion each title is more important than the other, and then I was lost between thousands of sites on the internet and between millions of books about this topics that each book seems important for me to read and dozens of theories of different people about how to use the power of magic .Then I made up my mind to take a break from all this researches and reading  books . I started going out again with my friends  every day , but still nothing change actually I have gone worse , I was still in love with same girl nothing change and my mind was full of thoughts and about supernatural things that I always believe that it's not real or it doesn't exist and then it appears to be real and it's around us and leaving between us  and it's in me . I thought of telling to someone then i realized that no one will believe me , actually I still didn't believe myself and what I have gone throw for this past days. Then I decided to keep it a secret until I found an explanation for myself , then I will tell my friends as if they are the only one that I can trust them . After a while I started reading again because I was going crazy I can't stop thinking and I can't get an explanation for myself . But this time I knew where to start and what to read . I gathered all the information I got and wrote it in a paper and started  filling the missing gaps . Then I realized that I have enough  information's that I could ever get from reading a single book , but I don’t know how to use this information this supernatural power of magic and this creatures . so I started reading about

SPELLS : A SPELL is a set of words, spoken or unspoken (prayer). Casting a spell is considered by its user to invoke some magical effect . there are different kind of spells , While there are endless varieties of spells out there . the most common type are  ( Candle Spell / Voodoo/Tarot Spells )

Evocation : Evocation is the act of calling or summoning a spirit, demon or other supernatural  agent  Western mystery tradition . it is a magical act in which we invite (politely) a spiritual entity to come. Invocation can take also a form of a prayer. During that process we open ourselves to spiritual energy of an entity, allowing for natural, unrestricted communication, exchange of energies, sometimes merging of consciousnesses , is most natural method of summoning demons (or any entity)

SIGILS :  A sigil is a symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of a demon or other entity and sometimes it is used as a symbolic representation of the magician's desired outcome.

Then after reading for another week, I knew how to use magic and how to do different spells (love/Money/revenge/voodoo ,…) and I knew the exact way how to invoke or summon a demon or other entity and how to ask them for help  it suggests: free, unrestricted exchange, politeness, respect, closeness, made on positive/negative  emotions. I found it very easy and simple for anyone to try it but at the same time you can lose your life or to go mad or to be possessed . so I need to be more careful .

Then I stopped for a while then I found that nothing change I am still in love with the girl it's going to be 5 years and i still haven't found an explanation but only I filled my desire to know about the supernatural power in this world and the other beings that is living between us . Then I decided  to tell my friend  . I thought that I could found any explanation or answers with them . the next following days I  started  telling them one by one , but I couldn't find any answers with them at all , they were like me they didn’t believe at all , they said that they believed me ,but whom I am lying about ,  I couldn't believe myself ,how would they believe me . but at last there is no one I could trust except them . actually they showed me there interest in helping me more than I thought they will .They started  giving me a lot of advices but at last nothing work as I said I found that nothing can defeat the power of MAGIC except MAGIC

I decided to try a small spell to see if it works or I am good enough to do stronger spells or not. I started preparing for it and all what is needed to complete that spell , I waited for the full moon night . that day I started to meditate and began the rituals of my spell after a couple of hours I finished the spell . the days past and nothing happened I waited and nothing happened I knew that its not a thing that I will get its result in one night it may take Days  , Weeks or maybe Months it depends on what kind of spell I am doing. AT one night while sleeping I got the results . I am connected with her I can exactly feel what she is feeling  and know what she thinks about , I was very glad for the results actually it seems that like if I was in her mind then I was shocked to found out that she never thought of me and the distance between me and her is far than the distance between me and the moon . the days passed and every night I can get through her mind , her dreams ,her thoughts, her feelings , it seems that if I am living in her mind . then after a while it becomes annoying  I couldn't stop it , I forget about to read how to stop a spell , I found a lot of things on the internet but nothing works. After a while , every night when I am connected to her I had a headache and I lose vision for some time at first I thought that it was a back fire from the spell ,but then I started to see things a strange things  life faces of someone and seeing another things I can't explain until know . I read and concentrate to find a fast answer for this at last I found that it’s a spirit that’s surrounding her . I don’t know if is a normal thing or not . I knew that these creature may live between us , I read an article saying that its not good for the erson to be surrounded by spirits it may lead to a possesion .I didn’t complete reading the article as soon as I knew she may be in danger  I started reading about the protection spell and when I gathered the complete  information I started doing the spell and I finished it , but still every night I am connected with her and have the same headache but actually the headache  becomes stronger . but after a couple of days the pain in my head is over and I lost the connection with her  . then i knew that my first 2 spells I cast  worked and they gave me the results I needed . I  stopped for a while and thought about what happened with me , I found that my life changes upside down because of a girl whom I love ,  because of this girl I got powers that I can use to get anything i desire in my life , because of this girl I risked my life and go through a lot of pain . and when I knew what she is in I helped her as fast as I could and from not a normalbeing .I laughed about myself doing all this things I have made just for a girl . and this girl don’t ever now that I am still in love with her . My friends advice me to talk to her and get rid of this thoughts by telling me that " NOTHING IS INPOSSIBLE '. I wished if they were right they don’t know the exact problem that whatever I have done I can't forget her or I can't make her love me by the normal way .and she wont believe me and they said to me to leave this way in living and live a normal life and let the fate to write the story of my life .

I tried  to do my best but nothing works I still have that pain in my chest every time I saw her or remember  her . I talked to another person who is living outside the country telling him that I will come and stay with him for a couple of Months . I decided to leave my country for a long time maybe I could get rid of this thoughts in my mind and when I return back i will be greater than before and return as I was in the old days .

Before Travelling I wished if I could talk to her , knowing that I might not return back but I couldn’t found her at any place I searched for her a lot but I couldn’t  find her .so I gave up in seeing her . The day came that I am travelling in I sat with my friends and laughed with them as much as I could with them knowing that I may not see them again . I left the country carrying with me a bag and a mind full of thoughts about one girl and a lot of things that if anyone know about it  , he will say that I am a mad man . while I was at the plane i prayed for god to help me in forgetting her and forget all the thoughts and the things I knew and I closed my eyes wishing that when I wake up this whole thing will be just a dream. I had a long sleep longer that I have ever slept , I have dreamt of all the things happened to me for the last 3 years , things that I never thought would happen to me . I woke up at the landing of the plane while opening my eyes and returned to the real world again I was happy I thought that I will forget everything and I put in my mind a sentence that I always read and heard about , that  "long distance break out any relationship no matter how powerful it is " . Then after a week in this country that I know nothing about I figured that nothing changes at  first I didn’t mind , I didn’t give it a matter , whenever she passed through my Mind I say to myself that it's only a week it will take a longer time to forget . I started talking again to my friends ,I wished to ask them about her if anyone saw her or knows anything about her I was going crazy I need any information's about her to be reassured that she is fine . but I hold myself from asking them , the days passed and the weeks and I reached my limit , I couldn’t hold any more I talked to my friend and told them to tell me anything about her . but they couldn’t get anything for me , I started following her on every website I could reach but she replied by blocking me  , for her I am no one I am just a boy that’s following her for 4 years . for her I was just a " PAIN IN THE ASS " I was a "DOUCHEBAG "  . Then I decided  that I will try that spell again it took me a while .I am in a new place so it took me a while to get the right tools for the spell . After making the spell I waited but it took too long it took a whole month and no results appear. I tried different spells with different kind of magic , but no results some of the spells  I have done just backed fire and sometimes I was deeply hurt physically and mentally . Then I took a break I know why  all my spells  didn’t work my desire for getting the results  and my emotions and my mind wasn’t clear that’s why I didn’t get the results I want  . After  a couple of weeks I returned in to my full power as before . and I decided to try something different , something more powerful  is to get in a direct contact with one of the other creatures by using Invoking/Summoning .

Before summoninga creature I should know why I am summoning him what type of creatures I will summon.  I first thought about JINN but I couldn’t find anything about getting protected from them . then I searched for Angels then I found that  I couldn’t get what I need with them I need something  more powerful . I didn’t have the choice except DEMONS I have first to match my desire with a suitable Demon that could help me . when I found the suitable one I had to first protect myself  from his power and from getting possessed by him . after knowing everything I prepared the place where I will do my ritual and the place  where I will summon him , at first it was hard I couldn't find a suitable place that I will not be disturbed and no one will enter this place. When I found this place i started  the rituals at first I opened the magic circle , asked for protection from god and cast the protection spell and started to meditate to clear my mind from everything and then I starting summoning  him . I didn’t get the results or saw him or hear him from the first time . After trying more than 10 times I didn’t get a result I thought that something is wrong as it is the first time for me to summon a Demon . then I started thinking of all the pain I gain from loving this girl and then I started wondering is this the misery that the old man talks about that  my people get as a bay pack of their love and I remembered his words  saying that I will be more miserable as time passes if I couldn’t reach to the girl  .and that’s due to an old curse that's made on my kind that cant be removed . I didn’t found an answers for this questions but all what i know that I am in love with this girl more than anything in this world.

After thinking  again for a long time I didn’t get any answers I was going to give up on this whole idea of reaching to her and I was going to adapt myself  on my new miserable life. Then I made up my mind to try one last time to summon this Demon I was shocked when I found that I summoned him , I didn’t saw him I was closing my eyes meditating on my desire when I felt a change in the temperature of the room and I felt that my body was an ice cube .at first I was afraid I thought that I am going to be possessed by him and I haven’t done the protection spell in the right way . but then I started hearing a noise I didn’t know what it was saying I barely heard the noise . I meditate as I hear the voice when the noise stops and I asked his help to connect me with the girl and for other things in a supernatural way , he asked for something as in exchange for .i have done what he asked for and thank him for his kindness and I sent him away . I got the results of what I asked faster than I thought . I was lucky to survive and not being possessed by him but at the end I have got what I desired . and I started to connect to the girl every night and actually she was not better the me she was living a miserable life too due different problems in her life , but I was happy that I was able to  connect to her mind more than she could . Then after a while nothing change s she don’t know all what I have done to her or my feelings to her I decided to talk to her and now I can show her evidence of the things I have made for her or the things I knew about her that no one other knows . but it was too late I couldn’t  reach her she blocked me from all her accounts on the internet , I couldn’t found  a real help from my friends after i left all what  I get is a fake promises that they will help . and I tried to connect to her by sending messages to her in a form of  a dream when I am connecting to her mind but I couldn’t do it for some reason . The days are passing and every day I go through the same pain every time I remembered her , actually the pain for the last days never goes because she never left my mind  and due to my deep connection with her mind .

The days passes and I get more and more knowledge about this supernatural powers and I tried to do every  single spell I knew including the revenge spell . it's one of the spell that worked and its done as I want . I had my revenge from the person that once  threatened her life and her safety . I found that I love every person she loves and every person she hates  I hate him too . it doesn’t seem right for me but I was happy to know  her feeling as well as she has no any feelings for me . Then when this connection was over . I felt that there is something is missing I started to download her photos on my mobile , laptop any electronic device I could reach . then I found that it seems wrong all my life is ruined nothing is normal anymore the way that I am looking  to the world around me isn’t the same , I was adapted with the power I get from the spells and everything was perfect in my life . only she was missing she was the last piece to complete this puzzle that I am living in . she is the important part in my life she is like the shiny star on the Christmas tree ,without the star the tree isn't completed . and I know that I can't reach to her no matter what I have done and I can't forget her also and I can't stay in doing this magic spells for the rest of my life. Then a friend of mine advices me to leave my past life and forget all about it  , he said that it may help me . Then I decided to do what he said to forget all the things I ever knew and every person that reminds me of the past . I am doing this hoping that i could forget her  . when I am looking at my past I say that it's not my fault I trusted my friend and they couldn't hold or keep their word in helping me to reach her , if they helped me to reach to her maybe I would show her a lot of evidence that will know my true feeling to her. Then I realize that its not my friends fault  It's my fault that I didn’t act from the beginning .but it was too late to regret .

WHEN THIS story is send that means that I have gone and it's too hard for me to return back and to live a normal life like before . all what I wish that she could read this article or story and I want her to know my true feeling to her and I was not playing around her and if I was there I would have shown her any evidence she wants . but at last all what we got is our Dreams . I don't know where I will be going will I stay in this place I am in , or I will go to another place , i didn’t decided yet , but all what I know that all what I am doing wont work but at leat it may help a little .i will be leaving carrying love and respect to my friends that tried to help me and a feeling for one girl that will never vanish and a hatered to myself and a regret that I didn't act from the beginning  . looking back I have this to regret that too often when I Loved I didn’t trust my self and said so , may be this problem was ended if I talked from the beginning and explained to her everything .

But at the end the explanation of this world is rare . we cant found a true theory or a trusted one about this mistery world . The true explanation I found for such a world comes from Islam.  Like every other way, Islam also claims to explain this realm of the unseen.  It is from this realm that Islam explains to us about the world of magic .

I just ask for a simple thing to my friends and that girl , wait for me I think I will return maybe tommorow ,maybe it will take a week a month a year but I know that I will.  

 I realized that Loving yourself is more important than loving others. For when you truly love yourself, you have so much more to offer And  Never waste an opportunity to say "I LOVE YOU" to a person you really LOVE Not everyday you meet a person who has a magic to let you fall






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