Bad Night Gone Good

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On a brilliant summer night in Auckland a slight disturbance occurs resulting in an argument and a bar fight. What happens next is more interesting then the whole story

Submitted: September 26, 2012

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Submitted: September 26, 2012



I don't feel guilty because I lied to my mother about being hit by a horse and cutting my eye open, even though in reality I got into some trouble at a bar. I have learnt my lesson to not speak to girls who are forth coming and only want to be taken home for a good time. I don't think the whole issue was my fault as all I did was kiss her and dance. An hour had passed and we were pretty much ready to go home and do some damage.

Just as I walked her closer to the bar for one last drink (for myself) I was stopped by a slightly bigger Pacific Islander man who had a deep voice. He called her name and asked who the hell I was. When I told him to relax he turned around making it look like he was going to leave and turned rather quickly elbowing me in the eye. As I hit the ground from such a powerful blow my mind started racing thinking “wow that was quick” I am in a situation I can’t seem to get back up quick enough to even throw back a punch, as I got up she came to help me. I got on my legs stood up and said “that’s a little unfair buddy you have 4 friends with you. Why don't we take this outside” He agreed and said “yup I’ll be seeing you outside in a sec asshole”.

I don't know why I said “take this outside” I know I respect my strength and know if it was a fair fight I would have ripped him to shreds. But being hit in the eye with an elbow may have pushed me to the level of no return once you are in this situation you will know

It’s almost like an adrenaline boost traveling through your mind and all you really want is to throw a couple of punches and have some revenge. I don't regret going outside and having this “one on one” in fact I was happy with my ability to have a decent fight after being hit in the eye with an elbow that would have knocked out most fighters. As I walked outside for the one on one I had touched the top of my eye and realised it was cut, it wasn't only cut it was bursting out with blood at this stage I knew I had to fight like I have never fought before. As I was aggressed on by the man who elbowed me in the eye I was more than keen to go show him a little bit of myself I did warn him at first however he disregarded my warning and I walked towards him as he wanted me to come to the road. As soon as I got onto the road my shirt had come off (never fight with my shirt on I love my shirt. I had a few cheers from lovely ladies and so he decided to take his shirt off. At this stage I raised my fists to my chin and put my boxing stance on with a leaned back. I let him get close and he threw a couple of punches missed and I was thinking I could knock him out if he does another futile effort of a punch. So he did and as he threw the 2nd left hook I saw and opening and hit him right in the nose and I heard a noise similar to that of a screech. I had realised it wasn't going to be a fair fight as a few of his buddies surrounded me luckily I had 2 bouncers run to my aid and hold them back. At this stage I have been hit kicked and I was in a curved state where I was not letting in any vital punches. This would have probably been the only reason why I am able to walk today. After the bouncers backed me up they let the 1 v 1continue again I had a huge disadvantage I was getting up when I was kicked in the face with what possibly looked like fancy dress shoes, at this point I had seen multiple stars and bleeding significantly from the eye that was cut earlier and my mouth which had been cut open by a vicious kick to the mouth and nose. At this stage I truly thought yes I have lost the fight I will give up and surrender.

I pleaded with my attacker and asked him out loud “please stop don't push me” at this stage I realised he was not willing to stop at all. I am a kick boxer and have been since the age of 14 I have never been in a fight outside of the ring.  I believe I had done everything in my power to walk away from an event like this, but I was stuck in this one. As the attacker came with a 3rd attempt at knocking me out I dodged it, got up real quickly and hit him with about 4-5 straight jabs to the body and one major right hook to the head and by quick I mean real quick my reactions were what comparable to that of a kung fu fighter. I had realised I had him and all I needed to do was finish it after all he would have finished me off and not given a single care in the world if I was dead or alive.

I walked up towards my attacker and spoke to him in a calm way apologizing for asking him and his friends to take this outside. I had known that if we continued inside the bar other people would be hurt my only decision that took the fight outside had escalated rather quickly. I am a volunteer fire fighter and knowing how dangerous it is to deal with things in an enclosed area my decision was that of a logical thought.  I rarely go out to drink and participate in such functions and barely drink. I love socialising and having fun.  The aftermath, I had 9 stitches to my eye, a chipped tooth a broken rib and I had no idea I broke a rib until I was at the gym a week later. My attacker had a broken nose, 2 broken ribs and a dislocated jaw.

The very next day the girl texted me and asked if I wanted to hang out. I said sure but bring your friends I would like to talk to them. And now we have been friends for 4 months I also have taught my new friends Kick boxing and helped them get away from living a troubled life.

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