What is true love, in my opinion.

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Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012




What is love? Now I’m no scientist, or no genius. So I can’t tell you WHAT IS LOVE. But I can tell you what I believe love is.

I think, Love is the greatest force in the universe. It’s what moves people from here to there. Its soo strong that it’s bound to hurt you and it bound to make your life worth every step. Still, love is real, and it’s what makes us soo special, the ridiculous, unnecessary, UN beneficial, and unconditional attachment to one silly person. In my own world, to me there no such things as soul mates, Its seems to me that the idea of believing there’s one person MENT to be yours, is just plain baloney!=D Still I can promise you, there IS someone out there that’s perfect for you. Kind of like, imagine a metallic ring, and a metallic cylinder, Now picture millions of each,. as a matter of fact picture 7 billion of them. And they are ALL different sizes. Now yeah some cylinders are going to fit good in a some rings,. Some are going to fit SUPER GOOD, and some are going to fit un believably good, but still there will only be one that will ever fit perfectly. Are you going to ever find it? To me it seem like you will run by it, maybe talk to it, and maybe you will never ever even go near it. But sadly chances are that you won’t find it. Because you don’t know, because it could be anyone. So don’t be sad, I haven’t found her either. And sadly the only way to get to know One person would be by spending your entire life with that one person,. Heh, so you would need some couple of billions of life times to get there. As for me, the less I want the less ill need. And the Less I look, the more ill find. So be happy with that one ring or cylinder you have. And If your not, then go out there,. Open yourself for new adventures, new meaning to life. To a new home. There will ALWAYS be someone better. But the ONLY way you will find that better someone will be truly believing that you won’t, that there isn’t, and with no hope. But at the same time full of hope. For every smile in your life you will have two give two tears. That is Life. And to me, it’s the most BEAUTIFULL event in the history of the universe.  

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