Storm of a Fighter

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Jaci endures the most violent storm in recorded history and finds that she has alot to do with it. With her represed memory coming back to her, she also finds more than she could have ever hoped for. (This story is dedicated to the girl who has taken my heart by storm.)

Submitted: July 19, 2008

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Submitted: July 19, 2008



It was an unusually long day at work today. Jaci finally made
it home. Exhausted and depressed, she dragged herself through the
front door and headed straight for the couch. She turned on the
TV. It was tuned to the weather channel as it was the night
before. She just slouched down into the couch and decided that she
was to tired to change it. The weather man was in the middle of
talking about a large storm headed toward town and telling everyone
to stay indoors. Jaci thought to herself, "If I can't go anywhere
I should get some movies for tonight." On her way out to the car
to go to the movie store she looked up toward the darkening western
sky and could see that she should probably hurry. The clouds were
getting bigger by the minute and the thunder was rolling in the
distance. She could faintly smell the purity of a summer rain in
the growing breeze and could feel the temperature drop a bit with
every gust. Jaci hopped into the car and headed to the store.
On her way back from the store, just a few miles from home
it started to drizzle. She turned on the headlights and wipers.
"C'mon! Could this light be any longer?!" She said to herself, as
she grew aggravated. She wanted to beat the storm home but it
looked like the storm was going to win. Just as the traffic light
turned green an eerie feeling of someone watching her came over
her. Almost as if they were right over her shoulder. She looked in
her rear view mirror and shrugged it off. As she pulled onto her
street a huge flash of lightning struck somewhere near and the
thunder shook the ground. The rain instantly started to pour. She
pulled up in front of her house, opened the car door and ran to
toward the house. She made to the covered porch and decided that
she would watch the storm for a minute. The constant strobe of
lightning and the low rumble of thunder kept her attention for
quite a while. This was the biggest storm she had ever seen. As
she sat there watching, that eerie feeling came over her again.
And again, she told herself that it was nothing but she just
couldn't seem to shake it. Trying to ignore it she watched the
display of lights. With each Blue flash she started to remember
something. She had seen a storm like this once before. She somehow
had forgotten about it because it was the storm that took her
true love away from her.
As she remembered the details of that horrible day put
herself into a trance. She was sitting ten feet away from the tree
that he was walking under in the front yard when he was struck.
She kept playing back in her mind the instant that it happened.
She could see his smiling face as he walked through the rain to
give her a kiss. And in one instant, he was gone. Standing there,
so deep in thought, she had forgotten for a minute that she was
standing outside in the same storm that took James. As she quietly
fought the pain in her throat, she turned her back and went inside
to get on with the rest of her night.
Jaci headed into the living room, took her shoes off and
started toward the TV to put the first movie in. As she passed the
window a huge flash of lightning caught her off guard. The thunder
instantly followed. This one was really close. As the thunder
rammed her chest she heard a whisper. "I came for you." She
stopped dead in her tracks thinking some weirdo was behind her.
That feeling of someone there was stronger than ever. She did
question herself though because the whisper sounded like it came
from all around with the thunder. She whipped her head around
looking for whoever was there and just as she turned, lightning
struck again. The thunder was deafening. It sounded like it hit
the house. And again with the pounding of thunder she heard that
whisper. "I came for you Jaci." Holy shit! She definitely heard
it! She was convinced that some pervert was hiding in the house.
She ran to her room and slammed the door behind her. Jaci grabbed
her cell phone to call the police. She started to dial when yet
another angry bold of lightning came down. This time it did hit the
house. The lights went out and everything metal was singed. The
strike fried her cell phone and everything else in the house.
"Could this day get any worse?" she quietly said to herself. The
relaxing night she had planned was anything but. And as those
famous last words were uttered, nothing could have ever prepared
her for what she was about to witness next.
With the phone dead and the lights blown, all Jaci could do
is sit in the dark corner of her room and hope that nothing would
happen to her. With every flash of lightning she would peer out
the windows making sure that no one was out there. The storm was
intensifying outside and the light show was really getting
uncomfortable. Again, as she sat in the corner, she thought about
how much this storm was like the one that killed James. As a
matter of fact, it was EXACTLY like the one that killed him... Two
years ago today. This got her really thinking and reminiscing
about James and all the fun they used to have. She thought about
how they would stay in bed all day on their days off and the
random gifts he would bring home. As she fell into deep thought a
flash of lightning brighter than all the rest snapped her back to
reality with a jolt. As she adjusted her eyes to the dark she
started to notice a silhouette of a man standing by the window. To
afraid to make a sound she just stared. As her sight came back
she was able to notice more and more details. As the flashes of
light passed through the bedroom window she could see glimpses of
his face. Her palms started to sweat and her heart began to pound
out of her chest so hard that she lost her breath... It was James.
He was actually standing right there! Right in front of her!
Tears started to roll down her face as she just sat there
wondering how the hell this was possible. " Is" she
asked in a shuttered voice. He didn't say anything he just began
to walk toward her. He stood above her, leaned over took her hands,
and gently pulled her to her feet. Still quiet, he wrapped his
arms around her and instantly she knew without question, it was
really him. No one had ever hugged her like he could. And without
reluctance, she embraced him with every thing she had. She cried
in his chest for what seemed a really long time. Millions of
thoughts were racing through her head. She was trying to make sense
of all this. "Was he really dead? Maybe it was a deep cover
government operation.” She thought to herself. She tried to
rationalize every thought that plagued her mind. Still holding her
in his arms, he leaned his head back to look into her beautiful
green eyes for the first time in two years. "how ... what
happened?" she quietly asked, with a still broken voice. He
finally connected with her in words and said " I fought for so
long to make it here. Back to you. I want to show you something."
She didn't answer him with any words. She just stared back into
his eyes and he could tell that she was saying ok. My God, his
face was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. "Come with
me" he continued as he turned. He took her hand and led her
outside. He opened the door and they headed across the porch. She
didn't care at this point that there was a killer storm outside.
She was so struck by his presence that she would have followed him
anywhere. The walked out to the front yard and over to the very
spot that where he drew his last breath so long ago. He turned to
her, leaned in and gave her the most passionate kiss that she has
ever felt. Chills instantly shot down her spine and her feet felt
like they weren't touching the ground. As they kissed in the rain
under the tree, the storm had completely left her mind. She
thought of nothing else but this moment. The more passionate they
got, the harder the storm seemed to rage above them. Just as it
had been two years ago, a bolt of lightning shot down to that very
spot reenacting what had already happened once. And in less than a
blink of an eye, they were swept away into the storm.
She could feel herself being taken up into the clouds. The
vicious lightning all around them suddenly became a gorgeous,
indescribable display of lights. As they rode the storm, he began
to kiss her neck. She felt higher than any cloud could ever take
her. He moved his lips down to her chest, grabbing her around the
waist and pulled her so close to him just as he did before. This
was the true feeling of pure ecstasy. She answered him by wrapping
her arms around him and pressing herself against him. It was a
beautiful dance. Jaci wrapped her legs around James as if to
invite him to take her now. He slowly put himself inside her and
she began to make those cute little noises that he was so familiar
with. With every moan, the atmosphere around them became more and
more violent. The rain began to swirl and the wind picked up to
damaging force. With every move, every kiss, and every scream, The
lightning would comply almost preemptively. It was like the
storm was an extension of them. The storm had become their slave.
She felt the tingle build up inside her. It grew and grew until
she almost couldn't stand it any longer .James could feel her
squeezing harder and harder until She let out one final scream as
her nails dug into his back. In that very moment, as she closed
her eyes and her toes curled, again the storm complied with an
outburst of force that the would had never seen. As she finally
began to calm down the once killer storm began to subside. She
opened her eyes and just stared at him in amazement. He looked
back at her with his warm smile, ran his hand through her hair and
said "I fought for you. I took on the Gods and won for you. All I
wantedwas to say good bye and that I will never leave you.
Every time the breeze brushes your neck, It will be me hugging you
and every time the rain falls upon your lips, it will be me kissing
you. As the Gods love their divine creations, I love you."
She began to cry knowing that this would be the last time that she
would ever lay eyes on his beautiful face. Jaci opened her mouth
to say good bye but nothing came out. She refused to face this
inevitable absolution. And before she could build the strength to
say anything a flash of lightning surrounded her and in an
instant, she was outside under the tree again.
The storm quickly began to dissipate and the sky began to
clear. She couldn’t move from that spot. Jaci sat there and cried
for hours for the pain that she felt and for the happiness she had
for seeing James one last time. She finally built up the energy
to stand up and go inside. Still in awe, she sat on the couch
beside herself. The power eventually restored itself and the TV
turned back on. Still tuned to the weather channel, she just sat
and listened the weather man talk about the 'freak storm of
the century'. He talked about how it was the strongest storm in
recorded history and how thousands of people thought it was the
end of the world. Little did they know...
It was for one.
She smiled and finally said, "I love you too".

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