Tech Wizard (an adventure time fanfic)

Status: Finished

Tech Wizard (an adventure time fanfic)

Status: Finished

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Tech Wizard  (an adventure time fanfic) Tech Wizard (an adventure time fanfic)

Short Story by: Otakufictionprincess

Genre: Fan Fiction


Short Story by: Otakufictionprincess


Genre: Fan Fiction



There's a new wizard in town and his name is Moki. What does he plan? He plans to kidnap many robots in the Land of Ooo especially Beemo. This is also Finn's new mission from Princess Bubblegum. Can Finn rescue Beemo and the rest of the robots in time?


There's a new wizard in town and his name is Moki. What does he plan? He plans to kidnap many robots in the Land of Ooo especially Beemo. This is also Finn's new mission from Princess Bubblegum. Can Finn rescue Beemo and the rest of the robots in time?


Submitted: April 04, 2013

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Submitted: April 04, 2013



In the land of Ooo, there were never many robots coming to this kind of land but they are there because they came to visit the Princess of the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum. It was a cloudy day and Finn, Jake, and Beemo (BMO) were playing video games together inside a the treehouse. Finn is a 14-year-old human. Though at times violent and aggressive, Finn is a brave and righteous hero. Jake is a magical dog and Finn's greatest pal. He is generally laid-back and tends not to worry about things. Beemo is a robot who is a loyal fun friend who wishes to be a real boy.Finn gazed out the window. Finn was bored with playing video games and decided to wander off. He spotted an old man wearing a royal blue coat with star pattern design that made the man look like a fun wizard. His snow white beard made him look wise and he was Dark Wizard Moki. He was the most dangerous wizard in the land of Ooo and he abducted robots to create his own robot army.

Finn made a early plan to find his sword just in case is he ever sees Wizard Moki sooner or later. He went upstairs to search for Scarlet. Scarlet was light as a feather and is a valuable sword. Scarlet is a special battle sword for Finn and Jake’s protection. To Finn, his sword was worth a million dollars.

"Ring ring!” Finn opened his flip phone and placed scarlet down.

"Hi Finn! I need your help. Wizard Moki is on the loose and planned something enormous and get them army of robots and is about to attack us! Will you please help me to rescue them and get back here safely to the Candy Kingdom?” asked Princess Bubblegum with a light tap on the foot.

"Mathematical I will!” said Finn exhilarated and hung up.

The next day right outside their treehouse, there was no sign of wizard Moki attempting to do kidnapping. Finn decided to take Beemo for a walk while Jake took a nap. To Finn, Beemo was gentle as a lamb and he never wanted Beemo to get hurt even though he is just a robot. The fresh air touched Finns face as he sniffed the fresh clean air as he held Beemo in his arms. Finn took a deep breath and spoke to Beemo.

"Beemo. I’m warning you.... to be aware of Wizard Moki. He could be anywhere and I don't want you to get hurt.” said Finn as he holds Beemo tightly.

"Don't worry Finn. If anybody hurts me, I will use my Beemo chop." said Beemo as he threw his arms in the air.

"Let's hope you can have that kind of skill.” said Finn chuckling.

All of a sudden, the lunatic Wizard Moki was hiding in the bushes and eavesdropped on the conversation between Finn and Beemo. Moki chuckled and created a plan.

Ahha! I will use my magic wand and control this robot’s body and so it seems like he is totally dead. thought Moki. He is hiding behind the bushes.

Then by surprise, Moki jumped right out of the bushes that gave Finn and Beemo a heart attack.

"Haha! You will never get Beemo back." said Moki with a vicious laugh.

“What the cabbage! You have been eavesdropping all along how dare you!” said Finn stomping his foot with anger.

“Too bad!” said Moki as he was about to attack.

ZAP! Wizard Moki's powers hits the ground as Finn dodged it. Moki used his wand and captured Beemo.

"No! Beemo!” cried Finn in fear. Moki flew back to his cave, his plan as a success.

Finn was outraged, He had witnessed BMOs abduction.

In a jiffy, Finn rushed back to the treehouse to grab his sword and started to walk outside. At first, Finn wanted to bring Jake along to the journey, but decided not to wake him up. So Finn walked outside and went towards west to the forest to see the abandoned cave as he found Moki's footprint.

In Moki’s cellar, there were cold, solid cages for all the prisoners. Moki plans to erase each and every robots memories to make them his evil minions. “ I can’t wait for you to join my side Beemo.” You and I will be great friends” said Moki chuckling as he sets another robot down on the table.

Meanwhile in the forest, Finn was exhausted, but finally found Moki's cellar. Then, all of a sudden, he was bounced back by a force field as his body aches. Finn tries to knock it down with his sword but its was unbreakable.

Beemo cried for help when Finn arrived to the rescue.The rest of the robots did the same as they started crying for help.

“Finn! I’m stuck help me”!

“I’m coming Beemo”. said Finn while banging the force field

Wizard Moki then stepped in and released his minions as they walk through the force field to attack Finn. Finn draws his sword out and started destroying robots.

Still stuck in his trap, Finn still struggle inside the force field.

"Let me in!” said Finn banging the force field.

"You will never rescue Beemo and I will never let him go.” said Moki standing next to Beemo.

Finn grunted but he looked at the electronic cage and said

"I bet you can't say open.”

"Ha!” "Well you can't open it because it only reacts to me when I say open.” said Moki. The lights on the ceiling turned red to green. The heavy metal bars plops to the ground and the cage with the force field were released out. Finn try to grab all the robots as he can.

Moki was quick and pulled down the net and the robots were trapped.

Wizard Moki grabbed his wand made a slash move towards Finn.

Finn dodged the spell. It was now a duel between Finn and Moki. Finn quickly with all his capacity, kicked hard in Moki’s stomach. Finn drew his sword out and cuts the net down which set the robots free once again.

Moki was astound. He was worried that he would die, so he tried to tackle Finn dow. Without warning, Moki pinned down Finn’s arms with his own hands, knocking Finn’s sword out of grasp.

Finn struggled and Beemo began to worry even more.

Oh no! What can i do to save Finn?” thought Beemo.

"Say goodbye to your friend!” said Moki with an icy tone.

Moki pointed his wand towards Finn’s heart, but suddenly, Beemo used his strobe light mode. It blinded Moki, and he stumbled against the wall, freeing Finn from Moki’s grasp. In the final battle, Finn punched Moki in the face, and Moki was knocked out.

Finn, Beemo, and the rest of the robots headed down to the Candy Kingdom with Moki unconscious. There, Princess Bubblegum and Jake were waiting. When they time they arrived, the citizens of the kingdom rejoiced loudly. The princess thanked Finn and Beemo for rescuing the robots and gave both of them a medal for rescuing for their heroic efforts. Jake jumped up and hugged Finn with all his might. Finn learned that friendship is the most mathematical thing in the world and teamwork is the best part of friendship.

Moki was sent to the Candy Prison, where he couldn’t escape.

And so, finns rescue mission was a success.

Finn then hugged Beemo.

"Beemo!” "I never knew you can do that."

"Of course Finn, after-all I am a robot.”

"That's so algebraic!”

© Copyright 2016 Otakufictionprincess. All rights reserved.

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