Zodiakku no senso

Book by: OtakuPoison


Leo, a sixteen year old boy, leads his girlfriend into an abandon church. He had heard a rumor from an old man earlier that week. Leo saw a strange man, and thought him a hallucination. Liza, his girlfriend, disappears. The next couple nights are filled with nightmares, and visions of wars.
A voice keeps telling him, "Wake up, Leo." Leo discovers he has powers he never knew he had, and that he isn't human.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Zodiakku no senso

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Leo, a sixteen year old boy, leads his girlfriend into an abandon church. He had heard a rumor from an old man earlier that week. Leo saw a strange man, and thought him a hallucination. Liza, his girlfriend, disappears. The next couple nights are filled with nightmares, and visions of wars.
A voice keeps telling him, "Wake up, Leo." Leo discovers he has powers he never knew he had, and that he isn't human.

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Chapter One

"Leo... Are you sure we should be here?" Liza hugged herself, fighting back the panic and fear induced by her surroundings. The old chapel was well unused, cobwebs hanging from the ceiling just low enough to get stuck
to your cheek as you walked by. Rats scurrying across the floor and off into the shadows. Their only light was from a hole in the roof where the moonlight poured in showing them a small section of the church where the pews split.
"It's cold, dark and... I, I... Can't we please just go home?!" Leo, with his hands behind his head furrowed a frown. "But, we've only just got here. Besides, the old man said there'd be some kinda treasure here, right? I wanna find it."
"Can't you do that alone?" Liza whined, putting heavy emphasis on the "alone". She gave up on trying to persuade him and made her way to the only lit part of the room, curling up in a ball and plugging her earphones into her ears,
blasting music so she couldn't hear what was going on around her.
Leo sighed, checking under all the pews and around every corner of the church he found nothing. "There ain't shit here! That old man was fulla crap." Then a chill was cast over the room, and an eerie voice rang through his
mind. "Maybe, boy, you haven't looked hard enough." Out of the shadows came a figure, at his feet the weeds sprouting through the cracks of the old floor began to shrivel and die. "What... What are you?" Thinking instantly, "What?
I said what, not who? It's obviously a person. It is, isn't it? Maybe.. Maybe if I just close my eyes and count to three he'll be gone." Leo shook his head and closed his eyes tight counting, "One... Two... Three...?" Then slowly he pried
open his eyes to find the man gone. Then he spoke aloud, "yeah... Yeah it must've been my imagination." Turning around to go get Liza he realized she wasn't there, but in her stead lay a puddle of blood. His eyes widened and he
began to panic, backing away toward the door. "L...Liza? Liza? Where are you? Liza?!" No response. "I needa get outta here..." He turned around and bolted for the door, hitting it so hard, he almost broke it down, searching for
the nearest lighted place he could find.
Ending up at a convenience store he busted through the door and collapsed to the floor and started crying, whimpering her name, "Liza... Liza..." The clerk hesitated for a second before moving to the boy's side. "Hey, hey kid
what's wrong?" Leo managed to sit up and wiped his face clean of tears. "There... I was... My friend..." Seeming unable to find words he gives up and lets the tears take over again, embracing the clerk and bawling into his shoulder.
"H-Hey now! You're what, 16? 17? You shouldn't be crying like this!" The clerk grabbed Leo by his shoulders and pushed him away so he could look into his eyes. "Calm down and tell me what happened. Then I can respond
appropriately." Leo stared at the ground a bit before looking up at the clerk again, attempting to form a sentence. "My.. Friend.. Liza, she's... I looked over where she was and... And... Blood, everywhere... Oh.. Oh my god Liza's dead..."
This time, holding back the tears, he jumped to  his feet. "We gotta call the cops! There was this man, and my friend Liza was sitting over there and.. I closed my eyes, 'cause you know, I thought I was imagining it all right? So I count
to three and the weird guy's gone, but when I turn to where Liza was, there was this big puddle of blood... That guy musta killed her! We gotta call the cops!"
After three hours of endless questions Leo finally got to return home. He tried to sleep but all that would come to him were nightmares. Waking up in the middle of the night he saw blood pouring down his walls and began to
scream. His parents bursting into his room found him curled up crying under his covers. "Leo, Leo dear what's wrong?" After a few seconds he peeks his head out from under the blanket and looks at his mother. "There.. There was blood
on the walls... All over the walls... Liza's blo-" He was interrupted by laughter, not his mother's, or fathers, or even his own. "What do we have here? Since when were you such a little pussy, Lionel?" A high pitched voice rang through
the room, his parents frozen in their place. "Being in a human body make you forget what you really are? Wake up, Leo!  Or I'll kill your parents too!" His alarm clock rang and his eyes sprung open, his body drenched in sweat. "A... A
At school the next day he could not focus at all. People were asking him nonstop questions about rumors they had heard about the accident that previous night, but he ignored them all. Elizabeth Himawari, Liza. Leo's
childhood friend and as of four months, two weeks and three days ago, his girlfriend. Leo had fallen for Liza when they were eleven, but of course at that age he was too young to of realized what the emotions he had been feeling
actually were. January 17th, he'd gathered all his courage to ask her out on a date, and now she was gone. Rubbing his eyes and running his hand through his hair, he looked up at the clock. "Half hour till school's over..." He pulled
out his phone, that would normally have a text message from Liza telling him about how boring her class was or how excited she was for something after school that day, but it was blank. He sighed and went to put it back in his pocket
when it vibrated in his hand and he panicked. It was from Liza. He opened the message and read it aloud in a quiet whisper. "I've got your bitch, Lionel." Lionel was he real name but nobody called him that. He cursed aloud and excused
himself from the classroom, heading for the church.
"Where are you!? Where's Liza!?" He yelled to the top of his lungs, but his calls go unanswered. The blood was gone, not even a stain was left. He walked into the beam of sunlight and tried calling out again. "I know you're
here! Where's Liza?!" This time he was answered with a laugh, the sound sent chills down his spine. "Came for the bitch, didja?" Leo span around in the direction of the voice to face a boy. He was about his age, shorter
than him though. He had black hair, brown, almost red eyes. His grin seemed to go all the way to his ear on one side and the look in his eyes was murderous. "Where's Liza! And who are you?" The boy's grin vanished. "You don't
remember me, big brother?"

Chapter Two

"Wh-What? I don't have a brother... I'm an only child."  The boy slowly approached him, stepping into the sunlight. "That makes me sad, Lionel. I might just have to kill the bitch now."  Leo tried to charge the boy, but ended up
on the floor with a bloody nose. "Give Liza back! What did she ever do to you?" A glint of murderous intent flashed through the boy's eyes. "She didn't do shit, but it's the only way to get you to wake up." The boy spit in Leo's face, and
began to walk away. "Wait! What do you mean wake up? I am awake... aren't I?" The boy sighed and turned around again to face Leo. "Figure it out yourself, asshole. I've got shit to do."
On his way home Leo continuously beat himself up about letting that boy just walk away. "Atleast... Atleast I know Liza's alive..." That got him thinking about what the boy said, "I need to wake up? What? I'm obviously awake
though..." Lost in thought he almost walks by his home, ignoring his parent's greetings, he goes uptstairs to his room and collapsing on his bed. "Shit... I'm tired..." He easily passed out, more nightmares flooding his sleep. Wars,
demons and angels fighting eachother... In the nightmare he was part of the battle, a neutral force attacking both Angels and Demons. He saw his reflection on spilt blood, but he looked the same. The only difference was he felt
powerful, like energy was emitting from his body. He watched himself rip the wings off an angel and rip the heart out of a demon's chest. "Wake up Leo... You need to wake up." At those words he jumped up awake, soaked in sweat
Looking over at the clock it was 6:59am. One minute for the alarm was set to go off. Something felt off, but he couldn't figure out what it was. Short glimpses of that nightmare kept popping up in his head, Angel's screaming
as they were brutally murdered, demon's whailing in pain as they burned to death in blue flames... A car horn knocked him out of his trance and almost ran him over, speeding down the road. "God people piss me off sometimes..."
He threw his back over his shoulder and crossed the street, making his way toward his school. "What was up with that dream...? Did that actually happen? No way... That's impossible." Not looking he bumped into a man standing in his
way. "Oh shit... Hey I'm sorry man." He looked up at the man he had just bumped into and was replied to with a deadly glare. Something was weird about this guy, he's unnaturally big, dark toned skin, built well... But... The thing
that really made him stand out, were his red eyes.
Something Leo couldn't see came at him, ramming into his rib cage. Leo heard a nasty crack and his body was enveloped in massive pain. "Wh...What was that..." As he began to loose conciousness he heard that voice agian,
the same that was in his dream. "Wake up, Leo... Wake up..." The world began to turn back around him, unable to breath he thought, "I'm... I'm going to die... Why... Why can't I wake up?" He hit the ground hard, falling into the
realm of unconciousness he heard the voice again, "Wake up, Leo!" His eyes sprung open and the pain was gone, but the world looked different. People walking by were glowing, some white, some black. Some people didn't look
human at all, they looked like the demons from his dreams. Looking up at the man that had just hit him, he was almost blown back by a power dark energy emitting from his body. "A... Demon?" The man cracked a smile, showing fangs
that dripped black blood onto the concrete. In a dark rumbling voice the demon answered. "So, Lionel. You're finally awake."
Leo jumped to his feet, and stared at his hands. They felt heavier where his body felt lighter. Power running through his body he looked up at the demon and instincts took over. He moved so fast he almost tripped over his
own feet but was on the demon in seconds. He brought his fist back, powering up for a punch and he felt his hand begin to heat up. "It burns..." He looked over at his hand, and it was on fire! Blue, black and green flames swirling
around his fist as he brought it down on the demon's head with a satisfying crunch. Nobody seemed to notice what was going on except for a few that were surrounded in dark black light. The demon's body crumpled, falling to the ground.
Leo took a step back, staring at his fist in amazement. "What... What did I just do? I'm... I'm a murderer!" But when he looked up again, the demon's body was gone. "What... What am I?" Somewhere in his mind rang a solemn
laugh that almost sounded lethal. "So you're finally awake, big brother."

Chapter Three

"If you don't tell me your name I'll just keep calling you boy." Leo pouted, slouching against a nearby fence. "It's Lucifer." Leo stepped away from the wall to look Lucifer in the eye and said, "What the hell am I?" A smirk
appearing across his face, he crossed his arms and said, "a myth. Leo, spirit the lion, leader of the constillations." Leo stood there for a while, open mouthed and searching for words to speak. "But... But... I'm a human! I had a mother,
and a father..." Lucifer shook his head and looked up at Leo with saddened eyes. "Your dreams actually happened. The angels you believe in aren't angels though. They're simply a higher form of demon. More powerful and fewer
in number. If you were going to scale the power of a demon between 1-10, the average demon that you know of would rank no higher than a four. The angels you see differ by color. Fives are blue, sixes are green, sevens are purple,
eights are red, nines are black and tens are white." Leo sat there for a moment, thinking this over in his head for a while before responding. "Tell me where Liza is, then we'll talk more."
Lucifer led Leo to the old abandon church, but it looked the same as always. Dark, cold, and Lizaless. "Your eyes, you should be able to see it now." Lucifer walked over to a wall and walked straight through, as if it wasn't
really there. After staring at the wall for a bit he finally saw it. Engraved in the wall was a cross surrounded in flames and spears. He raised his hand and put his palm to the mark and the blue, black, and green flames sprouted from the
symbol. The wall seemed to become transparent and he walked through, instantly scanning the room for Liza, and found her curled up behind rusty old bars. Lucifer opened the cell and and Leo ran to Liza, embracing her and wrapping
his arms around her body. "She's alive. She won't eat, though. I've tried feeding her, I didn't mean her any harm." Leo looked up at Lucifer and met eyes and he could tell Lucifer was being truthful. "I needed you to wake up as soon
as possible, and she was the best way to get you where you needed to be."
"You used to be a mighty warrior, strong enough to take even the strongest of gods. But sixteen years ago you ambushed by the three Archangels. Even at a disadvantage you managed to defeat Raphael and Gabriel,
but you were injured and Michael defeated you while you were weakened. To avoid death you took shelter by taking over the soul of a human boy in his mother's womb." Leo sat down next to Liza and ran his fingers through her hair,
cradling her head in her lap while he listened to Lucifer's story. "So... Does that mean you're like... Satan?" "I guess you could say that. I am a myth like you, however of a completely different nature." Leo sighed and ran his fingers
through his hair. "This... Is a lot to take in." "I'm sorry brother. There are more things I need to tell you, but they can wait until you've thought about what you already know. When you're ready to talk again I'll be here in this room, waiting."
Leo picked up Liza in his arms and started for the exit. "How long should it take her to wake up?" Lucifer shrugged. "Not too long once you get back into the human world. The pressure from this one might have put extra stress on her
body." Nodding, Leo walked out of the exit with Liza in his arms and started for home, his mind racing at one hundred miles per hour.
"Shit! Liza's parents think she's dead... I can't just bring her over there right now, especially since she's unconcious... I'll wait until she wakes up, then see what she wants to do..." He carried her under a bridge, holding her
in his lap, hugging her close to his chest. After a while her eyes began to flutter and she shifted around in his arms. "Liza... Are you awake?" Liza blinking her eyes a few times, threw her arms around Leo and held him tight. "I... I was
so scared..." Leo smiled, running his fingers through her hair he spoke in a calming tone. "I know... I know... It's okay now, I'm here." Liza sat up and wiped the tears from her eyes and managed a smile. "I'm hungry." Leo laughed
quietly and stood, offering her a hand. "Okay, okay. Let's go find you something to eat. We have a lot of talking to do anyway."
They stopped by a nearby resteraunt and sat down at a booth with a window pointed out toward the ocean. Leo told her everything he knew, everyone thinking she was dead and the weird things that had been happening to
him since she disappeared. Leaving out his brother and himself being a, "myth." After they ate and paid for their meal they started off toward home again. "So... How are we gonna do this? My parents think I'm dead, so what are they
gonna think when I walk in there completely fine. Found by my boyfriend, no less." "Maybe you can just act like you found your way home on your own?" "I guess... Yeah... Let's see how that works." As they approach their homes they

Chapter Four

Leo enetered his home slowly, and fell to his knees, sobbing. His parents lay in front of him, beheaded. The hallway walls painted with their splattered blood. "Mommy... Daddy..." Leo cried out their names between sobs.
"Who... Who did this..." He felt the pain rapidly being replaced by a surging anger. In his vision everything began to glow, like it had when he fought that demon earlier that day. He curled up his hands in fists as they began to burn again,
this time dominantly red, with a few blue flames mixed in. He slammed his fists into the floor, causing the area around him to explode in red and blue flames. Again and again he slammed his fists into the ground, bringing his right arm back
he brought it down as hard as he could. Yelling, "Whoever did this... Will burn down in flames!" The house around him erupted into a tower of flame, shooting up into the sky. He stood, walking out of the flames and heard a cry from Liza's
Liza stood there, ignoring the massive explosions coming from outside, as if she didn't hear them at all. She was paralyzed, unable to move from where she stood. Blood ran down the hallway, seeping through the floorboards.
Finally she couldn't take it and fell to her knees and screamed. A explosion, even bigger than the previous ones shook her house violently. She fell and screamed again, fully aware of the world around her now. Leo barged in through the
door, his hands covered in red and blue flames. "Leo... What... Your hands are on fire!" He looked at her blankly and his expression softened. The flames began to change color, into a lighter red, almost pink. The blue brightened and
became dominant as he came over and wrapped her in his arms. The flames on his hands didn't hurt, they were warm. It made her sleepy. She gave in to fatigue and collapsed into Leo's arms, unable to hold conciousness.
Leo looked down at Liza in his arms and the flames began to fade, his vision returning to normal. A voice came from behind him, "that was some firework show, big bro." "Who killed them. Why Liza, too? She was
innocent." Lucifer sighed, crossing his arms and leaning up against a wall. "She's connected to you, and the angels want you dead, but... They want you to suffer first. I suspect they'll go after Liza next. They won't kill her right away
though. They'll probably hold her, and torture her. Then when you show up to be the big hero you think you are, they'll slit her throat and leave you to cry over her dead body before killing you too." Leo laid Liza down, kissing her forehead.
"What are the flames." "Your power. Red, the flame of anger. Blue, the flame of love. Pink, the flame of calm. Green, the flame of death. Purple, the flame of purity. Black, the flame of power. White, the flame of spirits. Each flame
can be controlled, but not as you are now. Your emotions are too unstable." Leo raised his hand, clenching it into a fist. "I haven't produced white yet." "Ah... The flame of purity. You haven't produced a pure flame yet, and you won't until
you've completed your awakening process. As Leo, leader of the zodiacs, you are the only one capable of creating a white flame."
Lucifer told him a bit more about spirits and where they originated. He went deeper into the topic of flames and the powers they represented. "Wait, if you're Lucifer, lord of hell, then why can you control the demons?" "That's
because those demons aren't of hell. In fact, there are no demons of hell. Sucks, right? What good is the lord of hell without any followers?" He sighed. "Well it's part of being a myth. I'm the only part of my myth that's true. The only thing
real about me is my power and who I am." "So.. does that mean there aren't any other Zodiac spirits?" Lucifer smirked, leaning over and almost whispering. "When you "died" 16 years ago, so did all of the other zodiac spirits. They're all
in the same situation as you now, but can't be awakened unless they are presented with a white flame. Then they will regain their powers and return to your side. All though most of them would only register about a 7 on the power scale,
you've got a few that are almost as strong as you. After you learn how to produce a white flame, I'd work on finding the Taurus spirit first. Then work your way down in power, Aries, then Aquarius... You can figure it out yourself." Leo
sat there for a few seconds in silence, then turning to look at Lucifer. "Wake me up, Lucifer." He replied with a smirk, leaning his back up againts the wall and crossing his arms again. "I think I could help you with that, big bro."


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Zodiakku no senso Zodiakku no senso

Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction



Leo, a sixteen year old boy, leads his girlfriend into an abandon church. He had heard a rumor from an old man earlier that week. Leo saw a strange man, and thought him a hallucination. Liza, his girlfriend, disappears. The next couple nights are filled with nightmares, and visions of wars.
A voice keeps telling him, "Wake up, Leo." Leo discovers he has powers he never knew he had, and that he isn't human.
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