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Suha could never remember her life before the circus, or even her supposed memories with her family. All she knows is that shes a servant of the trolls, the 2nd lowest race in the land, she's an Animalia, half human half animal.
the day she tries to escape shes saved by a boy whose like her, a boy who can't remember anything not even his own name.
Together they try to save the world and free the lost memories of the people, the memories stolen by the king.
But how can they do that if every race is against them?
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Suha could never remember her life before the circus, or even her supposed memories with her family. All she knows is that shes a servant of the trolls, the 2nd lowest race in the land, she's an Animalia, half human half animal.
the day she tries to escape shes saved by a boy whose like her, a boy who can't remember anything not even his own name.
Together they try to save the world and free the lost memories of the people, the memories stolen by the king.
But how can they do that if every race is against them?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Unremembered

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Suha could never remember her life before the circus, or even her supposed memories with her family. All she knows is that shes a servant of the trolls, the 2nd lowest race in the land, she's an Animalia, half human half animal.
the day she tries to escape shes saved by a boy whose like her, a boy who can't remember anything not even his own name.
Together they try to save the world and free the lost memories of the people, the memories stolen by the king.
But how can they do that if every race is against them?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 16, 2013



I couldn't remember life outside the circus, or a place without fear of the trolls. But I knew, I knew that I had a life outside of this town, that all my memories were placed inside my head. I guess you could say it all goes unremembered, well that is, at least for me. I can't remember about my past, I don't even remember when I joined the circus show, the towns number one attraction.

The name I was given, the people I live with, all of it seems fake, like I'm living the life of a fraud. I can't even remember being with my family, the memories they say we had, the times we spent together...The pictures they show me of our trips, the smiles on our faces, the girl in those photos, the one who is supposed to be me, she looks fake. I am not the girl in those photos.

"Suha!" I snapped back into reality, the troll master glared at me his eyes two sharp daggers. "You think you can take a break you low life?! Get back to work or you'll find your self dead in seconds." I mumbled a yes sir and began to work again. "Stupid Animalia, they're all the same. They're good for nothing..." he cursed under his breath.

I sighed but made sure he couldn't hear me, that would mean my death. "Suha, Suha." a little boy ran up to me and tugged on my tail. "Will you take a picture with me?" he asked his brown eyes glowing.

I nodded "Sure."

The little boys mother tells us to smile big, the little boy was so happy he could barley sit still. He hugged me tight, and smiled so big it looked like it was going to hurt. "Done." his mother said "Thank you Suha, what do you say Akakios to the nice lady?"

"Thank youuuuu." he beamed.

I smiled and rubbed his brown hair "You're welcome."

Akakios and his mother waved to me as they disappeared into the circus. The elves were the kindest race, they loved everyone. They were used to the hate they received from humans, they were used to the bullying and harsh words they received from their markings. I thought they were beautiful, the colors on there skin, how they would glow and change shape as well as color.

The bell chimed, it was now 6pm, the circus would be starting soon. Switching the button the lights dimmed the ticket booth was now closed. My work was over for the night and I could go rest.

The sun was setting, the warm wind went with it. I was freezing, and the fact that I was wearing a dress didn't help much. Shivering, I put my arms around me for warmth, but my skin was already cold. This was to be expected in fall, the colder weather, less hours of day light. I missed the warmth of summer, winter only made me useless or so the trolls said. The circus couldn't function as well in the cold weather, who wants to sit in a cold tent and watch a guy eat fire? Not me.

The higher the moon, the more awake I became. I was nocturnal due to my half fox side, I hated being alone and awake in the night, no a soul stirred it was creepy.

The familiar orange color of my tent warmed me, well, at least a little. I had a few blankets inside and a warmer change of clothes.

I topped walking. Shadows danced along my tent, the troll were sitting around the fire, this was there nightly ritual. But the reason why I stopped was the five words I heard. "Shes going to remember eventually."

"Yes Makas, but we will do as we did when we first brought her here, we will make her forget."

Zulabar snorted "Is there any way we could make her more useful?"

"Yeah right, Animalia's are the second lowest race, she's pathetic." Razi laughed.

Zengu hit them both in the head making it clear he was the leader here. "Of course we will make sure she'll work better you fools! She's a slacker right now and she could use more respect."

"Oh oh! Could we give that to her too? Maybe if she respects us she'll be a better worker!"

"Shut it Ekon, that's what we're talking about right now!"

"Oh well sorry Mr.Bossy pants!"

Zengu glared at them, they new it was time to be quite. "As I was saying She's going to remember soon, this only means we must act sooner."

"How sooner? I wanna help I wanna help!" Ekon jumped up and down.

"Shut it Ekon!" Zulabar smashed his fist into Ekons head. Ekon rubbed the bald, red spot on his head in pain.

"Tonight. We will do it tonight when she returns to her tent. Ekon go with Zulabar and tell the wizards of our plan, they'll understand and if they don't want to cooperate then you know what to do."

"Yes Zengu." they both said as they disappeared into the woods, there feet shaking the ground.

"Now we wait." Zulabar claimed as he sat back down on his tree trunk.

Remember? What do they mean remember? They're talking about me, should I run? Should I stay?

My heart pounded against my chest as if it was going to break free.


I did as the choice said, I ran. Where I would go, I wasn't sure. I just had to get away from here, I couldn't let myself waif around to forget again...again. I new my life was fake I new his wasn't real.Now they planned to make me forget again,no,no T am not going to let that happen. Not again.

I ran with all my might, I never knew how fast I could move until today. The wind whippedthrough my hair, he branches tore at my skin in an endless effort to foil my plans. I no longer cared all that mattered was getting far, far away from here. I hoped they didn't hear me when I started to run, I hoped they didn't smell me. Trolls rely on there since of smell rather than sight, they could track a rabbit if they wanted to from miles away. If they did smell me though, wouldn't they have acted sooner, like wouldn't one of them try to stop me or capture me already? Well, trolls are dumb creatures, the only reason they're the heights race is because they are tall, and rule with fear. Fear is the reason they boss around the other races, fear is how they control the police and magicians of this world. Fear is how they controlled me.

I began to slow my pace since my distance from the camp did increase. I walked around the gate doors and set foot outside the camp. This is my first time ever leaving the safe lands of the circus, the first time I ever set foot outside the boundaries. My heart raced, its pounding so loud I could barley hear my own thoughts.

Stay Calm and move on.

I nodded and proceeded to walk, I must stay level headed, can't have my mind wandering around if I just ran away from my captors. Still I couldn't help but wonder, what did them mean I was going to remember? Remember what? I sighed, I knew my life was fake, I knew my memories weren't real.


"Fine fine! Sheesh cut me some slack here voice!"

This voice has been talking to me ever since I can remember, which is apparently not much. I think the voice is a girl but again, I'm not sure. She always give me good advice and I always listen to what she says, to put it short she's saved my life so many times.


"I'm going!" once more, I did a she said and picked up my pace. I was still warn out from the long run and my heart still raced, to me it seemed like I was still on enemy land. I never did like the trolls, they were always rude and treated me like I was dumb when really, they had no idea what they were even talking about. I am an Animalia, one of the smartest race, I excel in what the other races can't do. Like a fox I am sly and quite, I can approach the enemy unseen, unnoticed. Trolls have the disadvantage, they're large, loud, dumb and can't sneak...at all.

The forest surrounded me, the leafless branches seemed to act like monsters in the cold windy night. The moon watched down on me, the stars seemed to laugh like they were mocking me. Even though I was wide awake my eyes and ears played tricks on me, every crack of a branch, every flash of light was a troll coming for me.

Once I reached the town I noticed how quite it was, I remember hearing stories about how loud and busy towns like this were at night. Strange as it was, I continued on. All the lights were off, even the street lights were dim, I couldn't help but feel like this was a scene out of a horror movie.

A branch cracked behind me and I jumped, someone was there. "I know you're there! Show yourself."

Stupid mistake Suha

I focused mainly on the spot in front of me, I could hear the breathing of a clone. "Come out!" I demanded.

You should really run.

Still I remained stubborn and kept my ground, I was tired of being portrayed as the weakling. Suddenly I saw a blur, like a fast moving motion, it was another Animalia like me, a wolf human. Before I could even flinch he had me, his arms wrapped tight around my waist "You think you're so tough huh foxy? Well let me tell you, you're not. You are just a weak fox, you can't beat me, I am the wolf." I could tell he was smiling behind me, wolfs have a large temper.

"Don't bother strangling." the clone said stepping from behind the tree "Nero is the strongest in his pack, I believe you've heard of them, the Amnesia Blood pack."

You're a goner.

"Thanks for having faith in me"I thought.

Don't struggle okay? The wolf child will kill you in seconds, they have the orders.

"So Kavi, what do we do with her now?"

I just about laughed, wolves are fast to act but slow when it comes to thinking, he didn't even know the plan.

Kavi sighed and brushed the blonde hair off his face "We wait."

Nero groaned but listened to the clone, I could tell he was already bored, his grip was weakening.

A few minutes later I asked "So whys an Animalia listening to a clone, shouldn't it be the other way around?"

Kavi shook his head "I'm the brains of this operation-"

"Plus hes also the kings first knight, pretty cool huh?" he laughed.

"Whats that make you?"

Nero was quite for a few moments but then replied "That makes me a loser."

I chuckled slightly at this and Nero's grip tightened harder "You think thats funny do you? How funny will it be when I squeeze your insides out, will you be laughing then?"

"Nero stop, remember our mission we can't kill her unless she struggles."

"Fine, but can I tie her up?"

Kavi sighed and gave him the okay. Nero wasted no time getting the rope and tying me to a lamp post. "Are they going to be here soon?" Nero groaned "Stupid Trolls why are they so slow?"

He had my attention now "Trolls?" I asked "Why would the king's knight be helping trolls catch a girl?"

Kavi rolled his eyes at me and pushed his glasses back on his nose "Because the king wants to be on good terms with the Trolls, can't have a war going on during the princes wedding now can we?"

"Wait what? Why are you telling me this?"

He shrugged "You're going to forget in a few hours, all thats happened tonight will just become a blank piece of paper, your memories will be no longer."

"You sound confident."

"I am." the tone in his voice made me realize this was all just a game to him.

The ground began to shake, the trolls were coming.

"Thank you for catching her" Zengu polity said "But you can go now."

"Whaaaaat?" Nero jumped up "What about out money? You promised." his tone turned deadly, I bet he could even take one of the trolls down if it was true, that he was part of the Amnesia Blood pack.

"It will be sent to the king in a few days."

Kavi held up his hand to Nero telling him it was time to be silent "Swear to it. If you do not send the money within three days, we will not hesitate to kill you and burn down your beloved circus."

"And if the money is there before three days time?"

Kavi smiled "We will hold the princes wedding there and you will receive twenty million zinly."

Zengu looked like he could have drooled "Deal."

Kavi turned to Nero and they both went to leave. As soon as they were gone Zengu turned to me, his purple, blind eyes glaring at me. "Thought you could just run away huh? Don't underestimate us Suha we can smell your fear." he smiled.

I was about to attempt to kick him when I heard a third voice say "Zengu let her go."

Zengu turned around, I could now see a boy behind him. He looked to be about my age, his hair was black and his eyes were a bright green that could be seen far away, they were so mesmerizing. "Who are you boy, speak!"

The boy smiled, he could tell Zengu was blind. "I am a wizard from the clan you summoned, the Forgotten WindFire clan. Since the girl disobeyed you, her masters, then I shall punish her. I ask you to grant me the permission to teach her what happens to those who don't listen to the trolls."

Zengu smiled his sharp, toothed smile and said "Do as you wish wizard but make her forget and bring her back to me."

"Yes master." he bowed. The boy came up to me, I could now see his face more clearly, he had freckles he was a thin tall boy. Once Zengu was gone and out of hearing distance he looked behind his shoulder. With a smile he said "Come with me." the ropes fell to the ground around me. I did as he said and followed him.

Is he safe?I asked

I can't tell, but I think you can trust him.

The boy led me down the line of white, identical houses. Suddenly he stopped and turned to one of the houses "Come in."

The home was neat and orderly, the boy opened a brown wooden drawer and turned back to me. In his hand he know held a gun and it was pointed at me. His gaze went down to the trigger and then back to me "Whenever a trolls slave escapes, we shoot them." he put his hand on the trigger and smiled "We shoot them with no questions asked." he let the hand drop back to his side. "But you my Animalia friend, you are different, some would even say special."

"What do you want?"

"What an interesting question Animalia fox, what an interesting question. What do I want from you? Well the mandatory response would be your life, the satisfaction of seeing you drop the the floor, cold and lifeless." he tapped his finger as if thinking "But for me, what I want from you is memories."

"I can't give that to you-"

"But you can, I can see it in your eyes Animalia. Your eyes are a special color, the color of the setting sun, a wonder full gradient of red to orange. You have magic. You are the key to the memories we lost."

"I think you have the wrong girl."

The boy shook his head "I don't. Animalia girl, I don't. I know the truth and you are the only thing that can help me. Our memories are all false, they're lies fed to use by the King himself. The only thing that can stop him is you."

I rolled my eyes "I don't think so-"

"I swear upon my life that you are the key." he dropped to his knees, the gun on the ground next to him. I could see the drops of tears of the ground "The reason I don't have a family, the reason I can't remember my past or even my own name is because the King stole it from me. Please help me."

You should do it, help him. I believe he is right, you are the key.

"Get up. I will help you as long as you never threaten to kill me again."

He nodded and smiled "Whats your name girl?"

"Suha." I smiled "What should I call you?" He shook his head "How about Alex, it means defending men."

Alex smiled "I like that."

It's good to have allies but do keep an eye on this boy. I am not fully sure if he is trustworthy.

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