Insect eggs

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A normal motherly visit turns horribly wrong when Amanda discovers that something is growing under her skin and that it is not a natural causes.

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013




Today was a bad day….

It was raining; no, more like God himself had burst a plumbing pipe in his heavenly bathroom and now just let it flood the world. Amanda was on her way home from work at the time the water started to bucket down.

“Great.” She said a picture perfect moment of a drowned poodle, her clothes soaked to the bone as she stood at the bus stop without an umbrella waiting the 20 minutes for her ride home. There was nothing much she could do but simply sigh and pray her bag under her two jackets was staying mildly dry. The bus felt like it was taking hours but finally it arrived, screeching wet tires barley holding grip as she hopped on thankful to be out of the rain for a moment. She shook off slightly now feeling the icy chill of the water as she paid the bus fare and sat down soaking the seat.

“Why me?” she asked to the window pane as she watched the droplets of water commit suicide against the clear plastic.  She had had another day of annoyance and chastisement at her work, being slightly off key, Amanda’s desk was covered in nick nacks and she listened to music to pass the time.  Her boss wasn’t the most approving of this and usually tried every way to interfere with her daily hum drum of call logging. After a few years she stopped fighting it, she took the underhanded comments, the boring papers pushed to her and the irritation of being watched each time she logged on. It wasn’t much of a life but it paid the bills and put food on the table. She rocked back and forth to the movement of the bus desperately trying to watch for her stop in the blackened stormy weather. Finally she reached up and heard the familiar ting of the bus button as she stood on the moving behemoth and walked towards the door. Thanking the driver, she jumped off and ran the rest of the street to her front door. Fumbling in her bag for the keys, she shoved the wrong one in the lock, she swore and tried again. Success. The door creaked open as she hurried inside out of the rain.

“Thank god” she breathed as she slumped against the door until a white fluff ball of a dog came bounding over to her.

“Hey Gigi! Did you miss mommy?” she asked the pet who was frantically licking her face. Though no response would ever come from it, Amanda knew the dog loved her all the same. She stood up sheading the wet layers off her body. The rain and soaked through everything but her underwear was thankfully slightly less damp as she placed the coat in the washing basket and dumped her bag on the kitchen table.

“I need a hot shower” she said to Gigi as she checked the messages on the answering machine, 2 were recorded.

Message number 1.

Amanda….pick up the phone…….. come on pick it up……… ok fine I’ll call back!

The drunken bored notation had been from her sister that she simply shook her head to and deleted the message.

Message number 2.

Amanda its Mum, I was wondering if you wanted to come over and stay the weekend? Your step father will be away for a days and I thought we could have some time, happy to cook a nice meal. Love you darling.

The temptation of a warm, home cooked meal was too good to pass up. Living off pot noodles was no life style nor was it healthy as she sighed and erased the second message.

“Wanna go see Granny this weekend?” she said to the bouncing fur at her feet. She smiled down at the dog and decided that having a shower was her next port of call.

She stepped out from the water, red skin from the blasting of heat she had doused herself in; she wiped the foggy mirror clean. That was the first sign. Nothing too big, just a slight discoloration on her upper shoulder blade.

“Where did I bruise myself?” she said to the reflection looking at her shoulder, but shrugged it off brushing out her wet hair. Soon enough she was bundled up in her PJ’s and fuzzy slippers. Wrapping one of her fake mink blankets over her shoulders, Amanda made her way to her bed flopping down on the mangled sheets, Gigi already pawing at her wet hair for attention.

“Ok, ok, ok, just let me call Granny then we can play.” She smiled at the woofing dog. She picked up her mobile and let the auto dial do the work.

“Hi mum.” She said crawling up more on to the bed while flicking the heater on in the room.

“Amanda how are you?” her mother’s older voice rasped through the phone.

“Apart from freezing my ass off I’m ok” she lied, well the freezing part was true but the ok was not.

“Yes I was worried about you when I saw the weather report on TV its terrible outside!”

“You should try being in it” Amanda said wondering what she would have for dinner, the proposal of getting something delivered was looking better and better.

“So are you going to make it this weekend?” her mother began to hound.

“Yeah I should be fine, I’ll pop over first thing tomorrow morning and I’m bringing Gigi” she said looking at the pizza menu.

“Oh good, gives that dog an actual yard to run around in” Amanda rolled her eyes and picked out her dinner.

“Yeah, yeah, so Steve isn’t going to be there?” she had to ask the question for her step father had been an asshole all her life, he treated her as a personal slave, cleaning, cooking, even taking her pay as a kid, he was the reason the rip between her and the family got so large, the reason she was in this dead end job living on her own in a studio apartment.

“He’s going to be out on a fishing trip this weekend.” She reassured her daughter.

“Ok good as long as he’s not around I will see you tomorrow morning then.”

“Night darling” he mother said before she hung up the phone.

She sighed looking at the blank screen for a moment for dialling in for dinner.

Nightmares were a thick and fast dosage of the evening’s medicines, as Amanda woke with a fright. It was the usual for her to live on the dark side of dreams as she lit her candle sitting up in the covers. She couldn’t remember anything but the fear gripped her shaking body as her eyes darting in the ever growing light of the room. Nothing was there. Thankfully she began to breathe again as Gigi yawned and rolled over in the covers.

“At least I have you to protect me” she said giving the dog’s head a scratch when she felt a sharp pain split through her shoulder. She gripped it tightly thinking she must have done more damage than she realised but without giving it a second look, she simply crashed back down into the feathered doona and drifted off into her nightmares. When morning gently woke her, Amanda had forgotten the night’s distress and began her journey to her mothers. The short train ride was nothing unusual, she sat music blaring away, Gigi in her carrier, the duffle bag on the seat beside her. But her shoulder still ached; she could now barley touch the skin as she made a mental note to do something about it when she got to her mothers.  She struggled to walk everything from the train stop the two blocks to her mother’s house, but enjoyed the better weather that was finally clearing up from yesterday. Though reaching the house she was in for a shock, the blue tarp strung across the left side along with cement and tile drop-off’s made her drop her bag right on the front lawn.

“What the?” her face half stiffened at the spectacular mess that was her former childhood home.

“Amanda!” her mother said finally reaching the front door.

“Mum…what…” she said still not believe half the house was missing.

“Oh we are having renovations dear didn’t I tell you that?” she said hustling her daughter through the door before grabbing the dog carrier and paying more attention to the barking child than her own. She shook her head dumping the bag into her old room, thankfully not the side of the house that was now torn in two. Some things were still left in the cell she served her childhood sentence in, the glass unicorn still sat atop of chest of drawers, stickers of ponies unable to be removed still stuck to the bedside table. It felt nostalgic but somewhat terrifying all at once. Thankfully Steve wasn’t around to tell her how much of a useless no hoper she was, not like his drugged up, drunken daughter was any better. She walked back out to see the back door already open and the dog happily playing away on the grass.

“So what have you got planned for the day?” she asked her mother plopping down onto one of the black leather couches in front of the TV.

“Well….” She trailed off opening the fridge before giving Amanda a strange look.

“Mum…. What do you want from me?” she narrowed her eyes slightly suspiciously.

“Would you give me a hand with some of the renovations?” she said wincing slightly.

“So that’s the motive behind all this, come for a visit Amanda, come spend time Amanda, yeah right you just want me round because I’m handy with a drop saw and a drill.” She huffed on the couch.

“And to see my daughter” she said pulling out a cold can and handing it to her. Amanda huffed again but took the cold treat and cracked it open; the can gave a complaining hiss as the carbonated air flew out of the aluminium containment.

It had become sickly hot quickly, the moisture in the air travelling up past the thin singlet she wore over the scratched up jean, stains from paint and glue strewn across the faded colour as she had a habit of leaving the washing out on the line for  too long.  She walked under the blue tarp, heat bouncing off it in a wave as she glugged down more of the soda looking at the mess that had been left by the builders.

“Cheap bastards” she said kicking at the half cut wood beam at her feet.

“Yes well…. I guess this isn’t my field of experience.” Her mother said lifting the trap and crawling in after her.

“And Steve did nothing better I see?” as she jutted her head towards the copious amount of beer bottles piled high in the corner of the new framed room. Her mother turned slightly embarrassed as Amanda once more huffed under her breath. “Don’t know how you married him.”

She looked at the plans on the house for a moment and saw the work left, rubbing her shoulder, she winced again making a slight gasp as she placed the cold can against her burning skin. The sensation of a numbing chill ran through the sharp jabs of pain as they subsided for a moment.

“We wanted to knock out the old bathroom and replace the laundry in there making this a entire new one, but at the moment I need some help getting all the plaster board put up so that Steve can finish the work, he’s… not too tall nor flexible to lift the planks.” She said sitting on a milk crate seat behind her daughter.

“I see, well at least they aren’t too hard to put up.” Though saying so with the lack of sleep and the sore point of her shoulder, even Amanda doubted her ability to do all the work on her own. It was only getting hotter in the airless glowing room as she sighed and placed the can down on the makeshift workbench. She heard her mother disappear the crate giving a squeezed groan before she turned around looking for the boards.

“Ahh so there you are!” she said lifting one off the pile but the moment she did, a shot hurled through the spine of her back. She had lifted heavier before and it didn’t seem the phase her but today the pain was incredible as she dropped the grey chalky board down and cringed.

“What the hell?” she said, shaking her head she decided to do some light stretching figuring the train ride had stiffened her a bit, as she attempted to weightlift the board again. Success this time, as she lifted it with a little more ease and placed it against the wall frame. She heard Gigi in the yard barking figuring her mother must be chasing her around as stuck her headphones in and tapped away at the boards, nails placed delicately between her lips she twisted the hammer in her hand and smacked away. After a few boards were lined up like little soldiers in a row, Amanda stood back confidently draining the last of the soda and crushing the can under the heel of her foot. It felt satisfying and dominating to not only have done a manual labour creation but then destroy something in the same moment. Her mother came in a few seconds later the tarps flying about again as she smiled and clapped her hands.

“Fantastic! Wow your making some progress! Maybe after this weekend you will have it all up!” she smiled at her daughter with the excited joy.

“Yeah maybe, if my shoulder and back would stop playing up on me.” Amanda flopped fatigued down against the concrete floor.

“Oh, you should have told me about that, I wouldn’t have made you start today then.”

Amanda shook her head rubbing at the sore patch almost afraid to touch it now.

“Nahh I probably just pinched a nerve that’s all.” She smiled back “besides if I didn’t get started today, I wouldn’t have been able to get the rest done later. I don’t really want to see Steve while I’m here so any way to avoid him I’m happy to deal with a bit of pain in my shoulder not to have a large pain in my ass!” she roared with laughter as she mother placed her hands on her hips.

“Now, now, come one play nice. So I’m going out to the shops now, anything my princess wants for dinner?”

“Steak,” the flat response came from Amanda.

“How about a nice salad.”

“Steak.” She repeated with a beaming grin.

“Fine I’ll cook steak.” Her mother rolled her eyes. “You are such a boy when it comes to your food.”

Amanda smirked pushing herself from the cold ground back up into the dizzying hot air.

“Well I better finish this.” She said with a sigh.

“How about while I’m out you go relax, take a hot bath for that shoulder, no point in making it worse and then really no being able to anything.” As the old saying goes, mother knows best as Amanda had to agree, the pain was searing her now from the inside out as she nodded.

“Alright sounds like a plan.”

As they walked back inside, sweat dripping down the hairline on her face, Amanda scooped up the pooch that was teasingly batting at a bug in the grass, feeling the air con that had been pumping hit her like a cold breath of ice. It was perfectly wonderful as she placed Gigi on her cushion and went to the bedroom to change.

“Alright I’m leaving!” she heard her mother chime as she slipped out from the whitish singlet, now blotted with grey and wet stains from the workout, she shuffled off the sticky jeans dropping them in a pile on the floor. Gigi barked as Amanda pulled her short hair back into a tie, she turned in the mirror to see the red spotted patch now growing on her back as she gave a small worried face to her own reflection.

The bathroom was for lack of a better word filthy. The shower hadn’t worked in months, lino tiles scratched and tugged with gravity off the cracking wall. The plaster board in here had all but been chewed away by the water rotting it from the inside where the burst pipes sat all the way out. The sink was covered in black mould spots, caught under the silicone sealant that needed desperate replacing as well as the grout between the chipped 80’s fashioned titles she stood on. Amanda sighed again looking at the mess, everything well-worn beyond its years; she walked further into her childhood bathroom placing her towel on the drooping towel rack, the silver tarnished away from it years ago. Thankfully the bathtub was slightly more intact. After having been replaced only last year since it snapped in half under Steve’s weight, Amanda turned the squeaking taps all the way to the left and popped the plug in. She fumbled through the water worn cupboards under the sink and found some bath bubbles she tipped in watching the white rainbow clouds foam on top of the steaming water. She hesitantly stepped in feeling the plastic shift under her, as she lay down into the steaming water. Slightly a bit hot she shrugged knowing that her body would get used to it and the feeling in her back was very much worth the few moments of discomfort. Her muscles started to relax as she stared up to the crumbling ceiling; more water stains chocked the paint, peeling it from the high roof as copious amounts mould spores grew in clumps almost looking like dark flower shapes against the pale green paint.

The nostalgia of being a child and refusing to have a bath flooded back to her as she sunk deep into the foamy cover. She tried to ignore everything as she began to drift off into the warmth, wishing she brought a book in, Amanda’s eyes slowly wanned, the gravity of her eyelids was winning the fight she tried to put up as she furiously blinked. She drifted her hand across the clearish water, watching the ripples calmingly dart out from her fingertips as the ache in her back began to subside.

“Thank god.” She almost purred out rubbing her roughed skin against the smooth plastic tub. It had been some time since she had had a good soak as she smiled feeling her skin start to shrivel, the water absorbing into her pores like a magical potion making everything unwind.

Thought the water’s grimy colour seemed to become darker the more she sat, now barely able to see her legs in the muck she frowned to herself.

“Was I that dirty?” she wondered thinking maybe getting out after the 20 minutes she had already spent day dreaming was more than enough time lest the sludge start to leave a staining imprint on her pale skin.

Hauling herself from the demanding pull of the water she had sank into, Amanda pulled a disapproving face at the now strangely smutty water she had sworn was clear when she filled the tub. She dried herself quickly before twisting on her heel towards the mirror. She hated that the stupid glass would always fog no matter what you tried to do to prevent it as she flipped the switch for the internal fan to start sucking the steam away while she strapped the towel tightly around her naked body, squeezing the cloth together into a tuck around her chest so as to not have it fall down.

However as Amanda looked up into the vindicating mist now washing away from the glassy surface of the mirror, she found herself gazing upon a shocked distorted figure looking back at her, there on the side of her cheek, an enormous welt, the size of almost a golf ball, had risen on her face. The gigantic sore was not red nor looked infected, just as if her skin has simply puffed up.

“What the – when the hell did I hit myself?” she questioned her fingers skimming across the alien feeling extremity, no pain came from it but it felt, abnormal, like something was inside it. She wanted jerk her frightened hand away but curiosity had gripped her mind as she squished the malleable lump once more, jolting her head back as she was a small black spike now stuck out of it all of a sudden.

“Holy shit….” She breathed beyond frightened now, as she felt some sort of substance inside it. Grabbing the silver tweezers from the basin shelf, she leaned over the pale sink pulling her face down as if to pluck a stray hair, the sharp ends catching the black spike. She pulled but it hurt, that was an understatement, for she dropped the tweezers the first time pressing her hands over the lump with a loud swear. She frowned looking at it again but decided she wanted it out more than in and grabbed the sharp device once more, pulling slowly, tiny trickles of blood began to form as she pulled, her skin splitting apart, then something black, another spike appeared as a black circle followed. Amanda wanted to stop; she wanted to gag but kept bitting through the pain tugging further as a shape now began to form upon exiting her face. The beady head of an insect ripped up, the antenna first then the rest of the body squirmed its way from her skin. A green ooze cocooning its fragile body, it leaked out of the new hole, the goop mixing with her blood as she yanked the last of the insect out of the whole. The strangely coloured bug was dropped into the sink, slightly red and green; she saw hints of purple upon its closed tightly wrapped wings, as her shock reflex kicked in.

Her head in the toilet bowl, she threw up, unable to wipe the green slime from her face, it got everywhere as the lump began to deflate, oozing the slime across and down her neck. What the hell was that disgusting thing doing in her body? How did it get there in the last few hours? Had she slipped into sleep longer than the 20 seconds she thought? Was it all a sick joke her family was pulling? No, this was defiantly real, as she hauled herself up desperately gripping at the tiny sink to support her weight as she fidgeted to look over and into the basin, praying that the bug was gone. To her dismay there the creature lay, the gross shrivelled gooey site, thankfully it didn’t move but the thought of that being under her skin, made it crawl even more than it was.

She poked the carcass with the tweezers but it still did not move as she pulled back the egg like casing it was cradled in. The clear film peeled back from the bug as she stretched out the brilliantly purple wings. The insect was a cross between a butterfly and a dragon fly, the thin body and bobble head was wrapped tightly by the mammoth wings that touched the edges of the basin. No wonder the lump had been so big, her hand drifting over the stretched skin.

Finally she decided that was going to flush the damn thing, as she looked at the bloody mess her face had become, her eyes fearfully drifted to her shoulder. Another lump had formed as her breath hitched in her chest. The same disgusting disfigurement had now formed on the edge of her shoulder as she shook looking down upon it. She just a quickly ripped the next egg out tearing again at her flesh as she tossed the second cocoon into the sink. Equally as disturbing she shuddered furiously in the heat, as her nails dug into her chest, she felt sick again, the acids from her stomach rising in her throat looking down at the bugs.

Though the worst was still yep to come, Amanda slowly reached around to feel the larger lump now the size of a grapefruit, forming, slowly growing on the sore shoulder blade that had been giving her so much trouble all day. The orb stuck out from her back as she finally let lose the blood curdling cry she had bottled for the last few minutes.

“Holy shit!” she cried clawing at her skin forgetting the tweezers but now simply burrowing with her nails frantically grasping to get the damn things out from under her skin. Popping and pushing the eggs slid from her body, more ooze following as more lumps foamed before her eyes. She tore at herself becoming exhausted as a few more bugs dropped into the sink, identical to their brethren, some had the cacoons burst, the brightly coloured wings coming free as she slumped against the sink.

“My God what the hell is inside me?” she wheezed heavily, looking at her nails covered in blood and the green substance, it was melding between her finger’s slowing seeping down her open palms, struggling to drip off them and return to the bugs it once cushioned.

Finally she heard the door slam shut. Her mother was back; finally she would have some answers or someone to drive her to the hospital.

“MUM!” Amanda screamed from the tiled room.

“Just a minute hun I have the shopping with me!” she yelled back from the kitchen at the other end of the house.

“Mum you need to come here now!” Amanda persisted, panting with her head hanging over the dead grubs lying in the sink. The towel was slipping from around her body, she was covered in ooze and blood as she repeatedly wanted to lose everything she had left in her stomach and tasted the grit travelling unnaturally back up her throat.

“Yes sweetheart?” her mother waltzed in. Amanda heavily walked back from the sink to reveal the disgusting treasures she had kept inside her skin.

“What is this?” her shaky tone echoed back off the walls of the moist bathroom as her mother simply looked into the sink without so much as a flinch. She walked over and outstretched her arms to her frightened daughter. Amanda ran into her mother’s arms and began to weep.

“Shhh, it’s ok sweetie, they chose you, I’m so glad. Don’t tell your step father, he wouldn’t understand, he would only get jealous. “

With those words, Amanda’s eyes widened and she gagged into her mother’s shoulder as she felt bumps, large lumps and bumps all over her mother’s back, hidden by the oversized shirt she always wore. Some soft and filled with fluid, others with hard small shapes under them, her skin pulled and distorted now felt like bubble wrap as Amanda’s hand couldn’t believe what she was feeling. They wanted to wrench away but her mother held a firm tight hug around her daughter frail body, Amanda begin to puke, foaming at her mouth from grotesque disgust, her body’s natural  instincts had taken hold. She was almost near fainting as the last words she heard were:

“You will carry the Eggs, the Eggs will be your children and they will start the world anew.”


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