Return of Death

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this is a short story/screen play about a group of people in the zombie apocolypse.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



It’s a warm summer night zoom out from view of city skyline to see 2 teenaged boys named, Mike and Jack,  walking down an abandoned road carrying blunt weapons in the middle of what seems to be a zombie infestation. The setting is around sunset Mike turns to Jack and says “I wonder if everything is okay back at base.” “We should check” says Jack, when all of a sudden they hear a loud yell for help. They quickly turn around to see another teen running from a zombie walker. They decide to help him and kill the zombie. They asked him his name and where he came from, he replied “my name is Matt and im from what used to be new York.” The boys all decide it would be better to work as a team and bring back the new kid to their base where they have another boy keeping it safe. His name is Johnny. They check the stranger for zombie bites and scratches and he comes out clean and they add him to the team. The next morning the 4 boys go out to try and find supplies to keep themselves alive (weapons, food, water etc.) they come back with small amounts of nonperishable foods to keep themselves together for a while. When they get back they find that there is a horde of walkers surrounding their base. There is just the right amount for them to fight off without attracting other walkers to their position. They take them out using blunt objects (crowbar, baseball bats, tire iron etc.) They then kill the walkers and they get back in and lock the doors down to keep themselves safe. That night they decide to try and go out to salvage again and when they get back they have new weapons and foods but the door to their base wasn’t shut correctly and walkers infest it. The boys must now look for a new place to call home. They spend days and nights sleeping in cars just to stay away from the walkers. The tension is running high between the 3 original boys and the new one, the 3 blame the infestation of their original base on Matt and contemplate either killing him or abandoning him leaving him to distract walkers away from them since he is the least talented and knowledgeable one in the group when it comes to fighting zombies. They then begin to argue because one of the boys get extremely aggravated with Matt which attracts walkers, they then fight their way through the horde and continue fighting to safety. They finally find their way to a new place that they can call home but what they failed to realize is that Jack was scratched by a zombie and it was already too late to amputate his leg to avoid the infection and in a matter of hours he would fall into a coma and when he awoke in 24 hours he would then be a zombie. They go to sleep that night and wake up the next morning and find that Jack is now in a coma and face the tough decision of either killing him or dragging his body outside and finding another place to stay so they wouldn’t have to kill him. They decide they are going to drag his body outside and shoot him and bury him. Since Mike was his closest friend decides he would do it because he knows that Jack would do the same if it was the other way around. They take him outside with the camera staying inside and all you hear from outside the door is a blast from a shotgun shell and see blood splatter on the door (fade to black). Camera back up and you see the remaining 3 boys sitting holding their heads down and upset over the loss of their friend. Mike then decides he wants vengeance and starts getting hyped up willing to go out and stating “I will fucking kill all those zombies and if I get bitten I don’t care I’ll take out as many of those bastards as possible and drag them to hell with me!” he then stands up and starts to storm outside. The Matt and Johnny then jump up and grab him trying to hold him down but they fail and both end up on the floor. Mike then storms outside and starts killing anything and everything in front of him. He kills about 2 dozen walkers and he gets attacked by a horde of zombies ripping his body to shreds and eating him. The 2 remaining boys try to save him but realize it’s a lost cause and shutter at the sound of their friend slowly being eaten alive. They go back inside and try to hide out for as long as possible they hear scratching and pounding on the door and the walls around the door and they both grab anything they can and prepare for a walker to break down the wall. 5 minutes of pounding goes by and the wall finally gives out and a horde of walkers burst through the door the boys fight for their lives and succeed but in all the action Matt gets bitten and decides the best thing to do would be to kill him there. After a long heated argument they decide it would be for the best. The 2 boys walk outside to the back and you hear a handgun go off and blood splatters on the door and you see the shadow of Matts body fall to the ground in the doorway, 4 seconds later you hear Johnny sobbing. He gathers himself takes a deep breath and you hear another gun shot and you see his body fall into the view of the camera. (fade to black)

The end!












Jack – The Leader: Has prior automobile mechanic training and martial arts weapons training. He is the strongest link in the group and makes all the decisions. His favorite weapon is blunt objects (ie: crow bar, baseball bat, sledge hammer etc.)

Johnny – Food provider: Outdoor sportsman, good with hunting and fishing and provides the food for the group. Favorite weapons are bladed weapons (ie: knives, swords, fire ax etc)

Mike – Second in command: Macho type. Strongest fighter in the group, champion in teenaged MMA fighting club and knowledge of the body’s weak points. His favorite weapon is anything close combat (brass knuckles, freddy creuger gloves, martial arts.)

Matt – The survivalist/map reader: The newest boy in the group, very inexperienced in zombie killing tactics. Good survivalist due to the fact that he is a boy scout. Good with maps and knows the surrounding area. Also good with archery.  Favorite weapon is the bow and arrow

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