Someone in the corner

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I know I'm not that good, but I kinda like what I write :P

Submitted: December 18, 2016

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Submitted: December 18, 2016



I woke up in a dark room with water dripping down on me. It was cold, so cold I could faint. I can't see, but I feel I'm not alone. I hear a sound from far away in the room, a weird sound. It sends shivers down my back, with a feeling of unease. I tried to stand up but only fell down to my knees. How long have I been here? I can't remember a single thing, who am I?

I woke up again, didn't I just wake up? What's happening? I started to panic as I crawled around on the cold concrete ground. Listening after someone, or something. “Hello!?” I said out loud. “Where am I, why am I here!?” I kept asking, just to receive no answer.

I woke up. The same place with the same dream? No with the same memories I think, but this time somethings is touching my shoulder, it feels heavy. I can't move, but I hear the sound. The sound is much closer than before, creeping closer and closer. It is like it's sucking my soul out. I feel weak, I feel sad, I feel angry but most of all I'm scared.

I woke up with only one thing to remember. It's name, I tried speaking it with no sound leaving my mouth. Something pushed me down. Now I'm laying on the ground almost freezing to death. Almost remembering the thing I tried so hard not to forget. It took it, my precious memorie.

I woke up, I hope this is the last time in this circle of nightmares. This time I can see clearly, but only one corner is dark as hell. I stood up and tried walking closer to the dark corner, for only a hissing sound making me back up far away from it.

I woke up dead standing in a corner. The corner of the dark. I was watching someone laying on the floor far away from me. What is this, who are this? I tried getting out of the corner, I couldn't move again. I was holding a knife, I had stabbed myself in my heart. The hole is draining the life from the person on the ground.

The person woke up and the circle continues.

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