Welcome 2 My World

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This is a poem about how i have perceived my world to be, based on how i have live, the things i have seen, and the things I've been through. This poem informs you about my life with out actually saying what all has happened to me verbatim. I hope you enjoy reading this, just as I did writing it.

Submitted: June 26, 2008

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Submitted: June 26, 2008



Welcome 2 My World

Welcome 2 my world.

Loved by little,

hated by many.

A world where the grass is never green,

the sun never shines,

and love is never in sight.

Welcome 2 my world.

Where parents have no effect,

teenagers rule all mankind,

and drugs rule the world.

A world where serenity doesn't exist,

Crying is frowned upon,

and jail is a place for punks.

Welcome 2 my world.

Where keeping a man is hard,

finding a good one is rare,

and losing him is an end to it all.

Where fightin off hoes is a constant,

dissin niggas happens daily,

arguing with parents never stops,

and crying yourself to sleep never ends.

Welcome 2 my world.

A world full of constant pain,

continous lies,

and enemies as friends.

No one has any self-respect,

wrong is always right,

and dreams never come true.


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