a battle

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otis english-here---my fiction story that could be similar to our reality---the added image is one of my paintings-

Submitted: July 19, 2008

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Submitted: July 19, 2008



9/4/05 'a battle'

yes this is otis again--strange things seem to happen to me--and here is one of those things--

it seemed like a dream--a vision perhaps ?- a voice told me to enter a room and take a seat at the side of the room--

there was a front door and a back door to this room--i was told i would just be an observer--nothing else--just look--no harm would be done to me--

i saw the back door knob turn--the door opened only slightly--just a crack of light at the edge of the door--suddenly many small -very small and strange creatures began to enter the room--they were all alike--but nothing like anything i have seen before--

yes and now the the front door opened just a bit also--and yes more and different looking small creatures began pouring in--

it was obvious by the movements of the two 'armies' - that battle between them would soon take place--

i thought i had a good idea of what battles between enemies would look like--but this was out of my range of understanding--

body parts and fluids were being scattered all over the room--somehow i was protected from all this action--

easily i could determine that the guys from the back door were the bad guys- and the guys from the front door were the good guys--

the battle raged for several hours--the heat in the room increased to 104 degrees--the bad guys were taking heavy losses--but every 20 minutes a new generation of bad guys appeared--total reinforcements of the bad guys every 20 minutes--

the good guys were losing this battle--their losses were replaced by more good guys--but at a much slower rate--

some how the good guys raised the temperature in the room to 105 degrees--literally the bad guys could not live at this temperature--the bad guys were now dying at a fast rate--

the good guys carried the dead and the weakened bad guys away--dragging them through the crack in the front door--when all the bad guys were carried away -the front door closed and was locked-

i sensed this kind of battle did not always end with the good guys always being the winner--

i had been given a glimpse of reality--

i now knew for certain--that reality was truly a battle--a battle of winning and losing--

written by otis english

© Copyright 2018 otis english. All rights reserved.

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