Chapter:3 miaku's journey.

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Chapter 3 of the bazzar saga.

Submitted: May 27, 2011

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Submitted: May 27, 2011



As miaku set's out on his journey to find and kill the evil deku overlord bazzar he meet's with little challenge. The one exeption is when three of bazzar's elite's found miaku threating him with death miaku put a rebellion on. Because of his many year's of training he was able to easily overcome all three men at once. As all three men attacked him at once miaku jumped above all three deku's head's and used his feet to bang all three head's together then quickly landing and using his boomberang fin technique to slice all of the men at there waist line. It was a clear shot to the deku palace from then on out as miaku finnaly made his attack on the deku palace he met with heavy resistence mainly low to mid class ranking in the deku army as miaku easily overcame all of the men's onslaught he soon met with a new foe...cui. Qui was a zora himself but this scared miaku very little because miaku bared heavy resemblence to his father hiroku suddenly memorie's came flooding back to qui. Tha that rebeliou's zora what was his name.. hiroku oh man and that's his son qui thought to himself. As qui angrily attacked miaku almost instantly gained the upper-hand by easily dodging qui's attack and grabbing both of his arm's miaku ramed his knee into qui's back rupturing his spinal cord paraliseng him. Miaku used his sharp fin's to slice qui at the waist killing him instantly.

YOUR NEXT BAZZAR! shouted miaku. That style of fighting you must have trained with shiku no? asked bazzar that's right he trained me to beat you to avenge my father. Your father huh hiroku was a great fighter the strongest of all zora bloodand you were his son we had high hope's for you untill your idiot father had to go and rebel. idiot DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY FATHER LIKE THAT YOU SCUM!!! shouted miaku as he blindly charged bazzar. Hmph your just as big a fool as your father was as he prepared the same attack he killed hiroku with but miaku quickly came to his senses dodging the attack and using the momentem he built up to knee bazzar in the face. The two engaged in hand to hand combat for well over tem minutes matching eachother blow for blow. Untill bazzar broke away from the fight and reveald that deku"s can transform as he reaveld his stunning transformation he grew five time's more powerfull. In this state bazzar grow's five to six inches and become's far far more musculer he is able to dominate miaku like he was a small insect. But miaku had a trick up his sleeve his boomberang fin attack. As it launce's bazzar catche's it WHAT!! shoute's miaku here catch say's bazzar with a evil smile as he throw's the fin back at miaku so hard that it slice's deep into miaku's arm. Knowing miaku is greatly outclassed he retreat's back to shiku's house.

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