the memoir

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a poem written a while back...

Submitted: July 28, 2009

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Submitted: July 28, 2009



You killed it all

the whole fucking thing,

all thats left are the memoirs black

which the nightmares bring.

Bruised, broken, and

ripped in two,

to do this they ask

who the hell are you?

To cause this carnage

and make this mess,

a heart you can't have

no more, but lots less.

Black and white hope

screams the scenes crime,

a bloody broken memoir

of all thats left,

from that point in time.

Small and fragile

only nothing anymore,

for a crime like this

will shock them all to the core.

You dont care

no more does it matter to you,

it just shows me now

all those words you spoke,

were never meant to come true.

Completely devoid of strength

and hundreds of words left unsaid,

now all thats left

is a memoir from the living,

to the dead.

© Copyright 2019 otto jones. All rights reserved.

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