Why I know that "God" does not exist.

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The conclusions that helped me realize that there really is no "God" and the hidden evidence all around us. Maybe you will see it too.

Submitted: March 26, 2014

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Submitted: March 26, 2014



First and foremost,

I have to mention that, as a fellow conscious brother to all of mankind, I would greatly like to express my unparalleled gratitude towards the accomplishments of all of our most cherished kin from around the world. For those who have given us life, and for those who have been paying it forward since the beginning of our very own existence. For the ones like you reading this right now that have had to endure so much, with your families, and in recognition of the countless ones who have passed away, yet will echo as part of our history forever. 

Please accept this as my opinion and read it as such. You may freely decide to think it over and come to your own conclusion, as did I. This was a conclusion that took me about fourteen years from birth to realize, yet reached fowards twenty eight years of my life to fully undertand and accept. As far as I'm concerned, I honestly feel like I just started living with a purpose. 

Next, I'd like to elaborate on acceptance where I would imagine that one of us wouldn't buy a product available or advisable today without at least seeing it, or knowing what it does, what it's used for, how it affected our lives in the grand scheme, or even its reviews. A product which can be made, given, sold, traded, or designed to facilitate tasks that had effects not just on our lives, but also to the lives of our partners, our children, our friends, our communities, our thought to be \"enemies\", our ancestors, our descendants yet to come, and most importantly to our way of life. For all six billion of us.

A knifes purpose is to cut. Yet, It is used to kill, craft, protect, and was made by man with various uses in mind.

A books purpose is to store text. Yet, we can write anything we choose to. Anything from just our thoughts, to our history, our science, non fiction, and fiction among things exclusively made by man. 

Yes or No? Yes

True or False? True

Ok, here goes.

Have you ever wanted to see proof for, or against, \"God\"? All around you? Would it be nice to know and feel it to be true, or false? To be the only being in history who has actually achieved the understanding of the nature of ourselves and then marvel at the wonders/horrors of what it took for us to make it until today? Alive? To realize that we were actually able to overcome every single war that has ever waged on, through the ages? Well...me too. We all want to know, and feel the truth, so lets see if we can notice the issue presented with god as a globally united people.

In the coming paragraphs, I will present one of the many contradictions that clearly paints a huge picture for all of us to see. More so than any other fallacy. This, alone, allowed me to ease my frustrations and fears concerning my own dilemma when faced with the inevitable eternal punishment that I might endure for my inherently natural curiosity to learn. Think about all this, the following texts, and please try to contemplate its true meaning.

For now, let's emphasize that everyone can admit that we are a member of the only being alive today, considered to be an animal, who is now actually free, superiorly intelligent, and able to understand this text. One who had to shoulder the burden of enduring our relatively short, yet tragically painful, and incompletely documented history. A superior being who has been able to find some meaning through the words written here while once again, being able to decide or process for ourselves what we'd even want to think before we'd simply accept it. One who, according to god, was made differently to animals which have no souls, no feelings, and no ultimate rights themselves. All, remember, while greatly being afraid for our lives most often than not. Be it by \"God\" or other humans, we'll see what happens when a belief counteracts with the very basic fundamental principles of life. 

That principle!?

That principle is the beautifully and remarkably simple principle that life needs a *balance* in order to survive. That it needs a collection of mutual, collaborative creatives with an instinctually unabated understanding that one life can not survive while destroying all others that support the +general- well being of the rest. That we are actually animals that have evolved through the countless years, being given the chance to change the course of history. For good.  

So... Where is the evidence that we are actually, animals? Aren't we designed completly different from them? Are there not any major differences between us and them? And why did this god create us differently by using different materials available shortly after creating everything else, out of nothing?

For visible evidence of humans being animals, with an extremely similar connection shared with those lesser respected animals we see around us, we should look no further than to notice two key similarities. And that one fatal fallacy I mentioned earlier. One of the similarities being their simple reactions towards any external stimuli applied unto them. And two, seeing the types of tools that they still use to survive like us. Be it physiological or psychological.

Their respective reactions to:

What they don't understand when seen. 

-Interest and skepticism alike.

How they react to abuse rather than death.

-Becoming violent, separated, or both.

How and why they fear other animals.

-Fear that ignites a fight or flight reaction. 

-Past encounters that didn't work out too good for some of the others.

Tools to survive: 


-Brains to learn and adapt.

-Eyes to see and interpret.

-Ears to listen and be aware.

-Noses to smell, judge, and react. 

-Extremities to move about, defend and attack.

-Internal systems to regulate every facet of survival like lungs, digestion, nervous system, reproductive system, and so on.


-The impacts of their surroundings on them.

-The ability to feel pain, depression, or pleasure based on attacks, judgments, or acceptance.

-The instincts to survive and reproduce. 

-The instinct to hunt only what it needs.

-The instinct to mutually help each other.

-The Instinct to symbiotically help one with no need of hurting the other.

-The sense of community with certain roles associated in helping one another survive equally happy.

-The inherently easy-to-see instinct to allow for the rest of the eco-system, comprised of an unimaginable diversity of creatures that keep life in a balance, to survive. 

This need to keep a balance goes against the laws of \"God\" because he supposedly made us to be able to take everything from the earth. This is sadly the very thing humans are guilty of being the only ones to do. Some because they want to (10%) make money and the rest because we have to work for them (90%) to live. You see, we humans are born good with an innate sense of community, family, direction, and an emotional guidance provided by our mothers. We are taught to fear change, segregate others who are different, and then fend for ourselves based on our diverse upbringings. \"Don't worry about them\". This mentality makes us work against each other and allows for the inability, or improbability, for us to stand united against the oppressors of freedom. Just so you, before Christianity, people would always join together to topple the ones who oppressed them. We can see this in our own modern history. The Indians fought for their lands and died. Today, they are rewarded with land. The African slaves fought for their freedom too, only to later accept a system that they wouldn't have known if it wasn't for the slave ships that tricked them into forced slavery, genocide, and inequality.Today, missionaries do this converting peacefully yet still show up uninvited to offer them new hope. What is the possible punishment for skepticism? Hell. 

It is our ability to recognize suffering that is a driving force to fight for survival, freedom, and to strive to understand, create, and restore things that we need to actually survive.

So now that we have at least some form of real-world evidence that makes sense, that we are slighty more evolved than animals, we should realize that today we have the chance to become an even better animal. An aware animal that can create anything we'd ever need to survive, have fun, or anything to bring peace and joy to us. This would only be easier if we were to follow our originally instinctual ability to pull together, communicate, and create to get ahead. Yet this time around, we work together for an animal who should have already been better but isn't? Aren't we already the best? No, we are far from it. We are growing closer to it, though. 

Next, let's compare our end behaviors that separate us from the average animal, to the disturbingly unique animals that we came to be. Disturbing!? Yes, I say disturbing because we can now realize that we are the ONLY animal in our entire earths history that has ever used psychological warfare on its own people. Rather than resort to our instinctual and most commonly seen physical power, which made way for our system we live in today, we learned to make people fear something you could never see. So you couldn't even revolt against something that wasn't there. It was a brilliant idea to control the masses back then but 90%+ of the world suffers for it today. You see, as we got smarter, we found ways to create things all the time only to have them exploited back to us for profit, or low paying servitude.

We then were gradually conditioned to accept the workload of the world today, only to have the rich corporations of the world exploit our innate goodness to fit in, do our part, and live our lives to work five days and rest the seventh. If you're lucky... Yet we, as a naturally godless creature, were not only forced to accept this demise, but we are strong armed to sustain this destruction for their profit and our survival. We destroy our environment by ignoring the balance provided by nature. We pollute the earth with a selfish excess that will not be sustainable to this eco system that we need to survive on.  

These corporations systematically slaughter millions upon millions of animals in the most inhumane ways. They employ millions of hard working, good, people and then pay them just enough to make it by struggling every day in debt. For example, the biggest employer in the US, Wal-Mart tells its workers to get government funded food stamps (paid by you) to use at Wal-Mart. Corporations then directly or indirectly charge us for a home to live in, the food we eat, the water to drink and bathe, the schooling for our children, our own schooling, and then tax us for everything we do. Not even an invention to help all of mankind can be free.. REALLY? They sell products like cigarettes, alcohol, and guns that kill millions of people every day. They suck the oil from our world, burn it, spill it, and retard technologies that would allow humans a better life.

Wow. Is this the legacy that we will leave behind for our future generations? 

I mean seriously, let's again assume that we can actually agree that the majority of our world's people really tried to go about their collective ways and days mostly wishing to live in peace while working for things that they needed to have. Then tell me, why are we so destructive? The 10%. Why do we believe in \"God\"? The 10% that has been in control since the Roman Empire used this to pacify us for our unrest. These religions, or corporations, have been telling us to be happy that we are going to heaven/get paid if we just suffer/work enough. Only if we turn the other cheek/silence may we succeed. I'm sorry but It makes no sense for a \"God\" to create a huge universe filled with life just for one creature that could put all of his sins onto an innocent man, then keep doing it as long as they can. 

Would you sacrifice your child for a killer, rapist, or a oppressors freedom? I wouldn't. One thing is clear about this other fallacy. Before religion, people would sacrifice some family members to avoid natural disasters that occurred all the time, which they thought were punishments. The same sacrifice is symbolized with \"Jesus\". A figure that most of the highly respected historians today say did not even exist. Huh, punish the good for the bad? What is happening today? 90% of the good people of the world are being punished by those who do the most bad.

Many will not look at the larger picture and say, \"What do the bad of humans have to do with \"God\"?\" It has everything to do with it because the Romans created this system more than two thousand years ago. Furthermore, I'm sure you won't find any Athiest owned corporations or governments that were even given a chance. Things only truly got better because people questioned all the atrocities that used to be allowed freely and then the books somehow changed. The laws of our creator changed? Something Is wrong if we fail to see any of this.

You see, the simple fact that a father creates with the sole purpose of destruction can only be seen as barbaric. I mean come on, we can all have children that we create, love, teach and we would do anything for their survival. I, for one, will never give up on y'all until my only life I ever got to live is extingued and is given back to the balance that made way for me to even write this for you.

Hold on...Let me get this straight one more time.. Our \"father\" created all life so that .00001% could destroy the 99.99999? No. It is an impossibility because you cannot destroy 99% of anything and survive. 

-99% supports 1%

-1% cannot support 99% of nothing.

Ex: Taking 99% of your blood. You die.

Now, let's move on to the see how our existence was crafted two thousand years ago by rich Romans and enforced by the Flavian family by murdering all the Jewish freedom fighters that wanted freedom. Google it.

For this next section, I picked the most popular religion in the western world and will begin by stating how the Christian deity of today, got to create us. This is a brief summary with deep symbolic meanings that can be backed by some historical evidence present in our society till this day. Please pay attention!

Here is our \"story\". Plain and simple. 

*He appeared by himself all powerful to create life.

-Symbolizing an architect, father, and ruler you cannot see, question, or rise against.

*He created the heavens and the earth.

-Our entire home and dominion for all his creatures with only one important creation.

*He created angels, satan, and demons. 

-Our unseen protectors and punishers.

*He created the animals differently from us in perfect pairs.

-For us to use to eat and have dominion over all.

*He created man out of dust with no mate.

-Symbolizing his ownership of the earth.

*He offers man the animal of his choice as a mate.

-Offers a partner that was not asked for by man.

*Man says he doesn't see something like him.

-Symbolizing man's will for more options.

*He then proceeds to create a woman from the man's rib.

-Symbolizing man's unequal partner and server.

The Bible backs even backs my assumptions up. Look.

Genesis 1:26 

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and OVER ALL THE EARTH and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

**Who is \"our\" If God is one? Who is \"us\"? **

Genesis 2:7

\"And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.\"

**\"God\" made man inside out with lungs that waited to receive air. God has breath?**

Genesis 2:22-24 

\"Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, \"This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman, ' for she was taken out of man.\" For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.\"

**Wow, no wonder why women in general have had such a short history of freedom in the US, yet are still oppressed elsewhere. Islam, another religion that came after, is where women have it worse because they can't even vote, be seen, dress up, work, and can be married off seven to one man. Wow! Can they have seven husbands? No sir. It don't work that way.**

Now for proof.

Is there any proof to God? None. All proof previously \"held\" is now no longer available because they never had it or the creators/followers destroyed it so no-one could find out how old it really was, using carbon dating. 

I honestly feel that I have made solid points that truly show the disparity available today solely because of religion. I could keep going with these fallacies but the internet is filled with them. There are over 100 contractions that you can choose from and see for yourself. Granted, I'm already an athiest but, I live life using positivity, you'd be surprised how well it would work for you. No need to worry, there's no hell in Atheism. The only hell I could ever imagine is going through my whole life being lied to just for the benefit of others who lied to my parents, my grandparents, my great grandparents, and keep going two thousand years. The lying stops with me.

It will take longer with less help but future generations freed of oppression will be thanking us all, not \"God\".

If you support universal freedom from any form of oppression, please understand that I would rather work tirelessly to redefine our concept of freedom than to work for the religiously oppressive corporations that probably pay churches to simply console and pacify the majority of hurting Americans. You'd think that every priest in America, and world, would be preaching the judgment of these human-rights violators to try and stop them from exploiting these tired Americans who work all day for their debt. Just to be told \"Ok, repeat this 10 times\" If I had the power of God on my side, I'd be calling the government or powers unseen to do something, instead of preaching to the ones that are being affected by the ones who probably allowed the church and state to have a pre-constitutional affair with one another in the first place.

One who causes pain, breeds inequality, debt, profit, outsources, and portrays a general, 'I don't-care-about-my-wrecklessly inhumane behavior.\" Corporations.

The other who waits for the weary, hope-drained workers, who no matter how much they pray, still live in enourmous debt with little support or backup by the ones who get free living, to somehow stand for them. Churches.

And the symbolically, and unfairly, created one who is forced to believe in a unseen ruler like God or Illuminati that, like the Druids, had \"magical\" powers. Yea, I know that having money and exploitating science for personal gain is \"awesome\" . No magic there, just the human engineered gifts of talented people used against them. Like Nicholai Tesla's lost inventions that possibly turned into... HAARP.

Call me crazy but if God did exist, he'd hire me as the new Messiah to come down and unleash intelligence unto my people. The only guarantee of survival is intelligence, where we can be assured the knowledge to stand up to the unnatural balance we provide for our own people.

Seems like a match made in heaven, where only perfection can strive. . 

I'd like to say that this is all the real world proof that I'd ever need to make a decision on the future of my children and the future generations that will not believe in any kind of oppressive behavior that condones suffering. You can do as you please because it is your right. However, we should really work tirelessly together to find the real truth to our existence or simply work to restore our planet to better it. If we continue destroying the planet, we won't have a home called Earth. It will be called, Trash. 

Thank you.

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