Your Pain I Caused

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Its self explanatory

Submitted: January 11, 2009

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Submitted: January 11, 2009



It seems as if by cutting my self

I took a razor to your wrist as well

Well my blood flowed, so did yours

And that in itself hurts so much more

To think I caused you so much pain

Just kills me inside

To the point I almost cut but then think back

isn’t that how all this started?

My own selfish pain hurting you?

I feel like a bitch.

I’m pretty sure I am one too

You had enough shit going on

Without having to worry about me too.

I stare at the mirror thinking of you

I just know that your hurting too

Yet you tell me your fine

Yet your lying through your teeth

You’ve never been less fine

Then right here with me

So as I stare at my reflection

And look down at my wrist,

The scares aren’t there

Cause I was too smart to let any one care

I never cut deep enough to leave a mark

Never thought any one would care

Yet as I stare at my reflection

I know that you did care

And that by me cutting my self

I hurt you too,

And that just hurts so much more.

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