Easier To Lie

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In the world of Scarlett Sullivan, she seldomly thought that being alone was a bad thing. She enjoyed the peace and serenity. She really didn't mind people didn't talk to her, even when the reason was because she was the headmaster's daughter. But when notorious Kaitlyn Hayes, the school's most popular, devlish, party girl began talking to her, Scar began to think how would life be on the darker side. When Kaitlyn tells her that the way Scarlett needed to prove her "badass"ness, was to supply the key to the school to host The Underground, a monthly secret party, Scarlett obeys. How could she say no to the one girl who changed her life? Scar had just begun being noticed by everyone. She owed her that much.

But when the school burns down in ashes, and someone's killed within the fire, Scarlett's to blame. She supplied the key, she made the party, she most probably left that cigarette in the boiler room.

Scarlett can't defend herself, because while escaping, she fell and hit her head, losing conciousness and forgetting everything before the fire. She doesn't even remember Kaitlyn.

Accused, pointed at, and made fun of, Scarlett begins to realise that it was better off being a nobody and unknown, than being infamous and a nobody.

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Easier To Lie

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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