The ending of Edgar Allan Poe's THE TELL TALE HEART re-written

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Its just the end of the tell tale heart but more. . . ya know morbid

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




The Rest of the Story (The Tell Tale Heart) By Trystan Green\"devil\"


I smiled evilly as I removed the mattress from hi now stone cold body. I was very, very diligent in the disposal of the old man. I disassembled him piece by piece and washed the blood down the drain of the small tub. I hid the body under three planks in the floor. I replaced the floorboards to where no mere human could ever detect the slightest hint that they were removed.

It was four o'clock in the morning when I was completely done with my ruthless plan. As soon as I relaxed, the door became alive with repetitive banging sounds. I hoped up off my chair and skipped gleefully to the door, for what had I now to fear.

I opened the door and there before me stood three of the strangest men I had ever seen. The first one, Officer McKinney, he called himself, was short, loud, and very nice. Although he looked like a flat faced dog, his voice was soothing. The second one slowly announced himself as Officer Brown. He had a strange aroma of pine needles and sweat, and looked like a cherry. The third one made me cringe when his low quiet voice, tore through my eardrums announcing that he was Officer McAdams, strangely he reminded me of the old man...


  (4hours earlier, Police Dept.)  


I was finally almost done with my evening routine of checking out the local newsprint, and eating a croissant. 

"Sir, we have a report, I am sending her in now,"


“Hello I am Shirley Emmett; I live in the apartments just down the street. I would like to report a crime,”


  “Yes, ma'am, what is it you have to report?”


 “I-I heard a shriek in Bill Stuart's room, uh, he ,Iives with that old man, I think” her skin was as pale as snow


“Okay ma'am I'll be sending my best crew out to investigate” I sighed as I showed her out the door.


“Thank you much, Sir” She smiled as the door slammed behind her.


“McAdams Brown, get down here immediately! We are going to Bill Stuart's house to investigate a shriek heard by Miss Shirley Emmett,”


They were like ghosts, the way they appeared whenever called upon was marvelous!


“Chief, Mr. Stuart lives in the hotel part of  Donald Cloverstein's  home, I'm positive if there were any sound of any kind that was inordinate, Mister Cloverstein would be knocking on this very door as we sp-”


“Silence Brown, I don't care if someone comes in here and reports a flying purple hippopotamus, we are going to check it out!”


Officer McAdams was observing our little scrap and chuckled to himself.


“McAdams, go fetch the driver, tell him we are going to pay Mister Cloverstein a visit.”




“Uhh, yes Mister Stuart, I presume?” I felt strangely uncomfortable in his presence. It was as if he was trying too hard to be amiable. He was showing us inside as I asked him about the shriek. He turned around quickly and replied


“Sir, it was mine, i-in a dream” He answered quickly, too quickly.


“Okay Mister Stuart, is Mister Cloverstein around?”


“No, he went to visit one of his factories in Columbus!” His voice was tainted with compunction. I decided it was best to appear not to expect anything.


“Mister Stuart, do you mind showing us your fine establishment?”


“Not at all officers, come right this way,”


I stopped Officer McAdams in the hallway that lead to the dining area.


“McAdams, does that man seem guilty? You, of all of my officers, should know what it looks and feels like to have murdered someone!” Officer McAdams was the executioner, at our police department, if anybody knew what guilt looked like it was him.


“Why yes, absolutely, most certainly, yes! I was about to say something to you but,” he paused and looked over at Mister Stuart displaying a pantry of pies to Officer Brown.

“But Brown said it would be best if we did not speak,”




“Never sir, I apologize for my behavior, I will try to do better in the future” he spat those words at me with false remorse.


We casually waltzed into the dining area, acting as if we had been there the entire time.


“And here I have my mother’s old collection of pie tins, Oh how she lived to bake!” 


“Mister Stuart, do you mind if I suggest that we sit down in the parlor and talk about your relationship with Mister Cloverstein,”


“Absolutely, come right this way!”


He lead us to our seats and let us sit down, a look of fear was faintly etching itself onto his pale face.


“Mister Stuart, were you and Mister Cloverstein acquaintances?”


“Definitely, he was like a father to me,”


Was, he said was! That means he is not anymore. Or HE is no more!


“Mister Stuart, where did Mister Cloverstein say he was going?”


“Like I said earlier he is in Columbus visiting his family,”


“Okay, that’s all we need to know for now,”


I glanced over at him and the guilt on his face was immense he began to scrape his chair across the floor with such force, the sound was ghastly! I thought about earlier and what he had said when I asked him if Mister Cloverstein was home I believe he said “He went to visit one of his factories in Columbus” Just now he said family, which was enough to take him down to the station to ask him more questions.


“Mister Stuart I would like to ask you to come down to the police department for  furth-”




“Mister Stuart I will ask you- UH!”


My last seconds on this earth were filled with irreversible fear. I felt a large knife spear into my liver; I cringed as I felt the cool sting of my own blood flow onto my pale skin. You know how they say your life flashes before your eyes as you die? Well apparently that only happens if you have a good life. Some part of me is glad I am dead, for the unavoidable is not to be feared. I am dying as I hear the morbid sounds of my best men being killed, my best men, with families. I watched with fear as he cut off the limbs of my men. He got closer to me and I yelped as a large blade butchered my right leg, then my left. I was bleeding to death and didn’t even care enough about my life to scream. I laughed with sick amusement.  All went blank as I felt the blade touch my arm.





I could hear them, all four of them! At first only one was beating, now it’s all four! BEAT! BEAT! BEAT!  The hearts synchronized beats, someone was sure to hear. I would surely go to jail now! I had one choice left to rid the world of the cursed beating! I grabbed the knife and laid it against my throat, cool blood oozed down my neck, I stopped and ran my finger in the blood. I put the finger to my lips, tasting what ran through my veins, it tasted of evil.

I heard the beating again and with one  quick movement I sliced into my neck. My death was expeditious.


BEAT! BEAT! BEAT! BEAT! I still hear it, everyone does, I’m not alone! I’m not crazy!




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