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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wish for people to read the book first... see it's better than a summery.

Submitted: April 02, 2010

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Submitted: April 02, 2010



I’ve been to EARTH!
























It was a day to recognize the day I took to lively planet Earth. Personally I thought the most intelligent organism was the tall buildings. But then I saw little walking animals then I thought I should pick up one of the walking things with my tractor beam and ask witch one is smarter.



Of course I never knew that they would freak out and run out of the area. Once I got a hold of one it looked like a woman. I couldn’t speak to this woman because she was screaming. Once she cooled down a little bit I was able to speak to her.



“Excuse me… but I would like to ask…” “Ask What?! How to burn me or who the heck my leader is... Huh! Well your not talking aren’t you, you sun of a” the lady yelled. “All I want to know is who in this planet is more intelligent than the other organisms.” I asked as nice as I could sound.




“Well you’re going to try a lot harder than this to get anything out of me you pelican… thing.” She said meanly. At this moment I thought that I should try another ugly thing for answers maybe a nicer one.

Once I let her out with my tractor beam she was screaming radically as I dropped her to the gray ground. 



I tried a land of green next there wasn’t as many people. But I managed to find a couple of young children out in a field. I picked them up they weren’t so freaked as the one woman in the gray land. I asked take me to your leader just for some old movie kicks.



 They decided to ask me questions instead. “What are you?” “Where do you live?” are you going to eat us?” And crazy the crazy questions went on and on. Until they ran out of things to ask… I asked them questions like…” do you multiply because you look the same” “what is this place like?” “Are you carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores?” and I went on. They just stared at me as if I was some kind of mad man.



Of course I stopped to let them answer my questions but all they said was “you’re fascinated as we are!” the kids said astonished. Then I knew that they were a little scared… because the fact that I’m something that they never seen before.



Then I asked do you know about my home planet? They looked excited yet a problem occurred they asked “can you take us there… PLEASE!!!” I was shocked but if I told them that I lived on an asteroid I bet they wouldn’t really care to see planet EDGO. So at that moment I told them that I lived on an asteroid they lost interest.





The ship started rumbling and shaking plus the alarm went off I said “crap!” And fell down I went wild with the word crap until the ship was finally crashed into the field. People pried the door open and flooded the ship… at that moment I fainted… there so darn ugly was the last thing I said as darkness came upon me. Of course my split personalities were screaming at me. Bobo was trying to get me to punch Ridly. Bobo’s the one who makes me do bad things like flirting and also getting into fights.




Later I woke up in a place in a metal room with one person of course this wasn’t happy fun land. In a room with only 2 chairs, a table, and one evil looking man. I got off of the floor… great my vest with my swords and my gun was off my chest and I didn’t like this feeling not at all.



The man had a deep voice and that’s when I realized that I had a lie detector on my head. As he asked a question… are you going to invade the earth? I took the detector off my head and asked him what the heck happened… in poltergeist. I thought that I had outsmarted him until he spoke poltergeist back… he asked me what I was. I didn’t even know the answer to that my self.




Just to let you know that quake really shook me up and took the other personal things with it. Like what planet I was from name, color, town, worse of all identity. I swear I only knew how to speak poltergeist. Then he asked me “do you know where you are?” no I replied (poltergeist). “You’re at the public recherché center.”




  “Now we would like to know your name, where you come from, name of species, and if there are any other of your kind.” “That’s going to be a problem… see I don’t know what just accrued the only thing I know of is wakening up in this room.”



The human wrote down everything I said in another strange language and I swear I recognized the language he was writing in. I swear it was English… what’s English? What was anything? “I don’t know anything anymore!” “Excuse me but what was that?” “I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ANY MORE!!!” I yelled. More people with armor came swarming into the room. “Not again!!! No, no, no!!!”




The only thing that was different was that there was a dart on my head and before blackness came a spinning sensation. Another room another problem and another thought. “What the heck what is going on? I want to go home wherever home is!!!” I spotted a hidden camera on the wall I got a little scared at the fact I was being watched and walked towards it.




The camera spit out a long stream of pepper spray and got me right in the eyes. “Sunana rees naka!!!” I screamed in pain. I didn’t have my glasses and I was blind without them and I forgot what I was yelling about earlier was it a weapon? A sword? Maybe a gun… I’m not sure.



In the blank room I just started wondering around feeling the walls as if I knew where I was. I heard a big metal door open and close walking towards me I heard someone say “has he calmed down yet?” I knew that voice at least familiar. A voice came from behind me “Hey Mr. Stewart what happened?” it was 2 small kids… did they know me? Or did I know them? I’m not sure.



“What’s going on alien dude!” what language were they speaking? I replied anyway “Sunaka chaka meama Sinore?” “What have they done to you!” I swear I heard someone say I don’t think test subject 1 knows them after that another voice spoke it was a woman saying but the children seem to know them I mean we did full recherché on the children… they live in Barry County Corbin road.



I thought I was going to scream again a scream of anger and pain of my losses. Were they going to cut me open are they going to question me? After all they called me a test subject… whatever that means.



I felt the longing to scream even more and more and more… I just couldn’t stand it any longer with all the things I didn’t know to my own identity to where I live… I screamed with all my might…  WHY!!!



The metal door opened again only this time it was only one person the woman? I’m not sure… it sounded like a woman’s footsteps nearer and nearer then right behind me I heard a lady speak poltergeist she said hello. I got scared… I hope she didn’t have a needle gun.




The lady then spoke again “do you know where you are? Your at a recherché center.” I thought about what recherché meant then my foggy head started working again and a giant wave of science filled intelligence swept over me like an angry body of water.


“You know I won the noble peace prize 4 times and a science award 39 times. Dare you challenge me in a fight? I know 49 fighting styles and majored in target shooting and MY name is…” the clouds came back sweeping the memories away like an extinct animal.



“Excuse me but did you just say the noble peace prize 4 times?” “You heard me” well I remembered what I said. “And about the fighting styles and target practice… is that true too?” “Yes… but I don’t remember them that well.”



“Well then I better dose you with this” “WOAH! Lady first what is what you call THIS and just to say I’ve been pretty mad lately!” madder than ever I have her a good knuckle sandwich… I liked it but I don’t think she did. She came after me… a couple of the old fighting moves came back to me as I was karate chopping her face. Then the good old kick in the face came back and many other super Ninja moves came to! I was fighting her to the death!



Then a bunch of solders came in and they sounded like they really meant to shoot… this time they shot me tons of times and once again they wouldn’t kill me! Maybe this time they were going to cut me open for recherché! Or tie me down for questioning… I wanted to beat up that lady some more.



Before he had another thought everything went black. Now you can say that the U.S government should be doing this for the good of man kind. But this is cruel treatment to a sick visitor on Earth.



Part 5: the machine that programmed.



I didn’t know what was going on… it all happened so fast that I had no time to pick up the voices of the people. I knew they were talking about what there going to do with me. I heard the word machine and reprogram… what was going to happen next?!

They placed me in a strange room… very cold yet very bright. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t feel my body. It was like I was a ball of paranormal energy just glued to a pacific place.


After of many hours of plain blindness and colliding voices there seemed to be the sound of a running machine… what the heck is that for? After about 2 minutes the sound of the machine seemed to get louder and louder every second. Then I got the feeling of hundreds of needles plunging into the fur upon my head. Then I felt a numerous amount of fluids flow into my scull. I screamed because my head felt like it was going to burst but after that I felt like I was going to die because of the overflow of fluids in my scull was probably poisonous to destroy me or test chemicals for testing on me and probably even the chance of the fluids being LSD to screw with my thoughts and to make me do things against my will.



After I felt the needles leave my scull I heard the machine and the people get louder. Then I heard the people talk about what my reactions were and what affect they should have on me… then I heard them talk about what the liquid was… IT WAS LSD!!!



LSD can make you spill out secrets of your land and your life and can have retched affects on a Chozonean. After that I felt JIANT pieces of freezing metal go right through my ears and crack my scull then into my head… the liquid LSD was held back by the freezing metal.

All of a sudden I felt an immense jolt of electricity bolting through my head… a lot worse from a tolerable shock that the body can handle.


I screamed some more and this time I didn’t hear myself… crap! I have lost my voice and I couldn’t feel my legs they must of slipped me some paralyze pills, the kind that put your body to a deep sleep… it last for about 4 years. But then I thought about this human thing… it’s all a dream.



Part 6: 4 years later…




Whoa! What happened? I don’t feel so good! HEY WAIT A MINUIT! What is going on around here… this isn’t a dream?


“Hello Test subject number 1! How was your long sleep you should probably try some Earth food and water… you’ll be here for a while you know you wont be yourself due to the testing we have done over the 4 years you were asleep. The whole world knows that you are not from our planet… but we do not know your name but we have named your race… chameleon is your races name!



“Hey lady fist thing my name is Eggy second thing I am a Chazonean god NOT a chameleon! Now I would like to know WHO ARE YOU? You look like somebody I know…”

Don’t be silly we programmed you to know us all by name and numbers also by voice…” “HOO! HOO! Then let me guess your name… Martha?”


“Correct! Now you can guess the other peoples names! By the way we programmed you to trust us! And you need to do whatever we command you to!”





“Correct about it happening see the LSD we gave you contacted your brain cells to evaporate then we inserted an electronic in your scull that took you brain cells and restored them then sucked them back up making you a robot like creature. Also an affect might be the form of a split personality.”


  Part 7: I WANT to go home:


“WHAT! Not another split personality! How many do I need before my head if full of personalities! Also I HATE you Martha! Why did you do this to me! I mean I have a wife and a kid back home! You heartless FOOL!”




“Calm down… your ship hasn’t been damaged allowing you to return home when your duties here on earth is finished”



 “I just want to go HOME to MY planet and to my FAMILY! Don’t you have a family? Do you care about them? Well I bet you don’t! Have you ever got lost on the road and you get worried because you wonder what your kids are doing… I have!”



“I do have kids and I do care but that doesn’t give you the right to make fun of my family!”



“Listen Martha… I’m sorry. All I care about right now is my son Manney and my wife Jane… also my buddy Dodo… please let me go, I’ll do what ever you tell me to.”




“Surrendering to our race? You just follow me and we will begin your recherche.”



I didn’t like Martha I didn’t like anybody… I even dropped down on my knees to beg to get home; I was miserable and weak at that time. For I wished that I never took a trip to Earth… I didn’t have my vest ether.


I followed Martha to a strange room full of earthlings. Once Martha got me into the door. The door slammed behind me and the humans grabbed me then… I don’t want to say… something horrible, something I can’t even remember.


When the humans were done with there EXZAM I was just about to beat the crap out of every single one of them. But then it was just like I snapped and I, I, trusted them? What was going on? I hated them, I despised them and I were about to kill them!!!



Then the humans carried me to another room and they forced me to swallow a pill. Then I saw an operating table also sharp object… dissection. 




After I came to… I felt like a giant scar ran all around my back… they did it. There were no humans there so I got up and tried to come up with a plan to escape this living nightmare.



Part 8: come and get it!!!



I knew there were cameras everywhere… I would need to find them all and destroy them all. For MY family and my family only. First thing I thought I needed to do is shut down power to shut down the cameras witch will allow my escape!




First thing I did is get up and walk to the first camera I saw and turn it off… I will turn off every camera I see until I get to the main power system. The room I was in… cold, dark, and strange. After the cameras were off I made for the door… locked. I knew I could do something… what was it? I can hardly remember what it was!  I tried to do something… kicked it, punched it, and, dented it but it wouldn’t open. After that I got so mad that all I did was breathe on the door… WOOSH!!! Flames burst from my mouth with scorching temperatures of 1,400 degrees!



“Wow! I never knew that I could do that! Or did I know I could but just forgot how to? This is confusing”

The amazing thing was… I couldn’t do it again.



The flames melted the door for me to get through. As I was exiting the room an alarm went off. Telling the guards the ALIEN is awake and showing aggressiveness… means shoot down.



I ran through the halls whispering to myself… “If I want to see my wife and kid again I haft to make it” the guards were right behind me and catching up… I sprinted faster and faster… ZOOM! I turned blue and ran past everything! It was like I was going 200 miles per hour! Zooming across everything I came across a dead end… I kept going and getting FASTER! So close to the wall there was no stopping me!


I crashed through the wall! “COME GET SOME!!!” I was just crashing through the thick wall and pipes when I came through to the other side and saw… HOLEY CRAP!!! It was a whole army! I was trapped! The hole I came through was quickly covered by an army tank. The people said stand still… I did but… but I didn’t even think about doing that! Then the people said announce your name… I said my name out loud “Gawodo Stewart”



After about 1 second there were people surrounding me… I couldn’t move! They were coming closer and closer! Once they were in reach range I felt their hands touch my shoulder… BOOM! Lightening came from the ceiling and struck me right on the head! I felt the people repel backwards away from me. I got back up… I had my swords and gun… also my vest. Must be that my mother found out about this!



Then there was a second lightening bolt and surely it was my mom. She had her white staff in her hand and the reaper next to her. My bird of a mother stated loud and clear “you want a fight! We’ll give you a WAR!!!”


I pulled out my swords… mom held up the lightening staff… reaper pulled out his long blade from his cloche. The humans were just staring at  us in amazement until the president called the attack… he wasn’t afraid of a 12 foot bird, a 7 foot dragon, and a 6 foot skeleton.



The army started to shoot army tanks, rocket launchers, and guns… we started to attack ourselves.

You might think that 3 creatures can’t take out a whole army? Think again! My mom was a god my home planet! And Reaper was death himself! And I am part god too! The army was the one that had no chance!

Overlord’s (my mom’s) staff was sending bolts of lightning at the army wail I was slicing being by being into little bits… Reaper just said die and 24 people died.

So far half of the army was dead and I have been shot 6 times. Not that bad thou.


Part 9: reinforcements



All of a sudden there were more and more solders coming to attack. This is worse than I thought it was going to turn out… mom was getting energy drainage and the Reaper was getting tired of saying DIE! And my hands were tired from all of the slicing of humans.


My conscience told me that we were not going to make it… crap! Bobo wanted out and do did Godamancho they got in a fight and were trying to tell me something at the same time… what was it? I couldn’t hear what they were yelling at me… Josh? Who was josh?



I looked back to what Martha said…and thought about it. Another split personality… was that what they were trying to tell me? Was Josh his name? “Wait! I have no time for thinking… but I have time for fighting!”



A sudden blackness came over me again as I was trying to slice a human. But then I woke up with my split personalities starting at me. I got off the floor and saw what was going on… my body was just standing there with very light blue eyes and pure white fur… Josh?


Listen Godamancho! I don’t have time! I need to fight! “Sorry Gawodo but there is no stopping Josh… he took us all out!” “Yea! All 3 of us!” “Well I bet I can but now that he is in control I can’t do anything!”


The white body stood there waiting for a command… the president said surrender imedentaly! Guess what… he did it he dropped my swords and dropped to his knees! Then he said “Yes president sir” I can’t even believe this! And my mother was watching!



The solders came closer and closer… Overlord and Reaper were just standing there starting at me in amazement because they thought that it was me! Otherwise the solders helped me up and walked me over to the president… tanks then surrounded Overlord and the Reaper and they didn’t do anything!


I was trying to get through to Josh but he just let the solders walk him over there! The president helped Josh on to the same tank he was on… “Now do you agree to help us against those other creatures?” “Yes sir”


NO!!! Don’t do Josh! But as most traders he actually chose to hurt a god and death himself! Josh and the president walked to the ring of immense tanks… “Tanks roll out of the way… walking over there… face to face…” this was bad.



The president whispered something to Josh… then josh said back “Yes sir” in less than a second Josh was firing MY gun at my MOTHER and at Grim Reaper! But my mother didn’t take any time to get shot nor did the Reaper. They were dodging the lazar bullets! All of a sudden my mom turned into her human form… and sprinted towards Josh and when she got to him she kicked the gun right out of Joshes hand then she held him down then looked into his eyes… deeply and densely peering deeper and deeper and deeper into his soul… Josh didn’t do anything. Then Josh dozed off in no time!



Overlord picked him up like a sleeping child then disappeared! That means do did I. I found myself sitting in my libratory chair with a book on my lap… Dream? Or not a dream? “Dad can I use the computer?” “Yea you can Manney” “thanks dad!”


It could have been a dream… if the fur on my foot didn’t turn white.

© Copyright 2020 Overlord . All rights reserved.

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