Gogo the Slimey

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Gogo The slimey and his wonderful adventure

warning! may contain a little crazy chaos on the way but is pretty nice

Submitted: October 05, 2013

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Submitted: October 05, 2013



Gogo the slimey

Gogo the slimey was a cute green slime creature created by.....yup you guess it, toxic waste, he was just reborn he had no idea where or what he was, he was a very curious creature joyful always with a smile and a positive attitude

he looked around and noticed he was inside a toxic waste barrel, Gogo slime out of it and saw people in yellow hazmat suits he waved back and the hazmat suits workers ran screaming, he happily decided to travel and know the world he now belong

he slimed forward with a smile and passed through a fence, curious about the fence he giggle and played with the fence by passing through it over and over, he giggled and continue his way, he saw high buildings in the far distance his smile was big of joy and impressed by the buildings

he went straight to the nearest building and on his way there he got to the street, he saw cars and more people, Gogo was impressed and everyone screamed and started running, he felt like they were playing with him so he chased them giggling, he felt so much excitement like a child on a playground

Gogo saw a parked car and quickly got distracted by it and slimed to it and entered inside, he filled up the car with his slime ruining it, he start up the car by accident with his slime and the car moved at high speed and Gogo happily stick his head of the window with a big smile and waving his slimy hands full of excitement

the car crashed into a fast food restaurant and people terrified by the accident they quickly ran to help, they opened the door of the car to save the man inside but it was Gogo! he stepped out happily and puts its hands up like if he was trying to say "im fine!! :D" people stared at Gogo for a moment in shock......."AAAAAAH" they screamed and ran away

Gogo left to explore some more as there is so much more to be discovered, he walked by a clothing store and noticed the mannequins wearing clothes, he stare of curiousity, he entered the clothing store and went to the mannequins to touch them and he thought they were big toys unlike the humans who are always screaming, he thought it would be a great idea to take a mannequin with him, he left and night fall down

he went during the night holding his toy mannequin happy, he had a great day he thought, he staring feeling his vision falling and he was yawning, he suddenly fell asleep hugging his big mannequin

next morning he woke up and saw a bunch of police men and hazmat suit scientists around him, he waved with his mannequin happily and the hazmat suit humans ran away, the police men started shooting at him asking reinforcements but the bullets tickle him and he was giggling and giggling very cutely, Gogo wanted to do the same so he shoot acid back at them, Gogo thought their screams of pain was their way of laughing just like they tickle him, he left smiling and satisfied

as he walked down the street he fall down a sewer and left his mannequin up there by accident, Gogo looked up wondering how he would get back up and he put a confused smile, he left his mannequin, he smiled again and continue to explore in the sewers, he saw death fish and brown dirty water, he kept moving until he saw an exit

he exit the sewers leading Gogo to a river and some trees, he move up and saw a ranch farther away, Gogo saw a beautiful blonde girl around her 20s years old with blue eyes, working on the ranch taking care of the horses and he fall in love at first sight, he became nervous and looked himself through the water thinking if she will ever like a creature like him, her name was Jessie, Gogo moved shy slowly to her and he tried waving

Jessie noticed him and she screamed and run inside her house, Gogo was outside staring at the house, she watched by the window and stared at Gogo, Gogo was outside with a cute sad face, he stood there for hours and started raining, Jessie opened the window and asked if he was alive

Gogo didn't understand what she was saying but he waved at her to say hello again, she confirmed he was alive and asked "what are you?!" Gogo kept staring in the rain

she took an umbrella and a rifle and walk to him slowly, Gogo stared at her as she was getting closer, she said "howdy" and stared at him, then she poked him with her rifle and Gogo tickled and started giggling, she thought it was a cute mysterious monster, she throw him a snack and he eat it happily and smiling, she told him to follow her home but he just stared at her without understanding, she tried explaining to follow with hand signs and he followed

Gogo entered the cozy home but his slime ruined the floor, she said "no no no no no, stay still stay RIGHT THERE!" he confused moved again and she said "NO!" angrily and he stopped, he moved again and she said "no" again mad, they repeated for awhile until Gogo understood what "no" was and stay still, Jessie thought this was all crazy inviting a slime monster to her house

Jessie throw water at it and noticed Gogo had a body and he wasn't complete slime, she put some gloves on and told Gogo to follow her to the bath and he just follow and she put him on the bathtub and started giving him a bath, he was tickling and giggled the entire bath, she left Gogo green and shiny clean with a happy smile and he wasn't sliming the floor anymore as he moves, Jessie felt attached by his innocence and he kept following her everywhere she went, and she give it snacks and tried teaching him tricks and communication, and she even started sleeping with him like a teddy bear

one day Gogo was watching tv with Jessie and saw so many cool things around the world on tv, Gogo as a curious creature wanted to explore, he looked at jessie he wanted to go explore and see the wonderful things in the world he now lives, but he wasn't sure if he was able to comeback

several days later, Gogo and jessie were taking care of the animals in the ranch, he thought of a great idea and started shaping himself in the animals shapes for fun and jessie was laughing and enjoying the moment with him, then jessie went inside the house and Gogo instead of following as usual...he waved and left

he went to explore the world by his own and jessie didn't noticed Gogo has left

on his way he looked up and saw a wonderful rollercoaster in the far distance and quickly went there, after getting there he saw more people and clowns and games and many colors etc, he became excited and run to the nearest game kiosk to see the hanging rewards

everyone thought Gogo was part of a show or just a costume, he tried to get one of the toys but couldn't reach them so he thought it be usefull to change shapes into a human being to reach the toys better

everyone saw him changing and they started screaming and afraid thinking it was an alien from outer space, he knew they were scared so he tried to wave his hands trying to signal he means no harm, but everyone thought he was doing the contrary and left running, he ignored them, took his toy and went to see the big Ferris wheel

the people using the Ferris wheel saw him approaching and they started to climb down, Gogo waved his hands trying to say hello, but that scared them more and they fall down and he tried to catch them but he stumble into some cables and hit the ferris wheel and corrosive acid came from him and broke down most of the steel bars holding the ferris wheel

the ferris wheel broke and started rolling out straight to the rollercoaster, the ferris wheel goes through the rollercoaster destroying it and more chaos happens, news helicopters come and see Gogo and immediately report an alien attack

jessie see it in the news and get extremely worried for Gogo, the army comes to eliminate him, Gogo confused by the commotion he just hold his toy looking at the military pointing guns at him

jessie quickly ran out of the house and took the car and went there before anything happens to Gogo, the military started shooting at Gogo and the only damage they did was on his toy, he was so confused why did they were bullying him by breaking his toy he thought

they throw grenades at him and he thought they were snacks and was about to eat them when jessie arrived and screamed "NO!!" Gogo quickly looked at jessie and stopped, the grenade explode and his slime went everywhere...

the military trying to take out jessie out of there and they were waiting to see if the target has been eliminated

Gogo was still there confused in his normal shape holding his broken toy, jessie tried to explain he was harmless but the military didn't wanted to listen, they brought military scientist in hazmat suits to approach him, they brought hydrogen to froze him, Jessie told Gogo "Follow!" and he ran to jessie with hands up front and she picked him up and ran away as fast as she could

the military quickly shoot jessie easily and she fell down...Gogo falls from her hands and confused poke her over and over...she didn't move and he doubted she was sleeping, he touched her wounds and with blood in his hands he started flowing green tears made of his own slime, Gogo was sad for first the time...and he knew exactly what has happened to her...

the military in hazmat suits took Gogo and put him in a container ready to bring it to a lab for research and they took jessie with them to the labs to investigate the body for any contamination or any substance

awhile later in the labs they had Gogo on a locked containment room watching him and researching him from afar, as they were researching Gogo they were investigating jessie in another room, scientists in hazmat suit ready to cut her open, they noticed her iris in her eyes were turning lime green and her blood was also turning green like if Gogo's slime started to mutate her, they were anxious to cut her open

suddenly she wakes up! scaring the scientists they ran and looked for security, feeling weird, dizzy and confused, jessie stand up and first thing she wanted to do was to escape and understand later she took one of the many hazmat suits and put it on as disguise, she walked down the hallway with blurry vision, she felt like she was getting blind, jessie found a elevator and pressed down thinking it was some kind of building, it was an underground base and she only went deeper into it

after getting out of the elevator she saw more soldiers entering the elevator not noticing she was the escapee, she walked forward and saw more upcoming soldiers so she entered a room with many scientists in hazmat suits, she decided to blend with the other scientists, jessie didn't knew what they were doing but was a good chance to blend in from the security so nobody gets suspicious

she noticed they were researching Gogo from a screen afar, jessie quickly changed her mind and wanted to rescue him, jessie asked what room is that, a scientist told her it was obviously the room next door, she went and looked and noticed it needed a keycard to open it so she came back to the room with scientists and stole a keycard which was next to a computer

she went to open the door and immediately got suspicion and high security alerts going at her, she quickly told Gogo to follow that she was jessie, Gogo was happy and full of joy and run to her and jessie picked it up and ran to the elevator she came but soldiers came from it and yelled "STOP" she ran the other way and she was shoot at but she kept running and running and hide and let the soldiers pass, she run back to the elevator and pushed one soldier on guard next to the elevator and pressed the button to go up

she took out the hazmat suit and hugged Gogo like never before thinking they might not get outof there alive, the elevator opened up and soldiers were ready outside and they immediately started shooting at Gogo and jessie, Gogo saw jessie getting hurt again and he got mad, no more smiles this time!, he shoot corrosive acid at them, jessie fell in so much pain and noticed even though she got hit it didn't kill her but pain didn't stop her from continuing

she picked up Gogo and keep running until they found an exit, they opened the door only to see it was crawling of military at the ready outside waiting for them, Jessie thought it was the end, Gogo Looked at Jessie and turned into a ball shape getting jessie inside him like a bubble protecting her from any damage and the military started shooting and throwing everything they got

Gogo rolled away and bullets were harmless to them, he rolled as far and fast as possible getting them to a near river where Gogo changed to his normal shape, Jessie dizzy and sick, she vomit saying "this has been the most disgusting day i ever had" Gogo giggle at whatever she just said, they quickly follow the river until they get to a waterfall, Gogo smiled and jumped down happily, jessie said "Gogo NOOO!"

he landed and waved at her smiling, jessie in a thrill jumped too, she landed safety and decided to wash herself there for a moment, after a long way home they returned to the ranch, she quickly went to take a bath, Gogo was happy and dancing in the living room, happy to be home, after jessie came out she noticed she had no wounds and had green lime eyes instead of her usual blue

she looked at Gogo and quickly understood she has been mutated by Gogo's slime and his DNA in her has granted her the ability to regenerate in a amazing speed, thanks to the Gogo slime mixture that now runs in her veins, she didn't care what mutations she had developed, all that matters is that she was alive and safe along with Gogo, she went and brought a box and she sit and put it on the floor with Gogo, she let him open it and was so many toys for him, he went hyper of happiness, he was jumping around with toys and jessie felt so happy for him, he lived with jessie and he wouldn't ever leave her again, he tried to say something "t-t-theenk yuuu jesss ^-^" jessie hugged him really tight happy with tears of joy.....



the end  ^-^




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