The Kingdom of Fate

The Kingdom of Fate

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



this is the story of Fate a girl of the twisty species after the events of the "Kingdom of Leonel" and finally revealing the questions of her mystery, the crew returns back on another adventure!, this is the 3rd and last part

WARNING!!!: this is a sequel to "kingdom of Leonel" and "kingdom of Bujin" and i really recomend to read them first to understand whats going on, also might contain some profanity but it can be humorous, and please don't judge by the first story "kingdom of bujin", it was my first and i intended to make it crazy, but this and "Kingdom of Leonel" are better made
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this is the story of Fate a girl of the twisty species after the events of the "Kingdom of Leonel" and finally revealing the questions of her mystery, the crew returns back on another adventure!, this is the 3rd and last part

WARNING!!!: this is a sequel to "kingdom of Leonel" and "kingdom of Bujin" and i really recomend to read them first to understand whats going on, also might contain some profanity but it can be humorous, and please don't judge by the first story "kingdom of bujin", it was my first and i intended to make it crazy, but this and "Kingdom of Leonel" are better made

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Kingdom of Fate

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this is the story of Fate a girl of the twisty species after the events of the

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 28, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 28, 2013



there was once 3 kingdoms, the 3rd was the twisted paradise kingdom where Fate grew up and the twisties species lives, the twisties was a race trained in magic and powerful spells, they live their lives accustomed to magic since childhood, this is the story of Fate, a mysterious twisty whose real purpose was unknown in the previews adventures and shes currently on Elgar

- Fate is on a city near the castle and people were already making rumors of the murders by the castle of Elgar


(Fate) *sigh* if i can just get out of this place before anything bad happens it might be better....i should head back home and see if she has returned home....


- she goes her way trying to find a way out of Elgar and she has a shopping bag with her, she climbs the buildings to look from a higher perspective as shes quite lost, twisties aren't used to Elgar's kind of civilization and are more freedom like, she notices Leonel enters a bar nearby, as shes watching a eagle flies around her


(Fate) argh go away you stupid flying bird thingy!


- waving her shopping back to hit it she decide to throw a spell at it to shoot it down but the eagle evade it and fly away fast heading to the bar where Leonel entered, not caring she moves from building to building to the nearest portal of the flying city of Elgar trying to find a way out, a few minutes later she gets to the nearest portal of Elgar when she came with Leonel earlier, she notice the guards are on high alert and blocked all the way out of the city because of the king assassination, she asks the guards nicely to let her leave


(Fate) umm excuse me Mr-big-strong-armored-like-the-apocalypse guard, can you let me leave? im not from here and im lost and i REEALLY need to get back home 

(Portal Guard) No, all access out of the city is restricted at the moment and nobody is going IN or OUT

(Fate) pleeease

(Portal Guard) lady you trying my patience! leave my sight or be taken as a suspect

(Fate) suspect my twisty ass! this is why all you dumb egolars or whatever guards, get killed easily, cuz you NOT LET A TWISTY BUY A SANDWICH IN PEACE oh and also block my path...


- 4 guards surround fate suspiciously angry by her lame insults and ready to take her to the dungeons


(Fate) hehehe i was just kidding X) you elguar guards are so cool and everything *taps the chest of the portal guardt* sorryyy you guys are ok i will just leave now ok? please? ok BYE


- Fate walks away simulating like she was just joking and she quickly runs away and watches from afar


(guards) let her go she's just a crazy twisty


- the guard she touched explodes in a violent explosion killing the nearby guards and the portal guards, she quickly runs to the portal leaving her shopping bag by mistake, finally out of Elgar she sees Leonel's horse and use her teleport spell to get on top to steal it fast and run back home to her twisted paradise kingdom, Fate of course can only use her teleport spell to places she can actually see, not long distances


(Fate) sorry Leonel, i gotta borrow it! 


- nearby, Leonel and Bujin are still on Elgar, they were heading to the portal and planning to go their way to twisted paradise kingdom to get answers from the queen about her twisty assassin to kill the Elgar king


(Leonel) well...back on the road again on a another adventure

(Bujin) whatever, as long i get to slash things im good

(Leonel) i prefer a more relaxing trip...

(Bujin) i bet i can beat you in a sword fight

(Leonel) this is not a competi----


- a big sudden explosion is heard by the portal and Leonel and Bujin run as fast as they can to the portal, Leonel scans the area and there's 2 dead guards and 1 injured and 1 in pieces around the portal, 


(Leonel) this is a massacre......

(Bujin) yo check this out


- Bujin shows the shopping bag to Leonel and he get surprised what they see inside, it was the assasins's clothes used to kill the king


(Leonel)...this..this is what the assassin was using...i shouldn't have left him leave, and this massacre could have been prevented...

(Bujin) what are you talking about??? are you trying to say we get to kick someone's ass?

(Leonel) i do not know...

(Bujin) well buddy lets roll and kick their asses!


- they teleport and Leonel notice his horse is long gone, frustrated by all that's happening at once he begin to get some rage inside but doesn't demonstrate it

- meanwhile Fate is going as fast as she can back to twisted paradise, a day after she finally returns home and is night, twisted paradise looks dark and the place is surrounded by a giant black gate with spikes on top, the kingdom is a dark place with odd mystical animals and plants, but the locals were friendly even though some has a crazy personality or smarter mystical personality, the kingdom was dark but friendly, some even had split personalities, the kingdom has a barrier on top flowing from the gate spikes surrounding it by a magic a barrier, Fate waited by the front gate screaming



(gate guy #1) oh no, is her again....

(gate guy #2) ignore her...she might leave

(Fate) PLEEASE OPEN cold out here :(

(gate guy #1) WHAT DO YOU WANT!


(gate guy #1) ok dude just let her in...she ain't gonna rule today

(gate guy #2) ugh


- Fate enters twisted paradise and go straight to her hut, she throws herself on her bed


(Fate) *sigh* i wish you were here.....hugging me and everything....*sigh*...


- she gets cozy at her place with no worries, her cat jumps on bed and she play with him and feed him, she tells the kitty theres no way shes gonna call her animals demo, then she went and took a bath, outside a friend saw her hut with lights on, and noticed she was finally home, he screamed to see if she was there, Fate screamed back "go away!!!" but he didn't heard, he thought it could be a burglar because he heard nothing so he entered inside the hut and busted Fate bathing


(seriously pissed angry Fate) WTF CHEMO, FUCK OFF IM FREAKING SHOWERING YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Chemo) oh sorry so sorry i thought it was a bu------

(seriously gonna kick your ass angry Fate) STOP LOOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Chemo runs away before he get his ass kicked again, after awhile chemo waits outside and Fate finish and goes out



(chemo) im sorry i thought it was a burglar i swear


(chemo) come on Fate im sorry

(Fate)....fine...didn't you hear me tell you to go away!

(chemo).....No >_>

(Fate) blagh

(chemo) was your travels

(Fate) im good, i saved Bujinville, i killed lots of crazy giant disgusting frogs ew, and i met some odd people like this fat nose guy and also met new friends, and also killed Elgar's king and i did not molested any animals and that's a fact which i shouldn't have even mention this at all ever cuz you probably will think it happen and it did not happpe------

(Chemo) wait what?!

(Fate) what what? i didn't molested animals i swear!, well maybe

(Chemo) not that, you killed the king of Elgar??????

(Fate) yea it was a stupid king anyway, the jerk send troops to kill her...asshole -_-

(Chemo) her?

(Fate) hmm yes "her"

(chemo) is that why you left?

(Fate) hmm maybe...maybe not, i had the chance while i was there so i took it duh

(chemo) then why did you left?

(Fate) left where?

(chemo) *sigh* outside our kingdom 

(Fate) what's outside our kingdom? there is creatures outside our kingdom duh

(chemo) not creatures, why did you left?!

(Fate) left where?

(chemo) not this again!


- chemo and Fate kept chatting for awhile and meanwhile Bujin and Leonel keep getting closer to the twisted kingdom but tired of the travels at night, Bujin suddenly gets tired and get off the horse and sleeps on floor just like that


(Bujin) im tired goodnight *sleeps on floor*

(Leonel) tf.....

(Bujin) zZzZzZzZzZzZ

(Leonel) oooookay


- Leonel get off the horse and prepares his bed and sleeps the night, the next morning they get woken up by a familiar traveler with a carriage of market goods

(Mr merchant sour) Hello!

(Bujin) oh shit!

(Leonel) tf.... 

(Mr merchant sour) how is everyone?

(Leonel) eeeeem...good?

(Bujin) good

(Mr merchant sour) good to know!, i made a book

(Leonel)....oh yeah?

(Mr merchant sour) is about how to be a better person and evade problems, are you guys interested in my book? is in a good reasonable price

(Leonel) eeeeeerr no thanks

(Bujin) no thanks


- out of nowhere the sensei drops from the carriage like an idiot, and get up quickly hugging Leonel


(wtf sensei again) my nggas!!! i missed you all, i missed you too *kisses Leonel on the cheek* 

(Leonel) WTF why do i have to get all the torture

(Bujin) Yes

(gay ass sensei) because you're my Unpluckable Eagle Prince :)

(Leonel) Fuck you!

(Bujin) that face.......i hate that face...

(creepy sensei) where is my gatita fate?

(Bujin) *jumps around the place waving his sword*

(Leonel) last time i saw her she was at Elgar, remember? we lost her


- after awhile they noticed the seller merchant sour wasn't even there, he left without nobody noticing, they continue their journey and they left the sensei behind before he can catch up, they finally reached twisted paradise and they at the gate, Leonel tries to convince the gate keepers to let them in, while fate is on the twisted royal gardens talking to the queen of twisted paradise


(Fate) i need to head back to Bujinville to find her, please i need more help

(Queen) we provided you with everything you needed and you have yet return any favors!

(Fate) oh come on! you wouldn't be a queen if it wasn't for me

(Queen) that's different, you keep asking me more favors

(Fate) i really need to find her please *starts flowing tears*

(queen) omg, fine take what you need and i will speak with the guards but don't fucking cry on me

(Fate) WOOHOO i will get to it bye bye Kelly

(queen) cute idiot......


- running out of the royal gardens Fate encounters chemo


(Chemo) Fate! can i come with you???

(Fate) nope

(Chemo) but i wanna DX

(fate) why

(chemo) because i wanna kill stuff!! i wanna do some chaos!!

(Fate) fine


- chemo joins fate on her quest, she went and took the provisions the queen allowed her to get, she gets on her horse and ride out of the gate of twisted paradise, there she encounters Leonel and Bujin still trying to convince the gate keepers to let them in


(gate keeper guy) i don't care if you 2 are fucking plumber heroes! we don't allow non-twisty strangers in here!!

(Fate) what's going on?

(gate keeper guy) these 2 lovers wanna get into OUR paradise

(Leonel + Bujin) Fate?!?!?!?!?!

(fate) lol hi again what brings you to my paradise lovers?

(Leonel) we are not lovers, did you left Elgar before us?

(Fate) yea i guess, hi again Bujin

(Bujin) Hello

(Leonel)....i can clearly see that's my horse....

(fate) oh oops, sorry i borrowed it cuz i needed a ride back home, i didn't like Elgar much, their prices are expensive

(Leonel) i see...

(Fate) yup, btw this is chemo

(Leonel) YO!

(chemo) yo

(Bujin) goodbye

(Leonel) we have come with questions 

(Fate) what questions?

(Leonel) we thought the queen could answer for herself but what do you know about the king's assassin?


(Leonel) you do know the king was assassinated right?

(Fate)...yea i heard unfortunately, sorry to hear

(Leonel) that's weird, because i thought you left before us, and the assassination hasn't been confirmed yet

(Fate) oh....well i don't not really good with politics sorry....

(Leonel) what about this?


- Leonel shows fate the assassin's clothes used


(Fate) i don't know

(Leonel) any idea why the twisties wanted the king dead?

(Fate) stop interrogating me! is making my head hurt, you being a soldier you know? stop acting the soldier, i don't like soldiers, the twisties doesn't want the king dead, everyone has their problems with someone sometimes duh

(Bujin) stop acting the mickey

(chemo) lol

(Fate) i gotta get going

(Leonel) where are you going?

(chemo) to Bujinville!

(Fate) damn it chemo!! ugh


(Bujin) No No No No No No No No No

(Leonel) any reasons?

(Fate) hmm no not really

(Leonel) we coming with you

(Bujin) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

(Fate) i can let you in twisted paradise if you prefer

(Leonel) no, we going with you, we can do that later

(Fate) fine i guess....


- chemo, fate and Leonel and Bujin traveled for a day to Bujinville, they ran into the sensei and he joined them, as they walked the deserted road they encountered some bandits and some dangerous creatures along the way, on the road and notice a cyclops and a woman from Elgar in a red amber armor trying to hunt the creature by her own with just a shield, Leonel quickly want to help


(Leonel) we got to help lets go!

(Fate) who made YOU the leader? she looks familiar though

(chemo) lets kick some ass!!!

(sensei go away) woohooo you go nggas! i be there in a moment brb

(Fate) shut up hamster!


- Bujin and chemo quickly rush into battle, chemo throw fire at it with fire spells excited with the flames, it distracted the cyclops and Leonel went to join the Amber hunter and slashed his legs from behind to make it fall, and Bujin climb him quickly and stab his eye killing it


(Elgar hunter) thank you, i knew i needed a bigger group for this

(Leonel) anything for a fellow Elgardian, im Leonel at your service

(Xana) my name is Xana and im a hunter, my group fell and eventually ran away when they saw the cyclops

(Fate) those idiots are all cowards! you need a better kick ass crew, you wanna be part of my minions xany!?

(Bujin) ewww cooties 

(Xana) im sorry but i need to get back to Elgar

(Fate) owww that sucks, ok then


- soon after Xana left, they took some time to rest, Bujin and chemo were messing around with the dead cyclops and making jokes about it by the time Bujin started to like the twisties, then Leonel saw something on the distance approaching, it was 4 cyclops looking for the lost 1, he told everyone to run to the Bujinville forests but chemo and Bujin decided to fight back


(Fate) i knew that Cyclops fell too easy


- Bujin, chemo, Leonel and Fate got ready, the cyclops noticed the dead Cyclop on the floor and they became raged, Fate blinded all cyclops with a light spell, chemo spawned a flaming magical sword and stabbed the cyclops through the heart and explode the sword from the inside to kill it, Bujin took 2 cyclops and moving fast he climb on them and another Cyclop hit the one he is standing on then he jumped and stabbed the Cyclop in the eye then he throw his sword right on the other Cyclops he jumped off's eye with accuracy, Leonel took the battle with Fate and while the Cyclops was blinded by Fate's spell he kept slashing his legs, the Cyclop angrily hold Leonel with his hands and Leonel keep stabbing his hands to let him go, Fate throws a random radish at the Cyclop!


(Cyclops) ehh???.....

(Leonel) tf......

(Fate) lol X)


- the last Cyclop dies by a heart attack by the amazing random radish Fate just threw to save Leonel, that radish must have been just another one of Fate's tricks using her magic, after they all killed the cyclops they preferred resting in the forest of Bujinville instead of resting by the dead cyclops and making same mistake, after days of walking and battles they finally made it out to Bujinville, they got out of the Bujinville forest and to the crazy land of Bujinville, they went to the sensei's place and get some rest from the travel, they stayed the day and Bujin left to his castle to do some things, Fate wanted to confess something


(Fate) hmm guys soooo...i killed the king of Elgar

(Chemo) Yes

(Fate) ugh shut up chemo

(Leonel) so it was you

(Fate) yes it was me, he send troops to kill my gir---- umm sister on sight

(Leonel) your sister?

(Fate) yes well he was an ass, i would do anything for her and i took the chance to take him out while i was on Elgar

(Chemo) Yes

(Fate) for fuck sake enough with the yes chemo! ugh

(Leonel) you hurt my people and innocents!

(Fate) they were in my way, they tried to hurt me, i did what i could

(Leonel) you killed my father as an act of revenge and kill innocents!, i should do the same to you

(Fate) why don't we discuss that later

(chemo) ok enough fighting guys...

(Leonel + Fate) shut up chemo

(Fate) i could have killed you at that moment you know, i let you live

(Leonel) i should end you now before you go causing more problems

(Fate) i did all i could for someone i love, i hope you understand

(Leonel) and why are we here now

(Fate) we are here cuz.....well im trying to find my sis duh...

(Leonel) i thought you said he killed her

(Fate) no, i said he wanted to kill her so she fled here to Bujinville to....not kill him....and...not...create.....war...omfg what a bad loop and terrible mistake i just did!

(Leonel) UGH

(Chemo) wtf that's just stupid

(Fate) i wasn't thinking i just wanted her to return ok

(Leonel) my people are going to pressure me into war with the twisties as soon they find out Fate!

(Fate) well you pretty much screwed then

(Leonel) me? you're the one who is going to get destroyed by Elgar

(Fate) hmm not really cuz we kinda got Elgar on watch for a long time and we are prepared in case that happens you know

(Chemo) Yes

(Leonel) i am going to be in the throne soon, i will see what i can do to stop this mess you made

(Fate) we have enough breaks, lets go

(Chemo) Yes


- after Fate smashed Chemo's face for that last "Yes" Bujin returns and she and the crew gets on their way and the sensei stayed home, Fate thinks her sister might be on the most deserted ghost town of Bujinville, the town was called "the mickeys" named by Bujin himself, because the town was deserted and there was bad rumors of a horrifying monster hidden on the deserted town, they went there way there after a few hours walk, they now in the dark town and the night fell, there's a thick fog ahead, Bujin had a bad feeling and Leonel wanted to continue brave, chemo felt excited and Fate was scared like a shaking rabbit, they heard a terrifying laugh in the distance echoing around the town "hehehehehe" the chill of the laugh made Bujin wanting to get out of the place fast but Leonel hold him and told to continue, Bujin and Chemo knew the laugh very well, Chemo told them he heard stories of a laughing creature, he mentioned his name and the creature appeared right in front of them



(Hams the creature) his name was hams, Chemos


(Hams the creature) AAAAAAAH

(Bujin) No No No No No No No No

(hams the creature) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

(Leonel) is he....repeating?

(hams the creature) is he.... repeating?

(Fate) lol

(Hams the creature) lol sables

(Bujin) go away you stupid hams, you ruining our quest

(Hams the creature) go away Benjames you ruining our quest

(Bujin) my name is not Benjames!

(hams the creature)  my name is not Benjames Benjames

(Leonel) this is why i don't like traveling to Bujinville, everything is wrong

(Fate) i know right!

(Chemo) Yes

(hams the creature) this is why i don't travel to Bujinville everything is wrong sables i know right, yes Chemos hehehehe

(Bujin) if you not getting out of our way i will kill you stupid hams creature

(hams the creature) if you not get out of my way i will kill you stupid Benjames  Ò_Ó

(Bujin) nobody interfere, this is my fight!

(Hams the creature) nobody interfere, this is benjames fight!


-Bujin ready his sword and hams's chilling laugh eats Bujin's soul slowly, Bujin tries to hit the hams but he moves too fast and moving through the fog and laughing in the distance, chemo liked the hams and kept telling Bujin to stop, Fate and Leonel just watched as Bujin tries to fight the creature, Bujin search for the hams around the fog and hams kept moving and making fun of Bujin, hams appeared behind Bujin and Bujin felt the chill feeling and stabbed hams behind him!, hams disappeared in a harmless explosion of souls as his laugh is still heard echoing up the sky, everyone felt the chills and scared they just run forward deeper into the town, they escape the fog and finally where the town is more calm, Fate sees the biggest house in the distance with lights on and quickly assume that must be her sister there, they run into the house and enter inside and felt more relaxed, as soon as they entered they all faint into the ground

- Leonel wakes and notices they all chained up against the wall in a basement, he tries to escape but he was too tight up. he tries to wake the others but only fate wakes up


(Fate) w-w-what's going on...

(Leonel) we are in trouble, someone locked us here!

(Fate) oh no..ugh oh no!! i don't wanna be here *starts flowing tears*


- then a demonic ugly purple succubus walks down the stairs, she was ugly and disgusting but all men only see a beautiful woman and no matter how much of a careless bitch she was, still men liked her, Leonel quickly falls in love and Bujin wakes up and as soon he sees the succubus he starts doubting


(Leonel) @_@

(Bujin) not so sure...but


(Succubus ugly bitch) oh come on mfs, im not causing any trouble for anyone

(Bujin) actually....she's so cool  (*.)_(*.)

(Leonel) she's mine

(Bujin) she choose me before you!

(Leonel) well she choose me now

(Succubus hateful bitch) guys don't fight for me, we can all be friends right >:D


(Succubus) what? you the manipulator and the bitch leeching on these guys

(Fate) WTF they are my friends not my crushes, you the only manipulator here making them fight for you

(Succubus) im not making anyone fight, they have their own problems so let them kill each other, is not my problem, i don't care

(Fate) grrrrrr

(Leonel) Fate relax we can all be friends 

(Bujin) whatever, fate you always been a problem

(Succubus) did you knew Fate used Leonel and try to manipulate him leeching on his feelings Bujin?

(Bujin) WHAT fate your not my friend anymore!! 

(Fate) b-b-but that's not even true, shes the one leeching on you 2.....

(Leonel) shes a very nice lady fate and you being dramatic!

(Fate) my friends......please...

(succubus) Fate i feel so sorry for you tsk tsk tsk

(Leonel) see she feels sorry for you fate

(Fate) but....that's not true...shes just acting it for you true sh-sh-she ------

(Bujin) im tired of Fate's drama, can you please get us out of here cool woman

(succubus) of course my good new awesome friends who keep choosing me but i actually could care less wtf happens to you guys

(Leonel) what?

(succubus) nothing :)

(Fate) trying to save you...

(Leonel) we didn't need any saving...


- the succubus left with Bujin and Leonel to her room upstairs and leaving Fate to her fate crying chained in the basement, chemo was awake but simulating and saw everything, he sees fate crying and she tries to explain what just happened, chemo surprised by the incredible twist that just happened, he understood cuz he saw exactly what happened, he just stood by Fate to not let her be alone for the first few days, he resisted the succubus temptations to go to the room with her but even resistance can be tough against a succubus, he knew and understood what Fate went through as he saw everything, a few days passed and chemo was released by the succubus, he felt trapped between 2 worlds, he wanted to follow his friends but at same time he didn't wanted to leave Fate alone in the basement, she was alone for days evntually weeks and months but chemo sneaked sometimes to give her food and to cheer her up trying to give her hope of escaping, he didn't try to escape cuz he was on the succubus's spell, he knew the only way to leave is if someone break the spell and release them, as Bujin and Leonel kept fighting and ruining their friendship cuz of the succubus, the succubus came to the basement sometimes


(Fate) please let me talk to you

(succubus) .......

(Fate) i can be your friend but please stop putting my friends against me

(Succubus) im not making anyone do anything, they hated you before i even got here! LOL


(Succubus) i didn't do shit to you, you made all this to yourself

(Fate) you ruined my friends, now they hate me cuz of you....

(Succubus) i don't care



- the succubus left again, and told Leonel she has tried to talk sense into Fate but Fate didn't let her, filled up with lies they kept believing her as she kept turning things around and blaming Fate for the succubus's own faults, their only salvation of returning together back to how everything was, was in that basement crying and mad and with so much feelings to hold, chemo visiting kept cheering her up and giving her hopes of escape and she was charging a spell to finally be free, she was too weak to use spells, next day she tried to pass a message teleporting it, saying the succubus did everything and she's manipulating them with stupid fake innocent girl acts, but that only made Bujin and Leonel angrier, then suddenly for some reason Leonel came and released her, maybe he did missed her after all, Fate finally free just run and got out of the house with chemo, she rested until she was strong enough to return, they made friends with hams and Fate even thought he was just cute in a way, one day she was strong enough to get her friends back, she teleport to the house and extremely angry took Bujin sword and broke the succubus apart, she mutilated the succubus with so much anger, she has never felt so much hate before for someone like that, the way that succubus broke her and even changed her, she hold so much rage inside, she keep stabbing with Bujin's sword over and over non-stop, they didn't understand Fate, Bujin thought she was crazy and Leonel thought she was just being dramatic, but truth was she was suffering for 3 months of it, just when she was about to leave alone with lost hope of her old friends, Bujin and Leonel offered her another chance back, surprised and confused she desperately accepted, she didn't knew how much her friends meant to her until she was stuck in that basement for 3 months alone, the spell broke and their friendship got back together, they don't know why, it just happened but Fate knew exactly why, even though they still think the succubus was awesome but they didn't knew the consequences happening around them by HER

- and so the crew got ready and took their stuff, they went to the succubus's room and the saw lots of soulless bodies on her closet, and one soulless skeleton on her bed, they didn't knew who it was but the only thing of info was his boots engraved with the name "Matty" on his boots, they just forgot about it and they went back on their search quest


(Leonel) so where to?

(Fate) hmm i assume maybe the nearby forests near this town

(Bujin)*yawn* i was sure i knew that guy somewhere

(Fate) if you kept at it you two might have turned like him 1 day

(Bujin) Meh...


- they went to the nearby forests and the night fell, werewolves started howling and they agreed they should hide and rest the night with someone on guard, they put chemo on guard!! awhile later a werewolf approaches and chemo scream like a 10 year old girl and wakes up everyone and the werewolf comes running from tree to tree, Bujin quickly rushing into battle gets hurt, the werewolf pick him up with a hand and roar at Bujin's face, Leonel approaches to hit him but the werewolf slashes Leonel with his claws, chemo with no idea what to do runs away, the werewolf toss Bujin to a tree and chases chemo, Fate makes a light spell to grab his attention and the werewolf chases Fate, suddenly a random punch appears right in the werewolf's nose, the werewolf stunned roars and the unknown person roars back

(Werewolf) ROOOAR

(unknown person) roooooar!, bite me -_-

(Fate) NAYRUMI!!!


- the werewolf angrily attacks nayrumi and she hits the werewolf attacking him repeatedly like a ragdoll and she roars back at it and the werewolf just runs away, Fate with such a hurry runs and hugs her


(Fate) i miss you miss miss miss you!!! please don't ever leave me again please!


- Leonel, Bujin and chemo see what's going on


(Leonel) you ok dude?

(Bujin) im fine im a killing machine!

(Fate) please not ever again

(nayrumi) is ok baby you are fine now, i won't leave you ok, you are safe with me

(Fate) i love you my sexy witchy

(Nayrumi) i love you too cutie


- Fate kisses nayrumi romantically


(Leonel) tf is going on.....

(Bujin) eeeeeer....... tf....

(Leonel) did she.....just kissed her sister....?

(Nayrumi) sister?

(Fate) oh i told them you my sis

(Nayrumi) she ain't my sister, she's my girlfriend

(Fate) yup im her gf  X)

(Leonel) O _O

(Bujin) o_O

(Leonel) you know....?

(Fate) hmm DUH, well atleast im not a succubus to steal your souls!

(Nayrumi) im your succubus baby

(Fate) hehehe =>_>=


- they went their way to the sensei's cabin, as they walked there Fate explained everything to her and all that has happened and she didn't shut up a min the way there, she was lovey like a kitty with her, and Leonel and chemo were getting really disturbed by that, except Bujin which had a secret turn on watching! but acted disturbed cuz everyone else was, nayrumi had a bad feeling with them, she was anti-social and felt awkward, when Fate explained how she killed the king nayrumi was mad at her but Leonel understood Fate wasn't exaggerating about the love part, she did what she did for love and atleast he will try his best not to make a mindless war no matter what his people say, atleast she give him the throne and helped put Bujin's evil specter back together, she atleast needed a chance and knew nayrumi was the witch he was send to hunt by the king, after they get to the sensei's place, the sensei falls in love with nayrumi at first sight but she hit him in the face knocking him down for being ugly and the punch only made his nose flat and bigger for a moment he literally loved being hit by her, Bujin stayed at Bujinville and Leonel went to Elgar to take the ceremony to be a King, nayrumi thought there was no need to go away since the king was dead and Leonel was Fate's friend and he could evade war, she didn't care about wars but her true intentions was to keep Fate safe, chemo nayrumi and Fate returned to twisted paradise, after they finally ended their quest, nayrumi went to the throne only to see a fake queen in there


(queen)..oh shit is nayrumi!...

(Nayrumi) why are you sitting in the throne Kelly!

(queen) i-i-i Fate sh-sh-she told me to take her place while she was looking for you...

(Chemo) i told her not to do it but she didn't listened

(Nayrumi) shut up you chemo! *knock chemo out to bleed*  i always wanted to do bitch get out of there!

(Fate)...she told me she will help by taking my place while i was searching for you nayrumi...

(Nayrumi) well you can't just give your throne away!, well im back! get out of my cutie's throne, Fate is the queen and is going to stay like that, if anyobody else try to take advantage of her she's going to face their consequenses with me!

(Kelly) a-a-as you ask ok girl just relax

(Fate) but i don't wanna rule, is sooo boring ugh

(Nayrumi) baby you're just a titled little queen, i will take care of everything, just have fun and don't get in trouble ok

(Fate) OK :D


- and so the 3 kingdoms got ruled by 3 amazing heroes!, or just 2 heroes and 1 powerful overprotective gf, sometimes the heroes see each other from time to time

Fate: she lived happily forever with her gf as a queen, she had good nights and good entertainment and lived forever thanks to a rejuvenating potion she took a few months later, but nothing made her more happy than being with nayrumi

Bujin: Bujin raised his kingdom and became a powerful kingdom but too crazy to understand, he was the best swordsman ever known, although theres rumors he still summons the succubus from the mickey town now and then, nobody knows why that still happens

Leonel: became the best ruler Elgar has ever had, his love for his people and generosity became reflected on his own citizens and was able to evade a war and all everyone knows is that the king was killed by a Elgar citizen 

Chemo: he sometimes visit Bujin and Leonel to hangout, he sometimes go see the hams creature, although some say he got killed by nayrumi after she got tired of him getting near Fate or annoying the hell out of nayrumi

Nayrumi: she ruled the twisted paradise kingdom by being the advisor of the queen Fate, she also made a potion of rejuvenation to live forever and shared it with Fate, they wanted their love to last forever, she also was very overprotective and didn't want anything bad happening to fate, she was also the so called witch but she wasn't actually witch, just a twisty which Fate loved calling her witchy from time to time

Sensei: he opened a school of martial arts and sword training, he trained powerful warriors by scaring them with his fat nose and giving them a secret recipe made coffee to his students, he surpassed his ugliness by nayrumi's constant beating

Mr Merchant sour: he became rich and became an actor with a big mansion just by his latest humor act named "shart in a jar" in a theater which became quite famous and people loved going to see it

Xana: she became the king Leonel's personal warrior, she lead the phoenix soldiers and turn it into soldiers for greater good and justice fighting against anything which seem evil, had some problems with the other kingdoms but nothing which can't be fixed


thank you a lot for reading my story!! and if you read all 3, "kingdom of Bujin" "kingdom of Leonel" and this one in order as you were suppose too then thank you even more!, remember to comment for motivation and "like" if you like it, don't just leave it like that duh, it doesn't get me any rep that way :( i will be updating any of my 3 stories for any typos








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