The Final End (Poem)

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Poem based on me, Dying on my mom's lap remembering the past, the life i lived and the stuff then screaming loudly and asking mom to not shed tear and say me goodbye with smiling face.


Submitted: March 04, 2012

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Submitted: March 04, 2012




The Final End.
Here I lay bleeding in her lap,
Rain of tears falling in this nap
Blood slowly drips out in the walk of lanes
Making her hands wet with the ashes of flames.
My heart tries to save her from this pain
Alas! I'm so numb to stand up from this chain
Flashbacks of past coming in front of my eyes
Everything I dreamed always had prize.
I walked alone in this painful life
Everyone took me as a bloody strife
Thinking of past, wrong decisions I've made
Broken promises, bridges of trust I've Laid 
Power I needed to fulfill my dreams
Played with lives and ran the blood streams
Smoking to the ever limit of my breath
And planning for the victory of new death
Life I lived in my own darkest ways
Showing different faces were the art of my plays
People who claimed they knows me better,
Did they every hold me when I was shatter!
Telling others that I am in deep pain
Is not my way to get the sympathetic gain!
Reading me was the only art I praise
None could achieve this lonely craze
Illusions I showed to make them fool
People were nothing to me more than a tool
Dark ones never get peace in their lives
Suffers with the every breath they drives
Helping others was gifted to me with the name
Which, always became a reason of my shame
Becoming a Legend was my dream to fulfill
Dying in her hands, shows that far away I’m still
I scream "MOTHER" lying in her lap's bed
Say me "GOODBYE" without a single tear shed
It was you who taught me how to walk
I followed you and learned to talk.
You made me strong to face the world
I handled myself when the time was curled
I am happy that I'm dying in your arms.
Who always loved me and saved me from harms.
It is my time to leave everyone behind
Taking the hatred with me in a single kind 
I was a mystery, none could understand
I will remain a mystery forever in this land.
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