A Conflicted Heart

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He's so conflicted. He feels like he's tainted her with his darkness. His angel who he loves so much. He doesn't deserve her he thinks. He doesn't deserve her light.

Submitted: October 03, 2014

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Submitted: October 03, 2014



Why can't these words ever come out right?

I wanted to say "I love you" but ended up starting a fight..

Delight painted across your face was a commonality

But the look of pain took over

And too the wind right out of me

It was me

I placed a frown on the beautiful face where a smile used to be...

I'm not blind

I'm not crazy

But you were never my kind...

You were never apart of the category 

That everyone else put me in...

You cared but I don't know why..

You shared your life with me 

But I just make you cry...

I'm broken in so many placed

A monster.

I see it in their faces whenever I walk down the street..

People I didn't even meet...

But somehow you saw more

I was so much happier than before

But I tainted you..

I broke you too.. 

In more way than I'm ever going to admit to.

I can't go on like this 

What I miss the most is your kiss

And boasting to others

Saying yes, she's mine.

But how can I say that now when I've committed such a horrible crime..

I took away that light you held,

Burried it in the ground

And as we lay under the stars tonight

You can heart my heartbeat but I can't hear a sound

This ringing in my ears

This numbness in my chest

An infamous sign, an ominous feeling

But my brain knows better than my heart at this point 

We shouldn't be together... 

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