Gone in a Flash, Why So Soon?

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How easily you can lose something you were so certain of.

We were happy as the sunshine peeped out from behind darkened clouds and warmed our skin.

The waves devoured our footsteps, only to prove that the existence that took us our entire lives to create can be destroyed in an instant.

The desire to be held in your arms burns a continuous inferno as the black smolder of rejection and betrayal raises high into the ember sky.

It doesn’t feel right, in this forsaken land of misery and discomfort that I was banished to,

where the sky’s color is gold along with the grass and the chill in the air as cold as your cruel glare.

I long for the day I can escape this land and return to my place for origin,

where the flowers light up brightly when you stand close enough and the grass tickles you as you walk on it.

But little did you know that the atonement for a perfect life is death,

And beneath it all lays thousands of bodies that nourish the grass that embraced your feet and gives life to the trees that give you air.

Where has our existence gone?

I cry out daily to be rescued from the hellhole but the only answer I receive is the hollow sound of my echoing voice.

I have to get out, I have to find release but how can I when constant thoughts of you and what we could have been fog my mind up?

How did we get here?

So hateful and sad, I used to know you so well.

The truth is hiding on your tongue.

Submitted: September 27, 2012

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