A Blind Love .:Prologue:.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a Prologue to my story, A Blind Love.

Emrin had been gone for years after his girlfriend died. The only person he could turn to, was Lust. However, he couldn't even express his hurt the way he wanted to, to her. so, he ran away, leaving Lust all alone.

Years later, he has returned for her. How will their relationship be now?

Lust sat in her room, pondering something she asked herself almost everyday....

'Why him? Why me? Why did he even become my friend?...'

 She tried to remember, but everything was too fuzzy for her to recall details.

She laid down on the floor, sighing gently. 'Was it because he didn't take advantage of me?... Was it because he was the first person I had ever met that didn't laugh at me?.... Was he really my friend?...'

The sound of a small chuckle rang through her mind, making her shudder.

'He was... And he was my best and only friend...'

Voices rose up and mashed together in her head. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" "Just ignore them..." "I wish you would stop saying that...." "I'm worried one day, your bandages won't be white anymore..."

Tears fell from Lust's eyes. 'You were the one that hadn't left.... I had turned to you with so many things... Why couldn't you just talk to me?...'

The last clear memory she had, was of that dreadful day. "I just need some time to think... I promise you.. I'll be back..."

Lust had tears coming to her crystal, white eyes. "But you never came back..." She whispered to herself.

That's all she wanted. She wanted her friend... She wanted to be able to talk to somebody else besides herself..... She needed him... She needed Emrin.

But no matter how much she needed him, he'd never come back... He's never probably give her another thought... The only person that truly mattered to him, was gone..

'So what am I let to do here?... Lay here and rot, waiting for the person who will never c-'

Lust's antennae twitched as she heard her front door knock softly.

She shakily sat up and walked to the front door. "Hello?..." Lust closed her eyes on habit, to hide her disability. But no matter what she did, the person at the door, knew exactly who she was.


That voice... Sounded almost like... "Oh dear god...."

"You sound like you're not so happy knowing I'm here...."

"Emrin..." Lust spoke that one word,  and everything seemed to light up.

Submitted: September 24, 2013

© Copyright 2021 oXInvaderEmiXo. All rights reserved.

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