A Different kind of Sacrilege

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The decadence that affects the changing times, can be found even in the House of God

Submitted: July 22, 2008

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Submitted: July 22, 2008



When the iron maiden

Weary with surprise

Had checked where the drain was made in

So she could surmise

From the number, serialized

Which had once held her so mesmerized

That she’d had the previous one canonized

And then became so traumatized

When the cardinals, by her blasphemy, were cauterized

They said: umm mm, her deed will never be realized

At least not by this ignorant rural woman

Whose husband must be a moo man

She wants to make sure her new WC

Is as authentic as can be

Not made in Taiwan or in China

But by the loo maker to the queen, that bloody Doug B. Gawdamned Mcshinner

And then what will be the future of this toilet business

If Taiwan and China are forced out by such meanness?

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