Lines Written for you

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Irrational impossible love inspired this, and it was beautiful while it lasted. This poem opens a window into the euphoria that engulfed me daily when I thought I'd finally met the One.

Submitted: May 31, 2008

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Submitted: May 31, 2008



There must be an angel

Whose celestial task

It is to prove, that, like cacti

Love blossoms everywhere

And thrives

Even in the most unlikely places


I pray now, always

That reality pass me by

Up here where I float encased in my bubble of dreams

Let its prickly thorn not find me-

I have wrapped up the dream, the dream of you and me

And kept it in a cool dark place

Beyond the reach of children

I take a spoonful of its mystical darkness

Thrice daily

But sometimes I overdose

I become intoxicated

And have double vision-

You stand beside everything I see

Smiling, beckoning to me-

I have turned my back on the solitary life

And demanded only your love as compensation


Every breeze whispers your name

Every breeze, wild or tame


Someday you will realize

That as the earth revolves round the sun

So do my thoughts revolve around you

Because you will live, now and always

In everything I create from this moment


Every road leads to you

Every road, ancient or new


I want to lie, with my head in your laps

While you tell me everything about you

I want to inhale deeply of your scent, not Stella McCartney’s-

No, the natural eau de you

That emanates from your scented places

From the secret gardens that make you a woman

Do you smell heady, like the crushed fruit of the marula tree?

Or are you mischievously sweet, the scent of fresh almonds, bruised from the fall, the kind I like to bite into and roll gently

Around the sensitive part of my mouth?

Are you pleasantly mild, like the scent that blows off flowers on a summer’s day?

Are you exotic, a mixture of tangy Arabian spices?

A conglomeration of scents to send my heart racing

To inspire me to naughty thoughts

And giddy ideas?


The mere thought of you is an aphrodisiac

I want to take your clothes off gently

I want to unveil the wonders beneath

You are between the Seven Wonders of the World

I want to kiss every bit of you

Caress you till you purr like a kitten (you are my kitten)

Explore you as if I were digging for treasure

Make you shout my name

And in the morning cook breakfast for you, while that

Very precious, very delicate, very lovely, very unmentionable part of you



Every promising ending is as necessary

As every unpromising start


I have sat under a canopy of patience

For so long, so long now

Like Buddha under the botree

My food has not been a grain of rice everyday

But the attempt to grasp the wonders of eternity (of

Which you are one)

And the beauty of nature-

Man and nature fight interminably

My nature and I are locked also in a constant struggle

A constant struggle for my mind

May all that is noble and dignifying win out in the end

For my nature is that of a beast howling at the full moon

Disturbing the night

Unsettled by the implacable emptiness

Created by the absence

Of his loved one


When I think of you I realize you are

Some sort of reward

That heaven thinks I deserve

For some good I must have done sometime somewhere

Without knowing it

How else can I explain all this beauty and excitement

That you’ve brought into my life?


Every thought seeks whom to blame

Every thought, because I’m no longer the same


This love has matured- from a boy it has become a man

And must not always have its way

It is sure now in its way, even in the dark

And can cross the road now, without first looking left and right

It has learnt how to retain its heat, how to release it

Only to warm you when you are cold

It’s the kind that is eloquent even in silence, the kind you’ll treasure even when you’re old

It has learnt there are times when you must be allowed

To step away

And like a viewer in a gallery, admire its

Latest designs

Appreciating them 

Before hurrying back to catch up with me

I am always in motion

Feeding on your absence, growing, turning myself

Inside out, examining, learning, undergoing unperceivable reactions, maturing like old wine, becoming mellower, sweeter, smoother, more powerful, steadier

more self-assured, more ambitious and resilient, less careful, more audacious, more gracious

No longer obsequious

More at peace, but still in pieces

Fragmented- for lack of one to converge my radiance on-

For lack of you


Every bird sings of you

Every bird, green or blue


Cool breezes, swaying foliage

Leaves drifting gently down to the earth

Droning bees, sunlight upon the sward

Crushed almonds on the wind, flowers’ scents

Egrets singing white songs to one another

Gay voices far away, car engines in the distance

Ants stopping on the cobbles to kiss,

Amidst thoughts of you whom I perpetually miss

This is where how and why this was written

By me, who affection for you has forever smitten



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