Reflections II

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In the when the sun has gone down behind the trees, thoughts come, like friends or like foes, to disturb the corridors of peace. This poem is the captured thoughts of such an evening and is intended to celebrate the randomness of ideas as they occur, and their connectivity.

Submitted: July 23, 2008

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Submitted: July 23, 2008



Kill me with spikes

Let us not be foes

Make love with dikes

Cut off your face to spite your nose


Wound me with lilies

Disgrace me in front of boys waving their willies

Hound me with chillies

Chase me till I stick my tongue where every rill is


Heal me with words

Free me, untie all life’s cords

Bring me a sword

Sharpen it; I’ll fight like a lord


The battle is swift

Steel clangs in the rift

I stab my dagger to the hilt

Cheering, loud applause, the soldiers give me a lift


And I present to you the trophy

Napoleon would understand my philosophy

It is more than a peace offering

It is evidence that people are suffering


It is the blood diamond

The jewel bought at a cost of lives

It is the blue almond

That makes the monkey blue no matter how he strives


Most nights I see, no, I feel their spirits

Some, by bullets, torn to bits

I try to meet their eyes

But it’s not easy when you’re the father of lies


Soldier come, soldier go

O ihe anyi g‘eli?

The sun sets, the winds blow

Otua k’odi, ma na Nneni


The point is, we are kings

Whose crown is the sweat of dead soldiers

We wear badges, we wear rings

The blood of others paid for everything we hold dear

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