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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Contents: A bouquet of words
Weight: 1 ton
Sender: David
Flight no: #L.U.V U 4 EVA
Destination: Your precious heart
Airline: Love’s Special Airways

Submitted: May 31, 2008

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Submitted: May 31, 2008



I am but a solitary human

In a world of ghosts

I reach out for, I crave contact

A human touch

But as mists are parted by sunlight

My fingers leave streaks in the phantoms before me

They disintegrate like cotton bolls pulled apart by careless fingers

And then converge at a further point


I have walked for a lifetime through wraiths

I am no longer sure now what I am,

I have forgotten my name

My hair is crowned with cobwebs

There is dew upon my fingers

Through the clinging fog, the activities of the wind

I have glimpsed the ruins of a family home

Left in haste

A place of mossy walls

Where the coffee steams still upon a table set for three-

Empty are the spaces where answers once dwelt

Now there are only questions- I am a question mark upon the earth

What will I be, what am I now?


A spirit walks past kicking his grinning head along which shouts

Encouragements as he dribbles it past his shadow

A woman is reading her mail from a laptop suspended in mystery

Above her transparent knees

She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen

I am connected to her now as May is connected to June

I dare not breathe, how can I breathe?

When all my life, I see now, I have been waiting for this moment

But the wind, capricious, frivolous,

Forces me forward

Whispering madness in my ears

I stumble forward and then stop:

It is you!

My Princess of Dreams, my heart, my east and my west

Where my sun rises and sets...

I dare not hug you; I will not smother you with kisses, feel your breasts

Trembling in my hands like wild rams

Lest I die from the grief of your disappearance

It is not living when life becomes a tree

For crows to perch on and caw uglily in

Blanketing the former glories with their black brooding presences

And their dwarf songs of mockery, defeat and

Eternal loss

Tell me you will not go away; tell me you will be here always

When I stretch out my hand to touch you, let there be something

To touch, to hug and to hold

Let this discovery of you

Atone for all the years staggering amongst wraiths

Sorrowful in gladness, lonely, close to madness


When I look over your shoulder, when I stare past your mane

When I stare beyond the doubts and the impossibility

When I hurl my eyes like javelins into the distance

When I see these words upon your computer’s screen…


“I am but a solitary human

In a world of ghosts…”


(In your eyes, laughter? a smile? a tear rolling down your face as gently

As a butterfly

Alights on a petal?)

When I reach for your hand

My fingers trembling

My heart disintegrating

When my fingers make contact

When they do not pass through

When they touch your arm, and feel your skin, incandescent,


I will try

To keep tears of gratitude from making streaks in my mascara of calm

And the world will become a mouth

Gushing out sunlight, bright and beautiful and awesome to behold

Chasing finally away, all the spectres of old affections

Arrested before they could spread their wings

Never to know what it means


To fly at the speed of love 

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