The Reverie

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A late evening's musings...

Submitted: July 21, 2008

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Submitted: July 21, 2008



Wherefore art thou Romeo

Your harsh words strike me like Cameos

And I fall like Dominos

While the white princess is driven past on Palominos

And her black lover shouts Geronimo

And I holler like a pirate

“Adam, where are you, Adaaaaaaaaaaaam”

Swinging through the trees like Tarzan

Gimbling through the Wabe

Giggling like a Babe

And then a dark wave of gulls darkens the clouds

Early evening coils its cat’s tail around the vapours

Rising from the armpits of a dog tired day

In which men rose and fell

And the earth received them well

Where women laughed and cried

And their voices tinkled like tiny bells

There is a way that seemeth right to a man

But its end leads to ….

How we cause holdups on this road

There are so many of us

And we must be the first to crack our skulls against our own guillotine

Read the Bulletins

How many of them will put money directly in your hands?

All they do is take take and take again

While the blood congeals in every vein

And your breath leaves a stain on every handkerchief

And people scurry from each other like the rats

That brought in this death

O where is the wealth

When money is gotten through stealth

Every illegal increase captures a man’s inner man

As if stifling inspiration were not imprisonment enough

But we shall speak out at the convention

We shall say that Life is not even explanable

 Because it means different things to different people

That love is the scent of flowers

And hatred is yellow not green

That even a witch can know love

And cats are the spirits of our ancestors

That eating the head of the game we catch

Is a total disrespect and disregard for the blood we spill

And a child’s smile is a sign that ‘Life” was never meant to be like this

And 2 + 2 can be = 5

And the opposite of Black may not be white

And kindness may not always be paid back with good

Your best friend could be your worst enemy is an understatement

And, African’s unite is a long unheeded warning

And I’m sure the list could go on and on

But why slap the red rump of the chimpanzee

Why not let the sleeping dog be?

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