Gothic Poet

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These things at the upper corner disturb me at times, so enticing... like the One Ring... must... click...

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



I can see it in the corner,

Just there, above my cursour,

At the uppermost left of my screen,


Written down,

Black on white,

Yet another poem of doom, the product of the fevered mind of a Goth, disappointment about when I click to find a shallow soul,


The contents are,

Mostly plagiarism'd shamelessly,

The same mottifs, used endlessly, no pity, no remorse, nor even the slightest note of joy or irony,


I press the button,

And Lo! the browser's refreshed,

Now it's from the "Young Adult" library, depressed teens lingering in them till their twenties, no plot whatsoever, only dating life in hell and some more grief and misery,


I press refresh again,

Now it says "Fantasy",

I click, all full of hope soon to be crushed, then I see "half-vampires" and "vampires" and maybe "werewolves," depressed I press Alf an' F4,


Return to Booksie some time later,

Checking out comments an' stuff,

And Lo! I see yet another poem of doom, the product of a fevered mind of a Goth,


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