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This is a story of my life. He was the favorite person in the world but he is not the same person anymore

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




Now what is wrong with my life is not abnormal in today's society. Especially where I am living. But somethings are just meant to happen, I guess. Maybe not this but somethings, right? Okay well here it goes.

  My Mom and Dad do not have a very good relationship with each other. Never have. When my family and I all lived in Ontario life was a disaster. Fighting was one of the main reasons. Money Problems was another. So was medical bills and mouths to feed along with my parents smoking cigarettes and marijuana. It was all money. Not much of it went into visits to the dentist or medication. My Dad was always drinking, there goes more money. There was never really anyone to turn to for money. Nobody was really wealthy in our small town. Well there is my grandmother from my Dads side but she doesn't even know mine or any of my other siblings names. She was probably the wealthiest of the Leduc family. She went to Florida every summer along with owning a lake house with a boat and two canoes. I never really did have a connection with her at all.

 Well now I am going to get to the big problems that have happened recently.

  In 2007 I think it was, my older brother, John was in a car accident. He broke his neck in 3 spots and had brain damage. He had to have surgery twice one was for eye sight. I don't remember exactly what the other one was for but it was major. John stayed at St. Mikes hospital in Toronto for a couple weeks. He was able to walk the second day in the hospital, which was a surprise to everyone including the doctor and my Mom. 

It turned out that when he got out of the hospital, John wasn't getting enough rest to heal for his journey to recovery. Drinking wasn't helping his voice clear, and his head bobbing in the waves of the Lake Ontario wasn't helping the situation either, so his lawyers sent him to New Brunswick, to recover with our mothers help.

 Turned out he liked our neighbor, but sadly she had a boyfriend and a child, so that was out of the question. But that girl next door had a sister.

 That girl-next-doors-sisters name was Trina. A 28 year old with a child who had recently dumped the father of her child, Zoe. John loved Zoe and Trina, to the point of death, but he had no clue what would become of him after he got to actually know Trina.

 John had quite smoking cigarettes a couple years before he came to New Brunswick. It just so happens that he starts again when he meets Trina.

 Okay so, the scoop with Trina is that she was/is doing drugs. And when one person in the relationship is doing something, the other one will follow.

 Part 2

 John piratically jumped the door landed on the mat and drug  himself to the toilet and vomited. This was a weekly thing 6 weeks into the relationship of the two of them, quite sad if you ask me. He now took 18 hour showers and ran the hot water out of the house. He would put the plug in the bath tub whale he was lying down and let the tub fill up. when it ran out stopped the water and sat there in the reused water, and let the hot water tank fill back up. Again this was a daily thing.

 I had a piggy bank set up, almost had $60, woke up and it was gone. Oh well, I was used to this. even if I only had 60 cents it was gone. Everyday after school he would ask "Hey Kissa, Got any change from lunch?" My reply was usually, "Yea, but why would you need it, you have been taking money from me and still haven't paid me for babysitting." Now it is a year and a half later and John still owes me over $120.

 Well okay, John and Trina had this friend (Their supplier of marijuana) named Neisha, and one night they all went out into the city. On a party, bar hopping like typical pre-adults right? Well they weren't going bar hopping or playing poker. They were doing drugs in someones house.

 It was the middle of the night and my Mom got a phone call. A phone call from Trina, she was calling from a phone booth in the middle of nowheres land. She gave my mom the directions to get John. He was vomiting. At a gas station.

 My mom finally gets to the location where John was being held at.

 So she brings him home. John, of course, jumps right into the shower. Sleeps in it overnight. The next day he calls an ambulance for himself. He was tested for drugs. Three pages of them were found inside of him, including horse tranquilizers. 

 He has now been held at the hospital for 3 days. His heart rate is at a life threatening  19 beats per second. Basically dead.

Part 3

 It is now 2010. John and Trina have now broken up... Good thing right? Wrong. The new girlfriend, Jessika is even worse.

 Well John met this girl, a girl my Mom met when she went to one of her friends gigs. Her name was Jessika. She seemed like a likable person. But once you actually got to know her (the same way with Trina)  She really wasn't the person you would want to know.

 Jessika (Tega was my nickname for her) quickly started a relationship with my brother. They were dating the third day they knew each other. Crazy? I know right?

 Jessika had been into the hospital with stomach pains a couple of times before she met John. Then Magically, she is pregnant in the first 2 weeks of the relationship. with a son/daughter that was apparently Johns. I knew it wasn't his. John  was just to blinded by the happiness of having a son/daughter in around near Christmas time. 

 Part 4

 So now John and Jessika are living with Jessika's parents. When my brother asked my Mom for money to give them she refused. There was no use. They were a lot wealthier then us. Why did they need the money if they didn't give us money for Jessika to stay at our house for 8 weeks?

 John visited us every once in a while, only because we still had his cat at our house. Which was sad. He didn't even talk to me anymore, All he cared about was his so called 'love-life'.

 Part 5

 Angelina had to go to school in the city. And her bus stopped at a school nearby Jessika's place. So one day, she handed me a note, told me not to look at it, and to hand it to mom when i got home. Of course I looked at it (Typical of me.) and the note said something like this.

" Mom, I know you will be mad, but I couldn't ask you because I knew you would say no. I am going to be straight up with you. I am gone to Jess's house. It is no fair that I am not allowed to see her and John. You should not drag me into your relationship with your son. It is not my fault. John has payed me back what he owed me, he bought me a lamp and a couple rockstars. " 

 Now this isn't exactly what it said, I cannot remember what it said but yeah.

 Part 6

 So Angelina arrives at Jess's house and my mom call the police. she doesn't want her child sitting in the same room of the people who called Child Services for no good reason. If Jessika would have minded her own business, things wouldn't be the way they are right now. Her fault and if s he really cared about us she would have done exactly that.

 Angelina got shipped to Ontario to live with our other older sister, Chantelle, and our niece, Destiny. To me that was the best place for her to be.


 Stay tuned for the rest of my story, please feel free to message me or inform me of a story you wrote of you life. If you are wondering yes I am Danity13's sister.


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