Spring Dance Chapter 1

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A beautiful homecoming queen tries to make her boyfriend jealous by going to the spring dance with a nerd.

Submitted: March 03, 2010

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Submitted: March 03, 2010



Study hall…last class of the day before a relaxing weekend. But the relaxing weekend would only happen if Jim finished his history report before the bell rang and at the moment that just didn’t seem possible. Jim had been sitting at a work station in study hall with an open book in front of him. It was still turned to the same page that he had opened forty-five minutes ago when study hall started. Jim just sat there, staring into space, chewing on the end of his pencil.

“Why in the world did I say yes,” he wondered to himself as he assessed the situation in his mind. “Nerd boy…never goes to these dang dances and suddenly I find myself roped into going to one all because I can never say no to my best friend.”

Standing up, he stretched to relieve the kinks in his back. Suddenly he spots the very girl he wants to avoid. Marissa, homecoming queen and head cheer leader, was heading into study hall. Long blond hair, curvacious, and long sexy legs. A girl any guy in his right mind would want to be seen with....except him. She was followed by herfriend Molly who was Jim's best friend. Both were chattering back and forth and did not see Jim, who very quickly sunk down in his seat, hoping the front of the tall work station would keep him from being seen.

Both girls put their books on a table in front of Jim’s workstation and sat down with their backs to him.

“I cannot believe that I let you talk me into asking the king nerd to take me to the Spring Dance Molly.” Marissa moaned “He will probably wear a pair of polyester slacks and a plaid sports court.”

“Hey, Jim is nice and it is only one dance. It is not like you two are going to run away and get married or something.” Molly answered back laughing softly.

“Nice or not he is not Rocky”, Marissa replied “I know now that I need to think before I act when we have a fight and I want to make him jealous. If I knew where I could find Jim I would just cancel going to the dance with him.”

“I have his cell phone number so you can call him.” Molly told her as she pulled her cell phone out of her back pack and opened it up.

Jim quickly reached into his pocket and tugged his phone out, turning it off. He did not want it to ring and give his position away. Just as Marissa took the phone in her hand, Rocky walked into the library with a very sexy red head hanging onto his arm, laughing softly at something he whispered in her ear.

Smacking him lightly on the arm she said, “Oh Rocky, you are so bad.”

They headed to the back ofthe study hallnot even noticing Marissa staring at them, her mouth wide open in astonishment.

“Did you see that?” Marissa exclaimed “We have not even officially broke up and he is already hooking up with Sherry!”

“We are in study hall and we don’t Ms. Thompson coming over here so tone your voice down” warned Molly softly.

After a few minutes of standing there staring after Rocky and Sherry, Marissa handed the phone back to Molly and sat down.

“Guess I am stuck going to the dance with nerd boy after all.” Marissa complained. “I just hope I can make Rocky jealous enough to make him come back to me and forget all about Sherry.”

Seeing and hearing everything, Jim smiled to himself as he thought to himself, “Nerd boy am I? Guess it is time to show Ms. Homecoming Queen another side of nerd boy.”

Knowing that there was no way to sneak out of the study hall without being seen by Molly and Marissa, he sat there and tried to concentrate on his report but finally gave up when his mind kept wandering to the evening ahead.

Suddenly the bell rang, breaking into his thoughts. He shut his book and slipped it into his back pack, patiently waiting for the girls to leave.

“What time is Jim picking you up?” asked Molly

“He said around seven o’clock.” Marissa responded as she gathered her things. “See you at the dance.”

“Smile and enjoy yourself tonight.” Molly said “I'm sure you will have a good time if you let yourself relax.”

The girls walked out of the library talking softly and giggling. Giving them a few minutes lead way, Jim finally got up and stretched the kinks out of his back. Slinging his book bag over his shoulder he headed out for home planning in his mind how to show Ms. Homecoming Queen just how wrong she was about nerd boy.

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