50 Grit

After procuring remnant material from a friend’s woodworking business, borrowing the needed tools from my brother, and following directions from several YouTube videos I managed to construct a simple charcutier board. The outcome was both successful and satisfying. It is safe to say I am pretty proud of my efforts. I like being creative, but my endeavours rarely live beyond the idea stage. So, witnessing an idea come to fruition can be (depending on the outcome) fulfilling.

 A large part of this particular project involved sanding. The grit becoming finer as the wood became smoother and softer. In the course of past projects, I found sanding by hand a wearisome task and decided this time I would borrow an electric hand sander. Unfortunately, the machine lent to me was possibly the oldest in existence with wires alarmingly frayed. Typical Hotty response was “It’s perfectly fine.” Thank you but no. Instead, to put my mind at ease, he found a disc sander, barely used, online. To my delight the machine came with several packages of sandpaper in varying grit. This, along with an article recently read, is how I came to contemplate grit.

Said article contained research regarding the psychology of possessing grit as a personality trait. It explained that gritty people tend to be more successful in life.  Such individuals are inclined to be passionate and courageous, conscientious, tenacious, and able to endure in the face of adversity.

 I admit I do not have grit. I am gritless

 Passionate and conscientious for sure, sometimes courageous but mostly I am easily intimidated. Was I always like this? At age 50 criticisms have the power to sway me, even dislodge me. You would think, by now, I would know who I am. By now I should know how to accept who I am and love her. Stand up for her, do what is right for her. It is during this self reflection when it becomes clear that what I need is grit. 50 grit is my new mantra.

I did something this week that has taken a year to do. Doesn’t matter what it was, believe me it is so mundane you would be disappointed if you knew. The point is I summoned the appropriate amount of grit needed and did it. Likely I will need to continue assembling grit, (like the avengers). For now, I know where it is when I need it. Varying degrees of grittiness stored in a plastic grocery bag along side all the other tools I might need.


As I mentioned, I am an idea person. I always have ideas, not always gems, but ideas none the less. Thinking of grit has led me to think of the stubble or five  o'clock shadow some men wear on their face. This has led me to dream of a mans cologne called 50 GRIT designed for the mature, more established man.  (Maybe 20 Grit for the less, internally, refined younger guy.) What would it smell like? Hotty and I have joked about this from time to time. -- Saw dust, shop class, chopping wood outdoors in the winter, burning cherry wood in the fireplace… A man fresh out of the shower…. the back seat of my boyfriends car in 1988. -no wait that smells like Drakar noir and pine air freshener... what do you think?

Submitted: April 23, 2022

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Rooster Cogburn had True Grit AKA John Wayne.
There is a time and place for 'grit' to be displayed, and the size of the grit is exceedingly crucial. not too coarse, not too little.

Sun, April 24th, 2022 11:52pm

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