Stay Away From September

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When you watch the love of your life walk out, what you least expect is to see them try and walk back in 2 years later.

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012





September 12 2011
I woke up to her; we were having dinner that night, she promised. When I came home, our apartment was empty, all her things were gone and there was a note on the bed.

‘Emma,’ It read. ‘I’m sorry to have to do this, but I have to. Our relationship will never be legal in this state if I stay. This marriage would never work until it were legal for us to be wedded here. I love you, I’m sorry.’

I called in sick to work for 2 weeks, Jonathon knew I wouldn’t take that long off and came round to see if I was okay. Hoping it was her, I opened the door, trying to look like my eyes weren’t red and puffy, only to see a friend and co-worker. Trying to keep my voice strong, I pretended it was the flu. He pushed past me, refusing to leave. “Emma, this isn’t normal. You don’t even get sick, and if you do you come to work anyway. You don’t have the flu, what’s going on?”

It was then that he saw the note, the note that brought my world crashing down. He sat next to me and took my hand. “She isn’t worth it if she leaves the most amazing woman in the world.” Wrapping his arms around me, I broke down crying once again. I felt like the tears hadn’t stopped since I first read that note. I read it over and over hoping to see a catch in it, but nothing. She was gone for good.

September 15 2013
I heard a knock at the door and ran over, I was expecting Jonathon, but opening it revealed someone I never thought I’d see again. “Emma-“
I slammed the door in her face and dropped. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Jonathon.
“Jon, she’s here. Keira is outside my door, I don’t know what to do. How close are you?”

“I just got to the building, I’m guessing I’ll see her on my way up. Stay calm love.”
We hung up and I clutched my phone, I heard breathing on the other side of the door so knew she was still there. I heard Jon’s voice, then hers. He was telling her to leave; she was refusing. I opened the door and asked for both of them to come inside.

Keira came towards me. “Em, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking, my life hasn’t been the same these past two years, I’ve wanted to come back ever since the day I left.”
“Then why didn’t you? I was left here, dumped by a note. I never did anything to you, Keira. I was loyal and honest and gave you space. I treated you how any girl would want to be treated, and you left without even coming to me and saying goodbye. Am I worth only that? A break up note? You never called, you never emailed, you never wrote, and you have the nerve to turn up today, 2 years and 3 days after you left, and expect me to be happy to see you? I loved you with all I had, I couldn’t live without you.”

I walked into the bedroom, locking the door. I couldn’t face her. I could hear Jon trying to get her to leave, yet again she was refusing. “She was my girlfriend, I’m not going until she forgives me.”
“Then you’ll be waiting a few months, or years, she won’t be forgiving you in a while. I was the one who picked up the pieces, you have no idea what you did to her.”
“I know what I did, and I regret it, neither of you understand, I still love her, I was scared.”

This was my cue to come out. “Jon, go. It’ll be okay, I’ll call you later.” He hugged me goodbye and I was left with her.  “Keira, you broke me, I don’t know what I ever did wrong.”

“I wanted to marry you, but I knew we couldn’t. Or if we did, we’d have to travel to do it and when we got back it wouldn’t be recognized. The state would still see us as partners, no matter how many times we showed the paperwork, or the rings on our fingers, we wouldn’t be wife and wife. I was scared I may never get to marry you and left, because I didn’t know what else to do. It was stupid, and I’m sorry.”
“You ran away because you wanted to marry me?” It was the worst excuse I’d ever heard. She touched my hand and I melted, I hated it. After all this time she still had that effect on me. I leant into a hug she came in for, regretting it immediately.  I stood up and walked across the room. “Keira, I love you, but you have to go. And never contact me again. This is too hard for us. For me. Please, just leave.” I also regretted that immediately. She reluctantly left, only after kissing me.

2 years ago I lost the love of my life, and today I made her leave. 

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