Day in the Woods

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One boy finally stands up to his mother and demands to make his own choices, in order to have a friend his mother isn't necessarily pleased with.

Submitted: April 02, 2015

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Submitted: April 02, 2015



Day in the Woods


(A boy is sitting in the shade of a tall oak tree that stands at Center Stage. Flowers of pastel colors glitter across the floor. A tire swing hung from one of the tree’s branches, one that points Upstage Left. The boy held a plain notebook and a pencil, writing away.)



The boy wanted…wanted a friend. He wanted a friend to…to hang out with…and eat mini corndogs with.


(As BOY speaks, he is writing in his notebook.

A pause.)



He wanted a friend to…support him…to stop the bullies. The boy wanted someone to stand by him.


(BOY wipes his face. BOY grimaces at the page of his notebook.)


BOY (Whispering)

I need a friend. I need someone to stand by me. It isn’t a want; it’s a need.

(BOY looks down at the page in his notebook. Once again, BOY wipes his face again, sniffling a little.)

Can I just have one? Just one friend?


(BOY looks up from his notebook at the sound of a twig snapping. BOY glances around frantically, a scared expression on his face.)


BOY (Shouting)

Who’s there?

(BOY glances to Stage Left)

Is anybody there?

(BOY glances to Stage Right. BOY decides to whisper.)

Maybe it was a deer. The bullies can’t find me out here.


(BOY looks back down at his notebook. BOY #2 emerges from Upstage Left. BOY #2 spots BOY under the tree. BOY #2 smiles and walks over.)


BOY #2 (Cheerfully)

Hi! My name is Connor. What’s yours?


BOY (Startled, looking up from his notebook)

I’m Elliott. What are you doing out here?


CONNOR (Smiling)

I love going for walks out here. What about you?

(CONNOR walks closer and sits beside ELLIOTT. CONNOR holds out his hand, gesturing towards the notebook in ELLIOTT’S lap.)

Are you a writer? Can I read it?



No, you can’t read it.


(ELLIOTT watches CONNOR, who frowns a little.


CONNOR snatches the notebook and stands up, staring at the paper.)


CONNOR (Sincerely)

By any chance, is “the boy” just you? I can be your friend, if you want.

(ELLIOTT stares at CONNOR, shocked by the offer.)

It’s okay. I love making new friends.


(CONNOR smiles at ELLIOTT. ELLIOTT smiles sheepishly and looks down. CONNOR crouches down in front of ELLIOTT. CONNOR places the notebook in ELLIOTT’S lap.)



Thanks, Connor. I appreciate it, but I fear this is the only time we’ll ever see each other.


(CONNOR shakes his head. He takes the pencil and jots something down on the page of the notebook.)



That is my phone number. Be sure to text me.


ELLIOTT (Quietly)

My parents don’t let me text people they haven’t met.


(CONNOR furrows his brow, sporting his best thinking face. ELLIOTT shrugs. CONNOR’S eyebrows raise with an idea.)



Why don’t I just walk you home? I’ll meet your parents, and then you can text me.


(ELLIOTT shakes his head immediately. CONNOR furrows his brow as he stands back up. CONNOR crosses his arms and taps his foot, waiting for ELLIOTT to explain.)


ELLIOTT (Quietly)

My parents are really mean. They’re some of the bullies.


(CONNOR lowers his arms and relaxes his face. CONNOR crouches in front of ELLIOTT again.)


CONNOR (Looking Down Stage)

Everybody can be mean.

(CONNOR glances down at his hands)

Even I can be mean.

(CONNOR meets ELLIOTT’s eyes.)

But we make our own choices. Like I am walking you home.


(ELLIOTT stares at CONNOR, who is looking Downstage Right. Slowly, ELLIOTT turns to look Stage Right. A woman is standing there, her hands on her hips. WOMAN is glaring at ELLIOTT, whose eyes are wide with fear.)


WOMAN (Shouting)

Elliott Gilbertson! What are you doing out here?


(ELLIOTT wipes his cheek immediately and looks down in shame. CONNOR glances at ELLIOTT, then at WOMAN. CONNOR stands up with a frown.


CONNOR’s eyebrows rise in surprise.)


CONNOR (Slightly startled)

Are you Elliott’s mom?


(WOMAN, ELLIOTT’S MOM, nods at the question.


ELLIOTT’S MOM crosses her arms over her chest before looking CONNOR up and down. A frown crosses ELLIOTT’S MOM’s face.)


ELLIOTT (Quietly)

I’ll go home now, Mom. I only wanted to be outside for a little anyways.



Not just yet, my dear. Who is your…




ELLIOTT (Still quiet and meek)

His name is Connor. He wants to be my friend,

(ELLIOTT looks at CONNOR, who is already looking at ELLIOTT)

And I’m okay with that.


(ELLIOTT smiles sheepishly with a small shrug. CONNOR grins. ELLIOTT’S MOM turns to face Downstage. ELLIOTT’S MOM crosses to Downstage Right, a frustrated expression on her face.)


ELLIOTT’S MOM (Angrily. Plosive consonants extra sharp)

Elliot, you will not be friends with Connor.


(ELLIOTT rises to his feet and crosses to Downstage Right but stands Upstage to ELLIOTT’S MOM. ELLIOTT shoots CONNOR a determined smile before facing the audience. ELLIOT’S MOM glances back at ELLIOT and turns to a one-quarter position towards ELLIOTT. CONNOR stares solely at ELLIOTT.)


ELLIOTT (Confidently)

I will be friends with whomever I want. You may not like Connor, but he’s willing to be my friend. I think that’s cool. Connor is cool. Mom, this is my life. I make my own decisions when it comes to whom I associate with, what classes I take, and other stuff too. My life is exactly that, mine. Sure, you control what I have as materials, but you don’t control my life. You are no longer my dictator.



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