Lost In Frozen Tracks

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Karsten Mars is just a boy who has an obsession with flowers.

Submitted: August 22, 2014

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Submitted: August 22, 2014



Lost In Frozen Tracks


I froze. We made eye contact. She caught me looking. What do I do? I don't know!


Alexandria Madison was the most popular girl in school. The fact that she's looking at me makes me want to squeal. Wait, she's glaring. At that realization, I looked back down at my bundle of doodled flowers.


"I'm not your girlfriend so back the fuck off." That melodic voice hissed in my ear. Not really in my ear. Just in my head.


Alexandria's waterfall of ebony brown hair cascaded past her shoulders to her lower back. Her jade green eyes no longer burned hell into my skull.


A sharp finger dug into my left side, getting me to grunt slightly. I turned to find Kyle Meyers's hateful-glinted mocha brown eyes. His angry message was crystal clear. Alexandria was his. No fair. They aren't even dating. Not yet obviously.


Mrs. Eller continued her excruciating and boring lesson about... wait, what is she talking about? OH! She's just getting on Jake Lyon about being late...again. Oddly, I made eye contact with Jake. Why did he wink at me? I'm a guy! I zoned out the annoying lecture and continued my doodling. I like drawing flowers and coloring them later.


"Karsten Mars! What are you doing?" The old woman barked.


Well, she startled me. Wait... That's my name!


"Huh?" My voice meek compared to the sound of a dropped pin.


What are you doing?" She hissed.


"Drawing what?"


I don't know what startled me more. Either a shark or the boisterous laughter that erupted in classroom, following my single-worded answer. Their reactions made me feel small. Even Alexandria seemed to think I was some joke. I don't want the love of my life thinking that!


I kept my head down for the rest of the class. It was a relief to get out of there. I needed away from them. I needed a break. I needed to smell a pretty flower.


"Hey Karsten!" Beca's voice made me flinch.


My cheeks reddened instantly. I always blushed whenever she startled me. Beca was my best friend and could always save my day.


"Why are you wearing a tie?" She asked.


"My mom wanted me to."
"Well, you look adorable."
"Thanks, Beca."


Beca and I had every class together except first block. We both had Earth Science but she had Mr. Owens instead of Mrs. Eller.


I blushed a little bit more when Beca took my hand and dragged me through the halls, heading to the small courtyard that led way to the Mods. I barely could move my feet fast enough to keep up. Beca slowed down when we reached the little courtyard. Right when I bumped into Kyle Meyers!


"Watch where you're going, Flower Boy!" He sneered, his lips curled in disgust.


Before I could have a meltdown, Beca started dragging me again. My eyes brimmed with flustered and unwanted tears. My sensitivity was annoying.


"Forget him, Kars." Beca insisted, giving me the little nickname.


Beside Mod Five, I sat on the dirty ground, waiting for Beca to return. She was telling Ms. Morris that I needed to go to the guidance counselor. That was no lie. I needed some comfort. I kept my gaze locked on my clean Converse. I didn't want to see snarling lips, hateful glares, or unreasonable disgust.


"What's wrong?" A gentle familiar voice asked softly.


I looked up to find ocean blue irises, honey skin, and dusty hazelnut brown hair. I looked up to find Jake Lyon possessing a friendly smile.


Remembering his question, I looked for an answer. I rampaged through my mind, finding nothing. I gave up on responding, sagging my shoulders.


"You know, you're too amazing to be frowning." His calm words somehow struck a blushing smile.


His hand lightly touched under my chin, carefully tipping my head back the slightest. What was he doing? He seemed to just watch my eyes. His gaze lowered for a split second before flicking to my eyes. His head tilted to his right as he inched closer and closer until gentle contact was made, his lips soft against mine, him taking my breath away.

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