Who Is This?

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This was a spin-off a book that I have deleted. It was the starting chapter in the other character's perspective.

Submitted: January 11, 2014

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Submitted: January 11, 2014



It's just a normal old day. If you want to call it that. I moved into a new neighborhood and it's packed with large, gorgeous mansions. I feel like an outsider. I'm used to a plain, two-story, boring, old house. That's where I used to live with my mother. Until she died and I had to live with my father. I like Dad's home and everything. It's just I don't belong here. I'm an outcast. 

This place is gorgeous though. I absolutely love this place. The towering trees, bright blue skies, crisp air, and perfect temperatures. It almost seems imaginary. I'm used to storm clouds all day everyday. I'm used to burning smoke. I'm used to torn down or lightning-struck trees. It was cold, raining, and disgusting at my mother's. She only lived there because of my step-dad. 

I couldn't resist not taking a walk in this beautiful weather. It's a good thing I did take a walk too. A really cute boy was climbing out the third-story window of his ginormous mansion. His baby blue button-up wasn't done and his skinny jeans looked good on him. I could see that he was wearing Converse sneakers. 

My heart skipped a beat when he slipped on the ledge. I just stood there like an idiot, watching the boy crawl across his roof, making his way to the tall magnolia tree. By the time he reached the dangling tire swing, I almost calm bed down but he has some loose footing. I immediately darted over and managed to catch his falling body. 

This boy is absolutely breathtaking. His beautiful baby blue eyes grew wide as he took in my appearance. His fluffy, light blonde hair was windswept and fabulous, the light brown lowlights caught the sunshine perfectly. His face was chiseled perfectly, his high cheekbones poking out as a smile stretched across those tempting, pale red, soft-looking lips. 

"Are you okay?" I asked. He was absolutely adorable as his lips fumbled to form words. It made me smile and I finally placed him back on his feet. 

"Um. Thanks." His voice wasn't too high or too deep. Just perfect. 
"No problem. You should just be more careful though. The name's AJ by the way. You?"

He became even cuter as his cheeks reddened from embarrassment. He's probably not used to being caught like that. 

"Do you live around here?"
"Yeah, right next door. I was hoping there would be somebody my age around here. This place looked like rich old people town."

He laughed really hard like that. Maybe his parents are young. 

"You're just in luck. That's my home and my buddy, Danni, lives right behind our houses. I'm just not allowed to hang out with him though. His parents had though I was gay so they forced him to stay away from me."
"Awe. Judgmental people. Hate them."
"Yeah. We had been friends for our entire lives until last Christmas when we bought matching stuff."
"Awe. I feel really bad now. I'm sorry if I brought up bad memories."
"It's fine. I wanna take you somewhere."
"Ok. Lead the way."

He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to his backyard. He took very cautious, quick steps. Soon we were in the shade of a towering willow tree, others behind it. He looked a tad out of breath. I can understand why. His yard is huge. I ran into him. 

"Is this it?"
"Nope! Not even close."

Oh. I wonder where we're going. The last time someone dragged me somewhere was when my half-brother, Riley, took me to his room where he had beaten me senseless. We prefer to call each other step-brothers because he doesn't like that he's related to a gay guy and that our mother was bisexual. 

Cameron was silent as he dragged me through the grove of trees. Maybe he can help me overcome my unruly past. He seems like he could. I gasped in amazement when the intricate structure of an insane treehouse. I was so caught up in gazing that I ran into Cameron again. 

"Sorry. You do realize your buttons aren't done still, right?" I had to ask but I soon regretted the decision since he started doing the buttons, hiding his chest. 

"It's fine. Just follow me. There's a little river back here and a little boat that fits." He said as he buttoned his baby blue shirt, leading me to the right. 

What a glorious sight! I doubt I could have been more amazed by the showers of sunlight pouring through the openings between the opaque green leaves, causing the water to glisten. The dewdrops on the blooming blossoms glittered and sparkled. Somehow I could smell the sweet, mouth-watering rang of honey. It was now that I realized it was Cameron who smelled like honey. He looked as if he was getting tired from rowing the brown, wooden boat. I can understand why. There isn't much of a current helping him out. 

"Getting tired." My voice obviously startled him but he nodded. "Do you want me to take over?"

"Nah. It's fine. I want you to enjoy the view."
"I can still enjoy the view while rowing the boat."
"It's not the same. Trust me."

There was another reason why I wasn't rowing the boat. He knows the route. I don't. Soon we were back at the dock while Cameron clumsily climbed out of the boat. I almost thought he was about to fall into the cold water. Soon he found a rope ladder which led to a brown platform that was high in the towering branches. I followed him happily and now we're laying in the hammock that had been hidden by the platform. I found the swinging of the hammock really relaxing. Cameron obviously did too. He was starting to fall asleep. 

"If you're that tired, maybe we should head back." My voice ringed with concern. As much as I like it out here, I don't want to be the only one awake. I'm getting a bit antsy now. I hope he isn't watching. 

"I'm fine. It's just this is really relaxing. That's all. Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, Cameron. There's no need to be worried."
"How long have you lived here?"
"Um. We moved in today."
"Oh. Are your parents worried?"
"Uh. My brother, Zane, might be. I don't know about my stepmom. My dad oh yes he's worried. Always is."
"My parents are divorced. No biggie."

We just laid there, talking about everything. Almost. I didn't tell him too much about my mother, my stepfather, and half/step brother. We kept talking until a very lovely dressed woman cams stomping, getting her black high heels grassy. She looked pissed. 

"Cameron Andrew Williams! You know you're grounded! Tell your friend that he has to go home too!" The woman yelled. She's probably Cameron's mother. Her loud voice startled me. 

"Sorry, AJ. You heard her."
"Have fun. See you around. I'm gonna have to walk with you guys though. I don't know my way through this forest."
"That's alright AJ. That's my mom and I'll just walk you home."

The walk was shorter this time. And much less tiring. We weren't running but we were still walking a bit quickly. The walk went by faster than I thought and we were under the sparkling branches of that beginning willow tree. 

"Thank you for the warm welcoming and the pleasant afternoon, Cameron." I said as I curtly nodded before walking up to my house. 

A smile upon my lips the whole. A smile upon his perfect lips the whole time. I wonder if my smile is burning in his mind like his smile is burning in my mind. I wonder if he knew I thought he was fucking adorable. 

Oh gosh. What am I thinking? Do I like him? Am I falling? Oh why am I falling? Is he thinking about me? Oh gosh. I'm falling hard. 

Who is this? Who is Cameron? What is he going to be to me? Who is this boy? Who is this?

The end!

© Copyright 2017 P3anut. All rights reserved.

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