Operation BREAK OUT

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic
The International Spy Ring is an organize company of mercenaries who pride themselves in their missions. They are contracted in this caper to fee a journalist spy held captive in Syria in one of the most impenetrable prisons. The big man called Fist crashes a conference meeting and later offers a position in the group. Fist, independent mercenary experiences what it takes to become a team player and with "Wasp" (Frankie Faldetti) who is a communication /demolition expert finds out that they both have to alter their set plans to make the mission successful.

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



Prologue/Story Synopsis: The International Spy Ring is a group of organized mercenaries that can be hired by any person, group or county in the rescue of anyone in dire need, political or otherwise. No questions ask. The ISR was beckoned to rescue a man. The Syrian government had imprisoned a national named Elias Azrak who is a journalist and had written many things against the country political figures and system. However, he possessed many followers and friends who wanted him out to safety. But the prison he was in is also a virtual fortress. ISR comes to the rescue in a planned operation called Break Out. Fist who is a mercenary comes in alliance with the organization and along with team captain Bear and the demolition expert Wasp, their venture to this new spy caper begins.


CHARACTERS to watch for in this short spy thriller story:

Fist (Jack Lustrum, main character), Edward Crawford (an officer of ISR, man that knows Khalid that Fist was able to locate ISR), Oscar Faraday (the director of ISR), John Berg (officer of operations and protocol), Steven “Bear” Johansen (team captain), Frankie “Wasp” Faldetti (demolition expert), and Elias Azrak (the journalist the IRA breaks out from Syria’s prison).


Operation: BREAK OUT.

They gathered around a huge oval table of some thirty or so high ranking officials some in military uniform and a few mercenaries. This was the headquarters of the International Spy Ring, (ISR). The ISR were contractors for any government who contracted them on assignments. They were not opposed to any political side. This gathering was where the contract starts. This was not where diplomats of different countries come to talk peace.

Shouts were coming from outside of the room as the discussion continues. The high door that was closed to the end of the large room suddenly bursts open. A big muscular man with combat fatigues enters the room aggressively and rotates his head to scans the area with a firm hard face and brighten glazed eyes.

“Where is Kahlid? I want him now, we have something to settle!”

Two security guards came running in seconds later into the room. One of them spoke as they both try to catch their breath.

“I’m sorry gentlemen” the security officer said, “He just walked in, and demanded to see somebody, he beat up a couple of guards, took away their guns and broke them.”

All the men at the table looked in his direction. Then the main man at the table spoke, “What do you mean broke them, broke the guns!?”

“Yes sir, we try to stop this man, we took shots at him, but not to kill him, he dodged the bullets, but he was fast and strong. He overpowered two of my men, took away the guns and bent the front of the guns, one the gun was even broke in half, displaying what seemed like superhuman strength”

The main man at the head of the table with a long mustached then asked the big man, “Who are you or what are you?”

“They call Fist but my real name is Jack Lustrum.”

“I see said”, the head man, “Well there’s no Kahlid here”

The head man looked to the others and asked, and pointed out to a well suited man with the laptop, “Sid, do we know of any Kahlid”. The man type in as a roll of names comes up on his computer. We have seventy four Kahlid, twelve in London, eighteen working for us in Lebanon, twenty three in united emirates..”

Then the main man stopped him, “Ok, ok, what this man’s last name, Mister Fist”

“His last name, ..let me think, we usually call him Kahlid, he is our informant. Ah yes, Al-Jahani.”

The other man on the computer, check it. He says, “Yes there is one Al Jahani here, does not work for us, but his data proves that he is a rebel for a group of people called, Kiajias. He formed this repel group to protest the government standards in Iraq. Some of his followers have grown a bit in Egypt and new sources say it’s spreading across North Africa”.

The head man looked at Fist and asked, “Why do you think Kahlid was here with us?”

“Because he said he knows a man name Edward Crawford and there was something going down in Afghanistan. Kahlid would inform me and pay me for my last assignment I did for him. Khalid never did. So I need my money.”

“I see, and Mister Crawford could you please stand up”

A small man stood up, black rimmed glasses, and hair parted in the middle of his head, with a grey suit as if he was a manager of a retail store.

“I am Edward Crawford, and he is telling the truth. I know Kahlid. He was a good source for us. Many leaks in their government to our advantage were performed by him. We paid him handsomely both money and military. But I am sorry Fist. Mister Khalid Al-Jahani is not with us anymore.”

Then Fist came closer to the little man. “What do you mean not with us anymore? He had a contract with you guys. He showed me it. It’s in the millions. You broke the contract with him?”

Then Edward Crawford looked at Fist in the eyes, “No Fist, he is dead. He died in one of the raids he was in. That was three weeks ago.”

Fist expression changed. His aggressiveness of wanting to find Khalid was now subdued with some sadness.

“You know, even though he was a rebel, he grew on me. He paid me well and said I was like his son. He wanted me to marry his daughter but his religion forbids that. I thought he stiffed me out of my money now the money doesn’t matter anymore.”

The head man shouted across the floor to the security guards, “Security, you can leave now, he is with us.” The security guards nodded and left.

“Fist”, the head man said, “My name is Oscar Faraday, and I am director of ISR, I would like to talk to you privately. My associate John Berg will see you out and I’ll be there in a while as I close off these talks.”

Fist left with John Berg, went up to an elevator to a higher floor and was escorted into a large office. John offered Fist coffee as he waited for Oscar Faraday.

It was a least an hour before Faraday arrived to see Fist. As Faraday entered the room, he curiously asked, “So why do they call you Fist, is it that you beat up on people.”

Fist looked at Faraday with a smirk, “Not really”. He took his right hand and broke off the edge piece of his mahogany desk, and then punched a deep hole right through the center of his desk with his fist. “Holy shit man”, Faraday exclaimed, “You know how much that desk cost”. Fist smiled, “Nope, don’t care” and then took off the glove that was in his right hand. “It was mostly metal, shiny steel”, Fist smiled diabolically. Faraday eyes opened wide, “You have a bionic hand, interesting!” Fist looked at him, and then laughed out loud, “That’s why they call me Fist. The rest of me am all flesh and blood.”

Oscar Faraday looked curiously interested, “I could use a good man like you, interested!?” Fist looked at him and paused to study Faraday, “I don’t know, don’t know how much of an asshole you are. I hate to have to kill you when you try not to pay me. I was just about to do that to Khalid and found out that he died before that happened. Now I am out of fifty thousand dollars.” Faraday, looked seriously at Fist. “I could give you the fifty grand and some, but you’ll need to agree to our terms, we need some extra help”

“Help you”, I don’t even know you.

“In time you will. You may even like me. I pay a lot better than Khalid”, Faraday smiled as he said those words.

“Being a mercenary, I go for the highest bidder” Fist said looking directly in the eyes of Faraday.

“Don’t worry about the small stuff Fist, I got you covered”

“Ok, so what you have in mind for me”, Fist then relaxed his composure.

Faraday then went on to explain the assignment.

“As you know, and maybe you read about it, there is a journalist in Syria. We need to get him out. One of my client countries are paying me handsomely to get him out alive. The last attempt, I lost seven of my men, two women, and twenty five civilians in the process. We came away with barely with our asses covered. I want you to be the one of the mercenaries to do this job. It’s vital, it’s top secret. Are you in?”

“Yes of course. I’m interested”

“Excellent. Let me introduce you to my staff that will fill you in on the details.”

Faraday called John Berg into the office.

“You’ve met John, he not just a coffee gofer. He is responsible in providing you with all the information you need. He’s officer of operations and protocol. John, take him in the briefing room and tell him a nice story about our journalist friend in Syria.”

“Yes sir”, John Berg responded to Faraday, “Follow me Fist”

Fist sat down in a tiny wooden chair in his office. It was just barely enough to fit a big man like Fist. John was a slender man some eight inches shorter than Fist’s six foot seven inch big body. John wore glasses appeared like he was some Ivy League University geek.

“Fist”, John says as he takes his seat across his desk from Fist trying not to be intimidated by the big man, “We feel we are a special group of people that get the job done. Now our man to get in Syria is Elias Azrak. He is not only a journalist, he’s part of our intelligence operator in Syria. That’s all you need to know. Your job, get him out of prison, alive.”

“I see. And you have the plan and personnel to help me do it?”

“Yes, you’ll be briefed. We have only a few weeks to ready ourselves. I hope you’re a fast learner”

“Don’t worry about my part. I worry about little people who get in my way”.

“Ok, then it’s all set, classes start at 0600 tomorrow”, John Berg said as they shook hands.

The next day Fist sat in a large room, and was introduced to about twenty men. The captain of the team was led by Steven Johansen. A military man, flattop crew cut, they called him Bear. He was a big man as like Fist, a bit shorter but looked like a small version of the hulk. Then there was Frankie Faldetti. He was the smallest man in the bunch. He was also the youngest but had a lot of eagerness going for him. Frankie was the demolition and communication personnel.

“Mister Fist”, Frankie put his hands forward for a handshake to look up to his towering figure, “I’m Frankie Faldetti, some of my friends call me Wasp”. Frankie awaited Fist to compensate with an out stretch handshake but none was given by Fist.

“Wasp your name huh, Mister Faldetti”, Fist said, “I used to kill lots of wasps when I was a kid. I fed them to my little brother. He enjoyed eating them. You cook ‘em right it like chewing on raisins”

“Well anyway Fist”, Frankie smiled to let that comment of Fist pass over his head among other things, “Welcome aboard”.

Frankie “Wasp” Faldetti was not intimidated by men of Fist’s size. He was used to it as most of them were bigger than he was; after all, he fought side by side them and was awarded a few times for saving some of those “big men” in the moments of dire need.

Fist made acquaintance with all the personnel for the mission. It was two weeks long with mentally and physical days of planning with everybody knowing their job and some of each other’s jobs too. Every operation plan Fist was engage in was like boot camp all over again. Being fit and ready with a large complex compound, all the men engaged in their exercise to be physically able and ready for the operation. The two weeks went by fast and Operation BREAK OUT was in action.

In street of Beirut, Syria was a time of unrest. Many angry citizens stand at the county’s capital to protest the incarnation of their new favorite hero, Elias Azrak. Two of the scouts arrived as regular citizens speaking the language and knowing the country’s customs. They were able to inform ISR’s John Berg via Oscar Faraday the status of it all. Three days later they initiated their set-up operations. It was not long afterwards, that on day one an early morning definite wakeup call occurred as a car bomb about a mile of one of the government building killing a diplomat of Syria. Upon this, our operants would look out their hotel room to see such events not five hundred yards way. The unrest continued as stones and other forms of civilian weaponry were thrown to the soldiers, government vehicles and even the police. It was not surprising that the jails were stock piled with rebels, activists and even grandmothers who were arrested in all similar causes.

The prison where Elias Azrak was held was unlike most others. In the Assyrian language, the prison was called The Circle X. This was a symbol of shame. The entire building structure and walls were like a big X when view above, housing 800 prisoners that committed serious crimes against the country and the building were engulfed like a fortress with high walls that circled around it. Other than being miles away from the nearest town it was an arid region with one road leading to it. It was considered a military prison where guards were soldiers and trained for massive attracts rather than inmate-rebellions. Because of Azrak’s notoriety, his confinement was in the basement of the prison, some three levels down. This is so as any attack from the outside would still make it difficult for attackers to access him and get out from that level. But seemingly at this point, that did not deter the ISR as much data and information was funneled through the intelligence sector of personnel and operations.

Elias Azrak was a small man in status of an age around his mid forties, wore thick circular frame glasses, shaven head and dressed in western attire that are blue jeans, and a tee shirt. He also spoke English frequently. His talent was that of a journalist for the opposition party, thus writing against the government system of things. But now his biggest writing were stories and photographs of a book that he was able to publish in the United States, which were reproduced further to the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. This opened the world’s eyes against the present government.

Midnight fell as Elias Azrak who wasn’t used to not writing, supplement this creating visionary thoughts in what he could write if he was out of prison. In the prison cell basement he was guarded by four men. They were his caterers to all his needs, as they were mainly all he saw in the last eight months. He would be visited periodically by the warden, an official diplomat and others. Being abused and threatened to rewrite his story as an apology he continued to deny such influences against him. However this brought the anger to his captors. Within the heart of this little man dwells the bravery of a tiger but the morals and ethics of a philosopher and some may say a saint, in revealing atrocities that are the unjust in creating justice even if it took his life. Elias would constantly meditate to free his mind and envisions his quest as what he would be doing on the outside. The cell he was in was a large one as he was able to read and write with the approval of his captors. Within the walls that surrounded him and these big soldiers that guarded him was a steel door that opened for his meals and personal supplies. Elias hoped that sometime that door would open one last time for him when he is to walk out a free man.

The day was set for the Break Out as pre-intelligence reports went back to ISR, to and from the prison confines by spies and informants. On that day, at 1922 hours, Elias Azrak sat in his cell, it was time for his meal. It was dinner time as he ponder the thought of it being late.

“They are late with the food” shouts Elias to the guards.

“One of the guards responded, “Don’t worry maybe they are putting something special in it” as he laughs cynically.

“I hope it’s something better, it always tastes like horse shit”, was Elias response.

“Yeah, but you still eat it”, the other guard says.

Then a stouter guard responds, “It’s not so bad, I tasted it before”.

The other guard looks at the stouter guard with a laugh and responds, “Look at you, you would eat a jack ass and ask for seconds”

Then another guard would add, “Israel, you’ll eat anything, look how skinny that Elias is, you’ll die before reaching his size”. They laughed with each other making comments on the subject.

The meal finally arrived. Elias started his meal and finally cut a full boiled potato. There was something in it as he cut it. Strange, he thought as he parted open the potato with his knife further. He could see there was a small piece of paper and he knew instantly there was something going on. He spread the paper on his plate to read it. It was in Hebrew. It translated, “Don’t say a word..at 0415 hours there will be chaos. We’re here to get you. You’ll know it even before we arrive”. Elias looked at the guards and made the widest smile to them.

The stout guard noticed his expression and said, “The food is good, aren’t you glad you waited”

Elias nodded with delight. The other guards looked at him with slight suspicion, “I never saw him smile before, I think he’s beginning to like this place.”

Then the stout guard responded as he laughed, “He must be finally going crazy”

A few hours went by and Elias was unable to go to sleep. Suddenly they walls shook with a slight explosion. The guards all rocked in their seats from the effect.

“What was that!!?” one guard shouts nervously. While the other guard got on the phone trying to find out what was going on, Elias got up from his seat and smiled.

Some minutes later, the guard on the phone inquiring about the incident hanged up the phone spoke, “The boiler room had an explosion, someone is checking into it”

“I hope they get it fixed or it will be a cold night for everyone”, the stout guard commented.

Ignoring the sudden commotion, Elias went to bed for a few hours. Waking up, he could here subtle noises as he lied in bed and watched the clock on the wall. It was 0300 hours as he thought: soon there will be more than just a boiler explosion for them to worry about.

Outside in the building compound, a large delivery truck appears at the gate of the prison when a security guard comes out to see the driver. The driver was Bear, the leader of the mission. Bear, able to speak the language gave the security guard a document pass. The security guard returned to the guard hut possibly to verify the document by using a phone. Bear impatiently waits in the truck as a few minutes went by. He hits the steering wheel with his hands anxiously. Then suddenly a slight audible gunshot was sounded in the guard shack as if a revolver was shot with a silencer. Another guard comes out and approaches Bear near his truck’s window. As the light hit the guard’s face Bear recognizes him.

“Why did you takes so long Wasp?”, Bear said as he looked down to him from the truck’s window.

“Well sir to tell you the truth, I had to fight the guy a bit, you try being my size and doing this kind of work”

“Ok, you deactivated all the communications as well and so on and so on?!” Bear anxiously asked Wasp.

“Yes sir, don’t worry I got all that done”

“I have to worry; my ass is on the line”

“Yeah, and you got the rest of the men in the back of the truck and not slabs of pork?”

“Yes Wasp, now open the god dam gates, before I shoot you myself”

“Yes sir!”

The truck pulled into a building where a large garage door opened assumed to be the warehouse for unloading freight. The large garage door closed as Wasp went back into the guard hut. The sentries on the tower were Wasp’s job to quiet them as Bear and his men had to work their way inside.

Wasp sat in the guard shack at a desk, had a laptop and some blinking lights connected to an array of devices. “Now who shall be first”, he said with a smile. The laptop screen showed sectors of the building and some live video pictures of movements. His head phones were on as he talked to Bear. He could hear the gun fires and some explosions starting to occur as he directed Bear to near accuracy within the complex. Suddenly Wasp smiled again, looking at the computer screen and said, “You’re first!” He flipped a switch on of the blinking devices connected to the computer and there was a loud explosion. Then he continues to flip more switches. At some distance away he could see the lookout towers exploded one after the other.

Some moments later Wasp could just about hear an audible sound coming from the outside. As Wasp paused from his computer, he listened to choppers blades sounded off in the night sky. He came out of the shack just to make sure they had green lights on the sides. It’s ours, he thought. It was three of them. One of them hovered over the roof top of the northern part of the complex and one man got off with a rope ladder. It was the big man, Fist with total combat gear. No one followed him. His sole mission: To get Elias Azrak.

Wasp walked back into the guard hut and turned on his combat walky-talky.

“Wasp to Fist, come-in Fist”

“Fist here, I am sector H and will be nearing the electric rear door in fifteen seconds.”

Wasp went on the computer typed on his keyboard.

“Thanks Wasp, just seeing it opening, hate to have to use my fist to bust that door open”

“Yeah Mister Fist, that why they have me, conserve on your power, not everything is all might!”

“Ok, little Wasp, over and out”

Fist cautiously walked into the elevator with his gun held close to his chest pointed at an angle upward as his slowly walked sideways with his back against the wall. He would hear the explosions and gun fire on the other sector where Bear and his men were closing in from another direction. As he looked out to a side window he could see some of the building walls falling apart with the explosions. Shouts and yells from the prison guards were audible as command yells were heard from Bear. Fist knew that it won’t be too long that he would encounter confrontation as he near the holding areas where Elias was. The lights flicker on and off as Fist went down a short stairs. Suddenly a shot was fired. He could hear a couple of guards shouted to each other which was logical to Fist that they saw his presence. Running quickly and hiding behind some barrels, Fist hears the shots echoed in the dim light as he noted the fire trails of the shots. Seeing the reflection behind glass windows to know the location of the men, Fist silently went around that area behind them. Lifting a three hundred pound barrel and throwing it in the opposite direction and Fist watching it explode to distract the shooters, gun fire ripped in that direction. Running and sliding into position he opened fire on all of them. Five men laid flat on the floor. He then walked over to them. He stopped and kneeled down to look at one of the men who held some keys. He thought it maybe the keys to the cell Elias was in. He tried picking it up and then he felt something cold on his neck. It was a gun pointing at him. At the side of his neck.

“Well isn’t that a shame, end of the line for you hero”, the voice said, “You did good this far, but this is as far as you go. Those are not the keys you’re looking for.”

Fist stood still waiting for the man to say more pointing the gun at the side of his neck. Then Fist spoke.

“If you’re gonna kill me, then…” Fist paused his speech and then with a sudden twist and turn Fist held the man’s gun and bent the front of it and the other hand held his throat. Blood slowly poured out the nose of the man as he gurgled. With enormous strength he threw the gunman across the room with the man body hitting hard and flat against the wall as his gun flying out of his hand.

“You’re a fool”, Fist grinned, “You should have fired the shot”. He took the man’s body and lifted it high into the air and threw him out of the window. He looked out of the shattered window and saw the man face down flat on the ground.

Not a moment to lose, Fist then ran along a long corridor. There was bullets flying across as he dodge them, unware where it was coming from. Suddenly an electronic device hooked up on his waistband beeped him. It blinked red. Fist then decided to call into Wasp on his walky-talky.

“Wasp come in this is Fist, I am now in Sector G, there is an obstruction ahead, I am along a corridor and my readout says G45”

Wasp responded immediately as he looked on his computer to assess the situation.

“Wasp to Fish, you are not far away from Elias, the barrier is another elevator that you need to enter. There is a code to enter but I can override it from here”

“Ok, I’m getting close, running, be there in a sec”

“Code override, should open about now”

Running a few more feet to get to it Fist then responded,

“I am at the elevator.. it’s opening!”

Within seconds gun shots sprayed to the sides as Fist dived into the elevator. It was coming from another building close buy as some of the gunmen saw Fist ran along the corridor and then decided to open fire when he slowed down.

The elevator went down to a far low level as there were no stops. It was a fast ride to the basement section of the prison. Wasp indicated on the radio that he could not detect any gunmen that were outside but there were guards when he entered the cell enclosure where Elias was. The elevator opened and beeped. Fist stayed in it for a few seconds and ran quickly to hide against a wall. No shots were fired. He looked around to scan where he was in; it looked like an area of storage where small equipment and machinery were housed. He pulled out his pistol that had inferred sights and could see nothing but boxes and crates as everything was still. But he was not to be surprised as he stealthy waked along the side corners of the large room with his gun erected and his back towards the wall. In front of him, some fifteen feet was a large sliding door. There was a large sign next to it. It was written in Arabic language and had a board with further writing. He silently called into Wasp. He was told by Wasp that Elias Azrak was held there. The writing was a high security warning and any attempt to illegally open the door, automatic guns will be fired at the door. Fist looked at the distant side walls some twenty feet high on both sides; he could see five guns on each side pointed towards the door.

“There’s no way I can get at that door without being shot”, Fist said to Wasp on the radio.

“I know!” Wasp responded.

“So what’s next?”, Fist bluntly asked.

“We didn’t know there were guns there, our intelligence report didn’t indicate that!”, Wasp lamented on the thought.

“So what should we do, I can’t walk back now!” Fist growled in frustration.

“Yes I know, and the door is impenetrable with bullets and even explosives, then entire area Elias is in is like a big impenetrable egg”

“Well ain’t that the shits! I came all the way, busted my ass now this is gonna stop the whole mission!”

“Let me call into Bear and I’ll talk to you in a few, over and out”

Fist out!”, as he sat down on the ground putting his hands on his forehead.

Fist waited for a while and then he got up and paced back and forth as he glanced at the strong steel plated door. At a distance he decided to throw a large wooden crated box against the door. As it hit the door, it triggered gunfire from the machine guns that were hooked up on the high ceiling. Ten minutes later, waiting and contemplating Wasp called out was on the radio to him.

“Fist, the only way is through the ceiling. You’ll have to blast your way from the top to get to the cell block below, and that’s at the upper level. You also don’t have enough explosive to do it.”

“So we’re screwed still, anyway”

“Yes”, Wasp said, “and the only other way is getting into the air ducks, crawling along it and coming out one of it that leads inside of the cell chamber”

“Man, I should have asked for more money on this one. I’m too big to get into an air duck. Now that really are the shits”

“I can help, I’m small enough but it will take a few minutes for me to get to you”

“Now how the hell you’re gonna get to me, I busted my ass to get here, dodged bullets and a couple of explosions and your skinny ass gonna get here in a few minutes”

“No problem Mister Fist, you did all the dirty work for me, and you got rid of some of the bad guys, I am coming on the roof with a helicopter in fifteen minutes. Believe me, you’re not the only one that can run and hide and come out with a lot of firepower”

“Ok big talker, I’ll be waiting!”

Fisted waited, it was almost twenty minutes as Fist stand guarded near the door to Elias. Fist could hear a helicopter in a distant among the still constant gun fire Bear and his men was putting up. Wasp communicated to Fist to come back up one level with the elevator. Then Wasp and Fist united to embark on the air duck system entrance to the prison-cell of Elias. With a map and communication devices and extra ammo, Wasp had to do the job to enter the air duck system. Fist was to be back at the doors to enter when Wasp gets in.. or if he ever gets into the cell chamber from that unlisted method. They had to devise a plan that was best suited for both of them.

The plan was in action and Wasp was on his way. It took about thirty minutes for him to get to the area right above the cell. Wasp could hear the chatter of the guards who spoke in fear and not being able to communicate with anyone outside the area. It was Wasp job to stop all communication within the prison chamber by way of an elaborate computer jamming system and to some extent was able to control it with his computer when he was at the guard shack.

The men heard the slight rumbling within the air ducks. Suddenly shots were fired. The air vent had projected out near a side wall, with a mesh over it, some ten feet from the ground. Suddenly the mesh fell. Wasp did not come out. The moment got tense for the longest seconds as the guards got nervous. Then one of them spoke.

“Idiots, rats could be running in that thing” one of the guards commented. “Remember the boiler room explosion; well they may be still fixing it and it ..so it rattles a bit”

Suddenly Wasp stuck his head out and with his gun shot two of them. Elias looked up and shouted in jubilation. The others ran for cover behind a wall. Wasp then jumped down quickly from the air duck dodging bullets from the other guards. Elias laid flat on the floor of his cell as Wasp continued his combative offence. Wasp was able to move closer to the steel door. He flips a switch near the door as the two half’s of the door separated as it opens. Fist entered the cell chamber running and spraying bullets. Diving along the ground and skating along to the hiding place where one of guard’s were Fist grabbed both feet of the guard who fell flat on the ground as his machine gun shot out. With a power punch to the guard’s chest by his steel fist, the guard yelled in excruciating pain as he shook and shivered to a lifeless still.

Occupied with the last guard, Wasp continued to exchange shots from one corner of the cell chamber. Elias waited on the floor with his hands to his ear and almost seems to be praying for all of this to be over. Then suddenly the shots shopped as Wasp curiously shouted to Fist.

“Is everything all right Fist?”

Suddenly the body of the guard was thrown in Wasp direction some ten feet away from him. The guard was shot in his chest but still alive. Wasp thought: unbelievable a man of Fist size can do all of that.

Fist walked casually towards Wasp, and put his one foot on the guard’s chest where the wound was. The guard sounded off in pain. His gun resting on his right shoulder he spoke.

“Thanks for getting me into this shit hole Wasp, I can just grow to like you after all!”

“All right-tee Mister Fist, so you’re finally coming around, so don’t you go putting down us little guys, we still can do stuff you big goons can’t!”

“Ok, you made you point, where are the keys to the cell”

Fist and Wasp walked towards the cell to meet Elias. Elias was elated that it was soon over as Wasp and Fist introduced their selves to him and told them the plan to get him out. However, Wasp inquired to Elias to where the keys were for the cell.

At that point another guard who was shot was arousing slowly. Elias pointed to the guard “there.. the keys” The guard got up with a slight struggle with a set of key and smiled and showed the keys.

“Looking for theses”, he said.

Wasp ran to him but the guard dodged him. The man ran out the door into the large darken area where a lot of equipment, crates and boxes were. Fist fired a shot that hit the guard. The guard stumbled as he was hit by the bullet but then threw the key far and high as it landed among the cluster of boxes. The key was literally buried and lost within the piles of equipment and boxes. It was like looking for a needle in a hay stack in the dark.

“Son of a bitch, the bastard threw the key into all that stuff and it’s so dark I don’t think we’ll find it”, Fist yelled in frustration.

Wasp came out to see where the key was. Fist looked at Wasp trying to get an idea where the key may have fallen among the pile of stuff. There was no electricity in the section to even see each other clearly as Wasp shook his head in disgust.

“We don’t have time Fist, do you think you can break the lock”

“I can try”

They walked towards the cell where Elias was in.

“He banged it with his steel fist but it was only able to bend the lock a bit. The lock was a large thick steel case almost the same material the steel door was made of.

Then Elias was hitting his metal cup on the rods of his cell then the lock. Elias then noted.

“The rods of this cell is a different material my friends, Mister Fist try your hand on one of the rods”

Fist then acknowledged. He grabbed one of the rods with his steel fist. He was able to bend and separate two of rods. The steel rods were bent enough to have Elias duck away and out of the cell.

“Amazing hand you have Mister Fist”, Elias said.

“Yeah, it has its uses!”

In less than an hour afterwards the group made it gets away. Bear was able to release some of the prisoners in the other sections. Most of the prisoners took vehicles that were in the prison complex as they drove off with them to the darkness of night as they leave the collapsing burning building fortress. The next morning the prison was in smoke, in ruins as the bodies of the guards lay scattered on the ground. A military group of the government finally showed up to assess the situation. It’s was not long afterwards that Elias Azrak was heard to be in Egypt, then Morocco. Soon there were other rumors of places that were not solid enough for his captors to follow.

Meanwhile, ISR conducted its meeting in the conclusion of the operation. The commemorated attendees were Bear, Wasp and Fist, among a host of other officers of ISR, diplomats and so on. The room was filled with more people than the last time Fist had his dramatic debut. Many of them in military garb, some came in their combat fatigues and others wore their traditional suits_ diplomats and business men. Finally Oscar Faraday entered as claps echoed throughout the room. He walked to the podium as he was introduced by John Berg, officer of operations.

“Thank you gentlemen”, Faraday began, “My speech today will be brief and to the point, as you know, operation Break Out was successful. Despite being well planned, it had it flaws. Fortunately our guys were able to overcome those obstacles. The certainty of any mission is never certain. We can only hope and maintain the confidence of our well trained men to do what it takes to make good of it. I thank and give gratitude to all the men who made it through and the others who didn’t shall always be remembered and honored”

Suddenly there were continued clapping and it went on for a few seconds longer. Faraday showed elation in his expression at the audience as he tried to continue.

“I want to say one more thing before I leave. I want to commend Bear, Mister Steven Johansen and his troops that caused so much havoc and devastation to that fortress prison; it so weaken our enemy strong hold, it was so pure awesome. We had some areal pictures of the aftermath. I couldn’t believe that there was a prison there”

Bear stood up and saluted, “Thank you sir”

Faraday went on to add, “And there was a Wasp in all of that. It was Mister Faldetti crucial inter-communicational expertise that coordinated the operation which enhanced it to make it a smooth ride. Without Wasp, who knows how it would have ended. Thank you Frankie.”

Frankie stood up, saluted and smiled, “Thank you sir, the pleasure was all mine!”

“And last but not least is the big Fist”, Farday paused as Fist sat and put his hand to his forehead.

“Fist, we all know is a commando, a dire mercenary. Fearless. His best performance is when he does it by himself. But Fist is a little bit mad at me today because we didn’t have a lot of information when he was at the point to rescue Mister Azrak. Our intelligence report did not provide the data he encountered. Unfortunately, it was Wasp and Fist that ended the rescue of Azrak. Fist is not used to working as a full team effort and our system of things, and has that Rambo or Macho-Combato attitude. But apparently Bear and Wasp believes he is a quick learner and without this big man, I couldn’t have dreamed up this plan, Break Out may have still be in the design stages. He was one of the key elements that made is so successful. Welcome our new member Jack Lustrum aka Fist.

The claps resumed and then a standing ovation. Most of the people in the room had already known about Fist and his background. The claps continued and continued and finally Fist stood up.

“Thank you everyone for a warm welcome and appreciation, and yes you too Mister Faraday. I think I might just stick around a bit longer”, then Fist raised his hand showing his steel fist, “but most importantly Faraday, don’t forget to pay me!”

Wasp stood up and clapped, whistled and saluted Fist. Faraday laughed and saluted Fist. The claps continued as the meeting did so too.

The conference celebration soon ended with food and other minor speeches. Fist sat in his chair and began to think about his new life with ISR. He could almost remember his old boss, his friend that he had known for so long, Khalid. He recalls short flashbacks of the first time he worked for Khalid. Then Wasp came and sat next to Fist.

“I want to personally say that it was a pleasure to work with you in this operation sir”, as Wasp put his hand on the shoulder of Fist.

Fist looked at him with a friendly appreciation on his face.

“I don’t say this often Wasp, but it was you that saved my ass, thank you my friend”

“Thank YOU my friend”, Wasp said as they shook hands and the big man embraced little Frankie Faldetti. Bear looked on witnessing the moment, smiled and clapped his hands.




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