Something About Puberty

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A fifteen year old boy discovers the beginning signs of puberty as he faces a slight dilemma in his appearance.

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



I was fifteen when it started. It started in the strangest places. I didn’t know what to do, should I tell my mom or dad or just wait for a while should there be more of it. But I had to do something. It was not easy for me. So I waited. And I waited.

It was growing bigger as the days go by but I thought someone would soon notice it. I was soon ashamed to even let people see me. It was a pimple in the middle of my nose. How did it get there I wondered? Then my younger brother who was twelve gave it away. 

“Mom, Tommy had a zit on his nose!”

This is how it happened: I was playing a video game in the living room and he wanted to play too. I refused to let him play. He got close and saw my pimple. My mom was doing her thing in the kitchen when she chuckled and responded.

“Ouuh, is that true Tommy? You have something growing on your nose!”

I looked at my brother with a mean expression and whispered, “I’m gonna get you later, you little sh*t”. Then I said this to my mom..

“It’s nothing Mom, don’t listen to Joey”

My mom walks over from the kitchen to the living room, and takes a closer look at me as I sat on the couch with the game player controls in my hand and my little brother sits on another sofa giggling. She looks closer to my face, some one foot away. Her eyes were concentrating on my nose.

“Yes, you have a pimple on your nose Tommy.  You know it may get bigger, you’ll need some skin cleanser for that.”

Then my little tell-tale rat brother started laughing and made a comment, I could kill him for that.

“He’s gonna have a pizza face mom. It’ll spread all over his face. He’ll be so ugly you won’t recognize him.”

“Shut up stupid”, I said, “Or I’ll come over and give you some” as I shook my fist at him.

“Now, now Tommy”, my mom said, “It’s normal, you’re now an adolescent, everybody goes through that”.

She would then turn to Joey, “And you will go through that in a few more years, so don’t laugh at him”.

I got up, threw the game player controls on the floor and walked with a pace to my room. I closed and locked my bedroom door then I got into my bed and cover my entire self with my blankets over my head to block the rest of the world out. I thought, if this is adolescent, then I’ll be having a few problems for a while. What should I do? Even though I hated what my brother had said, I didn’t want to be a pizza face, with zits and blemished all over my face. That would really be ugly. And above all I have to go to school.

The next day I walked to school with a small band aid across the tip of my nose. I sat in class. Danny who was one of my friends that was next to me asked what happened to my nose. I told him the story. He told me he understood my problem and he had a zit in the middle of his forehead a few weeks ago. I had remembered that as he too had a little band aid. I had chuckled when I saw that but I didn’t have the nerve to ask. 

Then it was lunch time and I went to the cafeteria. I was behind Jenny in the line to pay for my lunch. I had the “hots” for her. Oh yeah, she looked great. Then I decided to make conversation with her.

“Hi Jenny”, I said, “I didn’t see you at the mall last weekend”

She looked at me with a quaint expression and began starring at my face.

“I was a bit busy..but…I have to go.. I’ll see you later”

She ran off and sat with a couple of girls to finish her meal. I thought that was odd of her to rush off like that. I wondered if she had a boyfriend. Finally, I sat next to Danny at the lunch table. He looked at me with a slight stare.

“Dude, your band aid is gone from your nose, and..”

Then I kind of freak out.

“Oh my god, that’s why Jenny starred at me and left in a hurry!” I exclaimed.

“Jenny saw your pimple?!” Danny remarked, “Oh man, and to think that was the only hope of you having a love’s over Tommy, you’ll have to wait until you’re eighteen to get over the zit problems”

“You sound like my little brother, you’re not helping me butt head”, I said.

“Oh come on Tommy, can’t you take a little joke, I get zits too. Not as big as yours but.. look at the bright side, it won’t last forever”

I finally made it home and mom said she had bought some skin cleanser for my acne. She showed me how to clean my face and I could gradually see it getting smaller. In a couple of days it was gone. I went to school and approached Jenny. We talked like nothing happened. Everything was going fine. My buddies and I did the usually stuff; we skate boarded, hanged out at the mall, and I even had a chance to kiss Jenny on her cheek. It was all beginning to look good. I even start talking nice to my brother Joey who was wondering why I was so nice to him.

Then one day it happened. I woke up just about ready to go to school and looked in the mirror. I could almost faint. I was mad. I stumped my foot in anger. I asked myself, when is this going to stop? Another zit had popped up on my forehead. Like the one that happened to Danny. I didn't want to go to school. Jenny saw me at school and she seemed to be starring at my new pimple zit and then cut our conversation short and walked away. Danny was the only one that talked to me but he had nothing nice to say about my zit. I just wanted to run away. I went home and scrubbed my face, used the skin cleanser and then used it again after an hour hoping it was going to go away, right away. It took another couple of days for that zit to slowly get smaller. However that was not the end, another was popping up at another part of my face.  Then the next day another and another and soon..ahh!! I just wanted to kill myself. I told my mom the skin cleaner is not working. I was beginning to panic. She said my hormones were secreting too much oils in my skin and with the dust and dirt in the air and a sensitive skin, I would need to constantly clean it at least three times a day. 

I went on the internet and researched about skin, adolescent pimples, and so on. After all that information I  began to take blood cleansers, vitamin tablets and stuff like brewer’s yeast, I decided not to eat oily foods but it only helped a little bit. Wondering how come some people get pimples and some don’t, I later on found out that even though people at my age go through puberty, our bodies hormone levels are not exactly the same; some of us produce more hormones, some people skin’s are more sensitive than others, and possibly hereditary factor come into play of it too. 

After all of that, I soon began to manage my acne problem. Zoom... a year went by.  I got to be sixteen it was less of it and at seventeen it was nonexistent. I was awesomely relieved. No more pimples. I finally looked better..even sexier. I felt I was transformed; like an ugly duckling to a sexy handsome swan. Amazingly I saw Jenny matured throughout the years. Danny grew taller than I, but I was better looking. Not to toot my own horn, but Jenny said so. My skin had cleared up and I was glad I was not fifteen anymore.  Jenny was not cutting the conversation short any more, some instances she was running to talk to me, we had got friendlier and from a kiss on the cheek to one of the lips was a sure improvement because I enjoyed that a whole lot more. Now at sixteen I began to get a funny tingling of my heart, stars in my eyes every time I was with Jenny. I had an uncontrollable urge to kiss her and hold her close. Then I began to think that I was developing another symptomatic problem and all to do with puberty.

My little brother soon got to be fourteen and started to show signs of acne. He was almost fifteen when I began to say things like, “Hey Joey, there’s a new zit on your nose and another one is coming out” 

I would tell my mom like he used to do to me and it would start all over again. 


“He’s gonna have a pizza face mom. It’ll spread all over his face. He’ll be so ugly you won’t recognize him.” 


As expected, Joey would get mad, run to the bathroom to wash his face and was now using the same skin cleanser that I had. 


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