Dark As Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is the Prologue for a story I am in the process of writing with a friend.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008






All three sat in confused silence in their desks. It was obvious they had no desire to be here at all. The young man with the dark brown hair was leaning on his arm propped up by his elbow. His lids were fluttering dangerously as they threatened to close. The second young man, his hair longer and a sandy blonde, was leaning as far back as he could in his chair staring up at the ceiling with an empty look. The third was a girl with a notebook sitting before her and a pencil in her hand. She was peering at the paper with a look of utmost frustration. She couldn’t decide what to doodle she was so bored.

At the front of the room was a man roughly 27 or so years old. He was tall and well built and his glasses gave him an air of wisdom. Unfortunately this wisdom did not concern with the subject of computer projectors.

He was clumsily attaching wires and opening programs on his laptop for about twenty minutes before the dark haired boy decided to make a suggestion.

“Do you need a hand?” he asked in a bored voice. The man at the front paused and looked up at him, his glasses slightly askew. It was obvious he didn’t want to accept the help of someone younger than him but he reluctantly nodded considering the time restraint.

The dark haired boy was up and done within three and a half minutes (the girl counted for she was that bored). The man was in awe at the speed and nodded his thanks as the boy went back to his seat.

With the projector running smoothly and the first slide of the slide show up on the pull down screen the man stood straight and cleared his throat.

“I’ve prepared this for you in hopes that it will further help you to understand what you have been called on to do.”

“I’m bored.” The sandy haired boy groaned, his eyes still up on the ceiling. The man seemed a little offended but recollected his thoughts and started again.

Pressing the space bar on his keyboard the slide show began and he started his speech.

“While most adults are stressed with work, the election of a new president, war, gas prices, and overall global problems, children may be the only ones who truly see the dangers that are really out there.”

“Still bored,” the young man staring upward said just loud enough to hear. The girl giggled and lowered his eyes to her blank paper in an attempt to hide it. At the front of the room the man made a grim face and proceeded as if nothing had happened.

“As we grow older our minds tend to push away these thoughts of monsters in our closets and darkness carrying us away. We even go as far as making fun of our so called ‘childish fears’ with movies and money making holidays. Not one of us stops to consider the possibility that our nightmares were real and our fears had an origin.”

Up on the screen hideous pictures of strange creatures and odd symbols started to appear. Of the three the girl was the most transfixed. She tapped the sandy haired boy and he jerked up into a sitting position, caught off guard. His eyes were immediately drawn to the screen in disgust and amazement. The other boy was lifted out of his stupor by his noise and he was attracted to the horrible images.

The man at the front seemed satisfied with his work and continued on.

“Living dead, decaying monsters, experiments gone horribly wrong, they are all seemingly far-fetched notions. And yet…to some so real.”

By now all three were immersed in the slide show.

“Of course as in every movie, for every monster there is a hero. A handsome man with unexplainable strength, a witty woman possessing untold power.”

The pictures of some movie star heroes came on screen including superman, spider-man and several X-men. Andrew was especially into this part, having adored such heroes as a kid.

“Consider childish fears fact.”

Suddenly the screen went dark and all three were confused at the man’s dark tone.

“Imagine your nightmares were real. Because they are I am sorry to report. And we are all in danger of them all the time no matter how much you deny it.”

The man was looking each in the eye as they stared straight back with blank expressions.

“So I ask you…who are our heroes? Where do we turn in times of trouble?”

All three stared expectantly waiting for the answer to these questions. But the man merely closed his laptop and smiled back at them.

A/N: This was just an idea I had for our prologue. I would deeply appreciate it if anyone would comment on what they liked or didn't like, or if it sounds interesting or boring. We've been through many prologues and I'm trying to pick the right one to go with it. Thank you for your comments!!

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