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love sometimes hurt. but it is not really the love that hurts, it is when what you expected to happen does not happen. so one's expectations are causing the hurt. but i will always have the courage

Submitted: December 22, 2006

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Submitted: December 22, 2006



When you have the courage

To love, you want to give

Your all and to live

A life full of the joys

only that love

Will have in storage

But when things

Don't happen and it brings

Only disappointment and pain

You begin to wonder

What is there to gain

All the hopes

All the dreams

areshattered at your feet

The hurt inside screams

When pain and love meet

Oh love why do you hurt

So much, and yet

Through it all

You seem to forget

How it really feels

When the love

also heals

the pain within

When all is done

Will the love I have, win

the love of the one

who resides in my heart

I'll have the courage to love

To love again and hard

I'll have the courage to love

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