WHY? (2)

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Submitted: December 21, 2006

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Submitted: December 21, 2006



I never thought that something like this would happen to me.  The more we communicate, the more intense my feelings grow and from his way of talking I gather that the same is happening to him.  As we are living quite far apart, we don’t really see one another.  We communicate by phoning and then only during the day when we are both at work.  Just talking to him is enough for me, for now.


On a Friday, Padrone works to only 12h00. He is a fitter and turner at some factory.

I decided, one Friday, to take leave from work for half a day and “visit my cousin”.  She is pregnant now and I would love to see her.  My hubby doesn’t really want to go visit there again because of the incident with Padrone.  So, I will go on my own.  I admit that I am hoping to see him.  I know he and Phil are friends and that they frequent each other’s homes.


My luck is in.  His car is standing in my cousin’s driveway.  I park my car behind his.  Why do I, all of a sudden, feel so nervous?  I thought that I am in control. I am always so cool, calm and collected.  Ok, I have to get a grip on myself.  I proceed towards the front door, it is open.  He sees me first. “Tammie”, he greets.  Why is he doing this?  The way he says my name makes me go weak in the knees.  “Hi all you pretty people.  How are you doing?”  I try to maintain my equanimity.  I greet Phil and Padrone and look around for my cousin.  “Where is Edwina?” I ask Phil.  “She’s in hospital for observation.  The baby is threatening to abort.” He replies.

“Can I go and visit her? I want to know.  “Padrone and I were just on our way to go there.  He is taking me as our car is giving problems.” Phil explains.  “I’ll follow you,” I tell them.  All this time Padrone is standing and looking at me so intensely, I feel nervous. “No, you go with us, leave your car here,” he interrupts.

We get to the car and Phil tells me to sit in front.  I protest but he does not want to hear anything and gets into the backseat of the car.

I have no option to get into the front.  As Padrone is getting in, I can not help staring at him.  This guy is gorgeous.  He catches me staring at him and gives me one of the smiles again.  I am on cloud nine.


As we are driving to the hospital, I have the opportunity to watch Padrone.  I look at his hands. They’re nice. I look at his thighs, how the muscles lengthens and contracts when he changes gears. He becomes aware that I am looking at him and I notice that he wipes his hands on his jeans.  So…he is also nervous.  Here the boldness comes again.  His hand is on the gear lever now and I put my hand on top of his.  He gives me a quick look and smiles nervously.  I leave my hand there.  All the time, while driving to the hospital, Phil is saying things making me to think that Padrone must have confided in him.  Anyway, I am blind and deaf to everything and all I am aware of, is Padrone.  “Hey, where are you going?” Phil enquires from the back.  “You’re going the wrong way.”  “Sorry man, I forgot to turn.” Padrone apologises.“Buddie, you must be having it high.  You’re not usually forgetful.” Phil laughs.  “She’s making me nervous”. Padrone replies nudging his head in my direction.  Here where I am sitting, I feel like the queen of the castle, very happy and pleased that I can have an effect like this on someone.  


We enter the hospital and walking next to him, make me feel so proud.  We visit my cousin and she and the baby is doing well.  I think she can sense that something is going on because I notice how she looks at Padrone and I.  I don’t care.  All I know is that it feels so good to be with him.


After visiting time, I tell them that I have to go home.  Padrone asks me to stay for ten minutes.  Obviously, I agree.  Who in her right mind would not?  We are standing in the kitchen as I am preparing tea for the three of us.  Phil is busy putting a CD into the player.  Why is he playing love songs? Is he doing it on purpose?  I don’t mind. It adds to the atmosphere.  Padrone is watching me.  He has this way of watching so intensely as if he is studying me.  It unnerves me, but at the same time it is also exciting.

“Let’s dance.” I say.  “No, I can’t dance.” He replies.  “Anyone can dance. I love dancing. Come on man, I’ll show you. If you can walk, you can dance.” I reply and grab his hands.  I put his arms around my waist and start moving in a slow pace to the beat of the music. He wants to protest but I think he also does not want to loose this moment. We dance slowly, swaying to the music.  This is what heaven must be like.

I want to look into his eyes, but feel a little shy.  I am a decent girl, you know.  This is a totally new experience for me.  We are becoming used to each other’s rhythm.  Please don’t let this moment stop. “Oh my love, my darling, I’ve hungered for your touch a long lonely time…..and time goes by, so slowly….” I love this song, “ Unchained Melody.”  Did Phil deliberately put this song on?  I don’t know and I don’t care.  All I know is that it must not stop.  Now why is Padrone not dancing anymore?  “Hey, why did you st…….?”  I don’t finish my sentence as he suddenly bends his head and his lips meet mine. I feel a whooshing sound in my ears. It becomes quiet and now I am just aware of his lips on mine, kissing me first very softly. It is as if he wants to taste my lips.  “I need your love, I need you love, God speed you love to me.”  The song seems to fade into oblivion and I am sinking deeper into this new experience.  His kisses are becoming more intense. I give a sigh and lean closer against him.  His arms automatically tighten around me.  My lips have a mind of their own. They just will not listen to my brain. My brain says “stop”.  Do you think they care?  


Never have I experienced kissing like this.  I am drowning in them. It’s almost like we are playing hide and seek with our lips and tongues.  Can kissing really be this good?  Damn, this guy can kiss.  I can go on and on and on.  We keep on kissing for…I don’t know… it feels like hours, but I guess not. Here and there we stop to look into each other’s eyes.  In these breaks, I can actually feel my lips tingling.  I never knew kissing can make one’s lips tingle.  For all I care they can tingle all they want.  Who cares?


Wow!!  I must have died and gone to heaven.



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