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what is it about him? why? i am very old fashioned, very religious, very particular on what it right and what is wrong. i would never go gaga over any guy or show any guy that i think he is attractive. i had my fair share of boyfriends and all of them thought i was to conservative, they liked me well enough, but i was no throw over. i knew what i wanted and what i was standing for. i love my husband. we have our squibles but nothing major. we have a good marriage. i am trying to understand. what is it about this guy? or am i loosing it. still trying to find and answer. cant just accept it. there has to be a reason and i have to find it.

Submitted: December 20, 2006

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Submitted: December 20, 2006



“Hi, you didn’t hug me yet!”

What is this guy’s problem? This is the third time that he claims that I did not hug him. I don’t think all is well upstairs. I laugh and give him a hug for the third time. He must be a little bit mad.

My cousin is getting dressed. It is the day of her wedding. Everyone is in a jovial mood.

After the ceremony at the church, we leave for the reception venue.

We dance and I can sense that he is watching me. What do I care, he is definitely not all there and I am enjoying myself.

“You know I don’t understand some guys,” my husband says. “Why?” I ask.

“They pretend to be your friend, but then they watch your wife,” he replies. “Who are you talking about?” I ask. “I’m talking about Padrone. He was standing and talking to me and told me that I have a pretty wife,” he replies, quite upset.

“Are you talking about that mad guy? You are silly, there’s something wrong with that guy”.

I drop the subject because hubby can carry on and on about things and I am really not interested in that mad guy.

It is five months later. We are attending my father-in-law’s funeral. My cousin is also here.

“Are you coming to my place later on? It is Phil’s birthday today and we are having a small barbeque,” my cousin asks.

We arrive at my cousin’s home. Hubby and Phil get busy making a fire for the barbeque.

I am sitting in the lounge relaxing. It has been quite a busy time the last few days, running around, arranging the funeral.

A car comes driving in. The “mad” guy gets out. From where I’m sitting, I can see him coming towards the front door.

“Tammie”, he greets me with a big smile on his face and proceeds toward hubby and Phil, where they are busy with the barbeque.

What is happening to me? I am seeing fireworks. Stars shooting and exploding, Am I getting mad? The guy just greeted me. All he said was “Tammie” and smiled. I have to say, he has the most beautiful smile in the world.

I suddenly feel refreshed, alive, rejuvenated, revitalised, re-energised. What a strange feeling this is. Everything suddenly seems different. I feel different. I feel warm. It was as if his greeting and his smile, especially his smile, completely enveloped me.

I decide to go outside and join the men. My cousin is busy in the kitchen getting the salads ready.

They are talking about Phil’s birthday, what star sign he is. Hubby tells them that he is Aries and goes on explaining what type of personality he has.

Padrone, “the mad guy”, tells us that he is a Taurus. Because I know quite a few people who have birthdays in the same month, I ask him his birth date. What a coincidence. His birthday is on the same day as that of my son. I tell them that I am a Libra and he asks my birth date. This simply can not be true. My birthday is on the same day as that of his son. We laugh because is seems so ironic that our birthdays are on the same days as both our sons.

We enjoy the barbeque and when we are ready to leave, Padrone tells hubby to take his telephone number in case we have problems on the way home and we can then phone him to come and help. Hubby tells me to take down the telephone number. I take my cell phone and insert the number.

All this time, I am so aware of Padrone. He does not look mad anymore. He is quite intelligent and quite an interesting person.

It was yesterday that we were at my cousin’s place for the barbeque. Nothing happened on the way home and we did not have to call Padrone for assistance.

I think I must send him a sms, just an ordinary one that one can send to anybody.

I am sending it to him.

I am at work. At about twelve o’clock mid day, my cell phone rings.

“Hello”, I answer. “Yes, how are you?” this person replies. “Who am I speaking to?” I ask.

“It’s Padrone. How are you?” My heart suddenly skips a beat. “I am well thanks and you?” I answer. “Where did you get my number?” I ask.

“You sent me a sms last night, remember.” He replies. How stupid of me. Of course he got my number from the sms.

The whole week he calls me at twelve o’clock mid day, when he has his lunch break.

We are talking about a little bit of everything. I love talking to him. I love to hear the sound of his voice. This guy is really something. What made me think that he was a bit mad?

“When can we meet?” I ask him during one of our conversations. When did I become so presumptuous? “Anytime, when would you like us to meet?” He enquires. We arrange to meet one Friday after work.

I am driving to where we arranged to meet. I phone him to find out if he has arrived.

Proceeding up the road where I have to meet him, I look around to see where he is. There are quite a number of cars parked in this road, so it is a bit difficult to see where he is. I am having second thoughts. What is wrong with me? This is not me. I am so old fashioned and conservative. What am I doing, meeting a guy I don’t know? I think I am just going to drive past him and go straight home. I must have lost my mind for a while. There he is. He is looking up and down the road on the lookout for me. Because the road is very busy, he does not see me. I drive past him, give a quick glance to where he is standing. No, I can not be so rude. Let me meet him and take it from there. Now I know exactly where he is waiting. I go around the block again and coming near to where he is, I blow the horn. He looks into the direction of the sound and sees me. The smile on his face; it’s like the sun breaking through dark clouds. My heart is beating faster. Damn, but the man is cute. I have to reiterate, he has the most beautiful smile in the world.

I pull into a parking area and watch him in the rear view mirror coming towards my car. This guy is a hunk. Why did I think he is not alright upstairs?

He gets into the car. We are both a little bit uncomfortable and do not know what to say to each other. Ok, I have to say something. “Are we going to sit here or do you want us to go somewhere else?” I ask. “It does not matter, we can go anywhere you like,” he answers. “How about the Zoo Lake? I suggest. “That sounds fine to me. You go first. I’ll follow,” he says and gets out of my car.

I am feeling excited and nervous at the same time. It is the first time since I got married that I am doing something like this. Why am I doing it? This is definitely not me. I despise people who cheat on each other. But, I am not cheating; I am merely meeting somebody who I find interesting. I love talking to people who are intelligent. He is on my level, intellectually.

We arrive at the Zoo Lake and he parks his vehicle next to mine. We take a walk towards the lake and sit on a bench. He tells me about himself. He is also married and has three young boys. “I don’t know why I agreed on this meeting. I’ve never done something like this before,” he says. “Me too,” I reply. “I was contemplating not to honour this meeting. I don’t know why I am doing it,” I add.

We sit thinking for a while, as if we will get an answer to the whys.

“When I first saw you at your cousin and Phil’s wedding last year, something about you just attracted me. I don’t know what it is but I felt drawn to you.” he says. I can sense that he is trying to make sense of his feelings. He carries on, “after that, you did not really cross my mind but when I saw you again at Phil’s barbeque, all those feelings came rushing back.”

“I again, thought that you were a little bit nutty. I could not understand why you wanted to hug me all the time. I really thought you are not well up there.” I explain pointing to his head. He throws his head back and laugh. “Did you really think that?” he questions. “Yes, I did and I definitely did not give you any thought after that.”

I did not tell him what happened to me when I saw him again. “And I can’t tell you why I arranged to meet you. I’m still trying to figure it out myself.”

I enjoy talking to him; to listen to the sound of his voice. Time seems to go by so quickly. We have been chatting for almost two and a half hours, I think.

“Anyway, I have to go.” He says. “I enjoy being with you but I have some business I have to attend to”.

“That’s fine; I also have to attend a function later on. It was nice chatting to you.”

We proceed back to where the vehicles are parked. He gets into my car with me and sits and talks for five minutes more.

I don’t want this time to end. Just being with him feels so right. He reaches for the door handle and opens the door to get out.

“Don’t you hug me today?” I ask. Where did this come from? Did I really ask him?

He suddenly looks so uncomfortable and gives a little laugh. His nervousness makes me bold. “You wanted to hug me all the time at the wedding and now you just want to leave without hugging me. No, before you get out, I want a hug.” What’s got into me? This is not me. Am I losing it, this time?

He stretches out his arms, pulls me closer to him and gives me a big hug. It feels so good. I want it to last forever. This isn’t enough. I want a kiss.

“Am I getting a good bye kiss as well?” Now I am causing Padrone to go red in the face. He does not know what to say. “So?” I persist. “Feel my hands,” he says. “They are perspiring and this in the middle of autumn.” Damn, do I have such an effect on him? Now I am even bolder. “Are you scared of me? All I want is a kiss.” I feel his hands. They are moist. Somehow this gives me a boldness that I never knew I had. Never in my life have I asked a guy or even my husband to hug or to kiss me. I was always Miss Prim and proper; too proud to sink to that level and too conservative to ever make a first move and here I am actually enjoying coming on to someone. No, let me rephrase that; coming on to Padrone. He is the first guy ever and this includes my husband, that I have the guts to come on to.

“I’m waiting”. He leans over to me and our lips meets. Although for only about two seconds but it feels like time has come to a standstill. He gives a nervous laugh, gets out of my car and into his car. We drive out of the parking and where we have to go into different directions, he shows me his hands again, blows a kiss and laughs. I blow a kiss back, laugh and proceed in the opposite direction.

I fell for Padrone, hook, line and sinker.

Damn. Life is beautiful!!!

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