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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
The poems of an Indian student...

Submitted: September 02, 2010

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Submitted: September 02, 2010




Soon after the day break

All the sleeping animals awake 

Around the grasslands the deer gaze

Under the sun’s dazzling rays 

In the water holes the elephants roll

While around the jungle the bison stroll

The big bears hunt around for honey

And shun the heat, it’s very sunny 

In every tree there are singing birds

In the grasslands there are elephant herds

All around the jungle the wild calls scatter

Like trumpets and roars, howls and chatters 

As the sun goes down

There’s not a sound

All around the jungle darkness falls

From behind the bushes the tiger scrolls 

Though it is dark, its eyes are glowing

Spotting every animal coming and going

It was indeed an extremely dark night

But nothing escaped the tiger’s greatt sight 

The deer and warthogs are filled with fear

They cuddle and keep their children near

The tiger would soon have its prey

And take it to a shelter without delay 

I felt bad, but that’s the jungle way  

It will happen again and again another day

But when I hear or see about animal killing

By a man – it gives me a real sad feeling 

Who the real beast is? I wonder

My sincere appeal to everybody to ponder


I often venture to the garden, with hopes high, 

Every time I do so, I return with a sigh.

Our favorite hangout, it had been always,

I can hardly forget those good old days.

We shared all we had, even our heart,

Who had thought, we would someday part?

History remembers the day, and so do I

I can’t forget the sorrow, as much I try.

A barrier wall had emerged, along the boundaries

Of the nations that had been the same for centuries.

I didn’t understand why it had happened, why?

I buried my head beneath the pillow and had a good cry.

When we will meet again, I thought.

And for our reunion I fought.

I tried to see what had changed beyond the dividing wall,

I clambered up, to find, there was nothing different at all.

Don’t we share the same thoughts, the same flowers that bloom? 

Don’t we receive the same light, of the sun and the moon?

Then why this rivalry, among the lands,

Which a few years ago, held their hands.

Let’s welcome ourselves together again,

The old days of brotherhood, let’s regain


I am on my way to god knows where
I have never stopped here and there
Try to hold me or wail and cry
But out of your hand I shall fly
I give your joys and shed your tears
I bring your happiness and your fears
Once I am gone, I never return
I am important, that you must learn
I am cruel, I snatch moments away
But what can I do, I am on my way
Learn from the memories that I have in store
Live the fullest today and better future you ensure
Keep pace with me, I carry along the able
I am TIME, the unstoppable



The sun, crawling behind the hills, brought the days glow,

Flooding its wonderful bright light, over the peaks, clad with snow.


Life awakes with this beauty, in this heavenly place,

Where is this Great destination where nature shows its grace?


They are the mighty Himalayas, the keepers of divine splendors,

They are a bit of majestic paradise, - galleries of untouched wonders.


Come, come- chants nature, calling through the Himalayan grace,

Come to this serene magnificence, away from the worldly race.


Enjoy the music of the trickling stream, and the sight of rare creatures,

The sleeping villages along the slopes, and all other stunning features.


Feel the difference in life, in this paradise of bliss

This is the enchanting Himalayas, come, be a captive of this.


© Copyright 2020 Page conquerer. All rights reserved.

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