The Realms of Kimiyion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nothing much....wrote this like last year but I never got the chance to publish it. I'm sorry if it's not that good....I never got to edit it. Please leave any comments. Even harsh comments will do!

“A Fight to the Finish”
By: Amiel Hernandez
Vion (Elementalist)
Queen Ahmnari (Valkyrie)
Christa (Witch)
Crystal (Taoist)
Tamar (Seer)
Yuzi (Cleric)
Paine (Mage)
Not a long time ago, there lived an Elementalist named Vion who had already mastered all the elements. She was sent by the Queen of the Land Of Elves named Queen Ahmnari to search of great heroes who could save them.
5 Years before…
The terrible witch Christa attacked the Land Of Elves, also known as Kimiyion. She wanted revenge for her sister who was a Valkyrie. This was because her sister was sentenced to a year in the Dusk Dimension which was filled with nothing you could ever imagine. They did this because she refused to kill an innocent man to prove her worth. Her sister had concocted many dangerous potions and so she was known to be the greatest witch ever. She fought against the Queen who was a Valkyrie herself. Bursts of energy of Darkness and Light collided to signify the ultimate battle but in the end, the Queen fell and all hope was lost. Kimiyion was engulfed in an Dome of Darkness and no one could ever leave. With this, Christa left for her castle.
Back to the Present!
Since then, they sent many great elementalists to find help for only an elementalist could pass through the barrier for some strange reason. Vion now was on a journey to find help and through this, save Kimiyion. On the road, she was attacked by a Demon Flaye. This was just one of the many monsters Christa had created. She wove a thick wall of twigs and leaves to protect herself but the monster slashed through leaving her defenseless. The Demon Flaye had now left its mark on her bleeding shoulder. She tried once more and cast rays of flame and it finally fled. Having not only mastered offensive spells but healing as well, she recovered through “Nature’s Blessings” which controls the mana of the Earth and succumbs it’s user in a pillar of healing properties. More cautious, she came to the town of Cleyra and went straight to the pub. Being seen by many, some whispered while others stared as she made her way through the center. A girl name Crystal ran towards her and asked if she could tag along. Shocked by this, she showed awe on her face. Crystal explained that she was a Taoist who could see the future with the help of her taro cards. She said that she saw an elementalist would come to the pub seeking for help. Vion smiled at this and they both left the pub. She encountered many great warriors but only women agreed to join her. Men refused to entertain her request for they thought that women were weak and had no right to travel. She found a red-headed girl named Yuzi who was a Cleric, Tamar who was a Seer and Paine who was a Mage. These five women headed for the Mountains of Vain to find the Shaman who could help them. Trudging through the snow, they encountered a Demon Mandragora, a Demon Basilisk and a Demon Sylph. They knew that this was one battle that they couldn’t win but they had to try.
In the tallest castle in the magical dimension, Christa was viewing these five girls through her sapphire glass. She was infuriated that these people even dare try to stop her. She summoned her ally Topaz to follow them. With a flick of Topaz’s finger, she disappeared like thin smoke.
The five girls where in a tremendous battle of tactic and wit to outrun the monsters. Yuzi cast a protection spell on all of then, Tamar was preparing to create a huge hail storm and Paine was chanting a curse and was surrounded in darkness. Vion was too frightened to move but then she heard Crystal scream. Surpiresed by this, she saw that a Demon Sylph was slowly approaching her. Crystal was panicking so much that she forgot her spells completely. Vion ran through the terrain just in time to engulf the sylph in cold air. The sylph slowly fell unconscious and then froze to death. As she was helping Crystal up, Tamar and Paine finally cast there magic and all was safe. With the monsters dead, the party saw an eerie cave. They slowly went in and found what they were looking for. The Shaman greeted them a good day and told them this riddle “To defeat the evil within the castle, you must not be in a hassle for when you use the emerald heart, the enchantment will break and peace will start”. With only this clue given, the Shaman vanished and an awkward silence filled the air. Something told Yuzi that this is the start of a journey to remember.

Submitted: August 22, 2010

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