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The character wakes up in a dark haze...

Submitted: April 03, 2014

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Submitted: April 03, 2014




I woke up to a dark haze. "Where am I?" I found myself lying down on a disgustingly old bed. I tried to sit up, but my body felt sore like I’d been beaten with a club. It was painful. But after several attempts, I forced myself up.

I tried scanning the room; no windows one door. I rolled off the dusty bed and I tried to stand up. My legs felt like jelly and I saw outlines of bruises on my leg.

There was a mirror straight ahead of me and I stared at my reflection. Is that a cut on my forehead? What the hell is going on?

I found myself walking towards the rusty door. I turned the squeaky doorknob and peeked my head out. I was at the end of one long dark hallway. How did I end up here...

I shut the door behind me and stepped into the hallway. I started walking blindly into the dimly lit hallway.


I had to force my legs to keep walking because they were in so much pain. They were sore and bruised and I still had no idea what was going on. After what seemed like ten minutes I started hearing another set of footsteps that were definitely not my own. I whipped my head around, but saw nothing. Okay, you’re just imagining things, calm down; but the footsteps never stopped.


After a bit, the footsteps became a little bit louder. I steadied my walk, however my heartbeat became a little nervous and I started sweating. I resisted the urge to run but the footsteps sounded like they were catching up to me. I quickened my pace and so did the footsteps. Calm down I told myself. But I couldn’t. I was terrified. The footsteps only got louder and my heartbeat started going out of control. I admitted to myself I was beyond freaked out. I couldn’t even control my breathing. I found myself hyperventilating, on the verge of passing out from fear. I started sprinting down the endless hallway and the footsteps followed. Who or what the hell is following me? How did I get here? What did I do to deserve this? It felt like hell. My thoughts were scrambled because I was too tired from forcing my legs into a sprint.


I turned around quickly and saw a silhouette of a dark figure. It didnt even look like it was walking....it was almost floating. Oh God. what the hell is that thing? why is it chasing me? I felt my breath become uneven and my heart beat faster than it ever has in my entire life.


I realized I had no idea where I was going. this hallway seemed endless. I put my hands on the wall searching for a door to escape the stalking footsteps, but there was nothing, nowhere to hide. It felt like the darkness was drowning me. I felt dizzy

I felt the urge to cry rise in my throat. It burned. I finally I stopped running. I give up. I was scared, lost and exhausted. I've been running for what felt like hours and I just couldn't do it anymore. I stopped running and let the footsteps come to me. I felt a hand grab my ankle and drag me into the darkness.

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