15 Years

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Keira finds her parents dead, and is found by the killer will he kill her to or will he take her with him?

Submitted: April 03, 2014

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Submitted: April 03, 2014



Screams in the middle of the night, Opening my heavy blue eyes I look around my close to pitch black room. Nothing there, it was probably a dream. Closing my eyes again and begining to drift of to sleep  I hear them again, closer this time. In less then a second I jump out of bed and scan my room for an object good enough to be used as a weapon. My piggy bank will have to do, its heavy and solid, so it could easily knock someone out if hit hard enough.

Slowly walking out of my room, I avoid the creaky bits of my floor board, I  pray that whoever is in the house won't hear. I make it to my parents bedroom, I hear the most blood curdiling scream coming form inside the room, I slowly open the door. Lying on the floor beside the bed is my father, bloodied and beaten, with one obviously fatal knife wound on his stomach. 

Terror fills my heart,and tears stream down my pale face. "Keira! Run!!" I look behind the door, my mother is lying on the floor in a puddle of her own blood, trying to get the strengh to reach me. Her face pale and scared, her dark brown eyes widen in absolute terror"Keira Run hes behind you!!" Turning to look behind me, I feel someones hands around my mouth and waist, I try to scream, I try to bite him anything to get out of his strong arms and into safety, but he just tightens his grip. 

"Don't struggle, I won't hurt you if you stop struggiling". I stop, tears streaming running over his cold, bloodied fingers. I look down at the dog shaped piggy bank in my hand,  after a minute of fought I drop it, I knew it would be no good. "Good girl, I think we should go down stairs now, you don't need to see them like this, come on". I look down into my mothers eyes, The light in them has nearly gone out, but she smiles at me still, "I love you baby, and i'm sorry so sorry". As her last words escape her bleeding lips her eyes close and I know she has gone. 

I scream, in defieted agony. The stranger picks me up, into his strong arms holding me like you would a damsel in distress. He looks down at me his eyes nearly white, boar into mine, his dark hair falling into his face. He takes me into the kitchen, and pushes me up against the wall. Stroking my tearful face, his finger traces my lips.

"You must understand Keira, they where bad people, your father had gotten the asshole that killed my brother off of a jail sentance". I look up into his eyes, a glimmer of sadness dance in them, "And your mother, was an adultress, she had many sexual relationships with many diffrent men, one being your uncle paul. 

I try to push him back disgusted, but he holds me tighter against the wall, his hand touching my body inappropratly, I grimess, trying to look away, but he forces me to look at him. "I wan't you to know I would never hurt you, I have seen you in school, your one of the kindest people I have ever seen, you even saved my little brother from being beaten from, one of the older boys once".

Realisation waves through me, he was Jacob tylers brother, Seth tyler, I had remembered seeing him at his brothers funeral. I was good friends with his brother, even tutoring him at one point. Jacob had had Autism and had a hard time understanding people, and one day he said the wrong thing to the school bully, and he had beaten him senseless, he hadn't realised that Jacob had a heart condition and killed him. 

I remember having a secret crush on seth, I had spoken to him numerous times, when he had come to pick Jacob up from my house, and even at school, he was known as the school heart throb, basically evey girl had a thing for him, so I had ignored how I felt thinking that he would never feel the same. Then when his brother had died, he went missing no one knew where he went.

"I'm sorry that I did this to you, but they had to die". I look at him angry again "Then why didnt you kill me, im a witness, I could have you sent to jail". "No I won't, il never let you go now, I-I I'm in love with you, I have been for awhile". I look at him shocked heat spreading through my tear stained cheeks, "I,I" before I could carry on, he forcefully pushed his lips against mine, his tongue searching for an entrance, I parted my lips just a little bit for him. He kissed me like he had been dying to kiss me for years, and I kissed him back, lost in the moment of it. 

It has been around 15 years now, we have been married for ten. we have two children, Jacob and Anna. He was never caught by the police, his family had helped him escape and get us shippied over to mexico. For awhile I hated him for what he did to my family, but after awhile I grew to forgive him and love him, really love him. 

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