Happy Endings Can Happen.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Year after Carolyn Fiancee wakes up from a coma she has good news for him, that will change both of there life's forever.

Submitted: June 01, 2014

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Submitted: June 01, 2014



Carolyn couldn't control her feet as she rushed through the crowd of people. 

1 Year earlier

Walking into the white room he lay in, her eyes filled with fearful tears. "Whats wrong with him doctor" she cried, hoping he couldn't hear the desperate tone in her honey like Louisianan voice. "I think you should ask him" The doctor said smiling warmly down at her.  

She looked at the doctor like he was a mad man. "He's in a coma doc, I cant just ask him,  hes been in a coma for two months." She said staring into the doctors hazel brown eyes. The doctor said nothing just looking over at the bed that Jackson lay on. She looked over at the bed too, confusion and hope fighting to get into her heart.

Suddenly there was a slight twitch of his foot, her heart felt like it had stopped. Had he just moved?. "Jackson, a-are you awake?" Carolyn whispered as she slowly walked over to the bed not knowing what to expect. She stood at the foot of the bed looking at Jackson, his light green eyes closed and golden skin slightly pale. 

Her heart sank, it must have just been her imagination, or maybe it was normal for people in comas to do. Though she had never noticed him do it before, and she had spent most of her time with him. As she felt the tears roll down her ever so slightly tanned skin, Jackson sat up moving his hand to her beautiful face, gently moving a piece of her long golden blonde hair behind her ear. 

"It's ok. its ok I just wanted to surprise you, i'm sorry if i upset you, but i'm fine now, look at me i'm fine." Jackson whispered into her ear kissing her forehead and then lips,  trying to comfort her. She looked up at him, letting tears of joy soak her skin, she pushed him on to the bed kissing him and crying at the same time.

"Don't do that to me, God, when the doctor rang I thought you had died." she cried tightly wrapping her arms around his neck. He held her in his arm not wanting to let her go "Everything is fine now, i'm awake, and i'm perfectly healthy, says the doctors, I can come home baby."

Present time.

Carolyn pushed past a man on a bike, nearly pushing him over "Sorry" she yelled as she half ran down the street. She got to the front door, desperately trying to find her keys. When she did find them she quickly unlocked and pushed the door open. 

"Jackson? Jackson baby," she yelled standing in the hallway looking up the stairs hoping to find him run down them. He  walked through the hall way door out of the kitchen, wearing nothing but jogging pants and drinking from a dripping water bottle, his body covered in muscles and water, that he had obviously poured over himself, after his daily work out. 

"Whats up sugar" he smiled, she ran into his arms happy tears falling from her dark green eyes. "Jackson, we- were going to have a baby" Jackson stared down into her eyes for a moment not sure how to react, Then he pulled her up into his strong arms, gently hugging her, not wanting to hurt his unborn child. 

"I'm gonna be a daddy?" he smiled "I swear i'll be the best dang daddy there ever was" "I'm gonna be a daddy, I'm gonna be a daddy."

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